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We appreciate you stopping by on a other sweltering day here in Oklahoma. Oppressive heat has struck much of America and I can only say to be careful, drink lots of water, and respect Mother Nature's power. Here are some random thoughts and the answers to a few of your questions.

We're looking forward to traveling to Waterloo, Iowa this weekend to participate in the Annual Dan Gable Museum and Wrestling Hall of Fame festivities. I'll be receiving the Lou Thesz Award Saturday night and will be introduced by my old friend Jerry Brisco. Mick Foley is the master of ceremony for the event of which we are honored and humbled with which to be involved. Hope to see some of you that follow us here or on Twitter @JRsBBQ in Iowa. 

Been asked several questions regarding the way Monday Night Raw went off the air in Green Bay Monday night. Mr. McMahon being 'relieved of his post' as Chairman of WWE was a major surprise to me and one that I never saw coming. 

It certainly sets up numerous, new, storyline opportunities which will hopefully be capitalized upon in the near and long term future. What changes will be made under HHH's watch, if any, and how will those assumed changes affect the presentation of WWE's top TV priority?

As a fan and after working with and for Mr. McMahon for many years, I simply can't see the sports entertainment visionary "going quietly into the night." That's TBD I assume and will be one of the catalysts that encourage fans to tune into Raw Monday night. 

Many times in this space I speak of talents 'maximizing their minutes' and several talents got that opportunity to do so in a wrestling heavy Raw Monday night. Sometimes I feel that some talents simply don't feel the sense of urgency to do all they physically and mentally can to 'steal the show' to whatever degree that they can depending on the hand that they are dealt.

At least we do know that a new, WWE champion will be crowed Monday night between Rey Mysterio and the Miz. Tough spot for both to be in considering that CM Punk won the WWE Title in the ring against the former champion John Cena. Whoever wins between Mysterio and Miz or even the MITB winner Alberto Del Rio, will be standing in the shadow of Punk who has left the company and apparently has zero plans to return in the immediate future of which I am aware.   

What happened to Sin Cara? According to the WWE website, Cara violated the rules of the Wellness Program which resulted in him receiving a 30 day suspension. Some fans didn't even know what the Wellness Program is and the best way that I can explain it is that the Wellness Program is essentially WWE's drug policy. Very unfortunate for the fans, WWE, and especially for the Talent. I like and endorse '2nd chances' if they are deserved and desired by all parties. Time will tell on this one. 

Crazy I think that HHH will move to the announce booth? Nope. He's too busy with other, higher priority matters. I don't expect any announcing changes to any WWE show any time soon. I would like to see Josh Mathews and Booker T work a two man booth on Smackdown but that's merely a personal preference. 

Yes, a new Steve Austin DVD is being produced for release prior to the holidays later this year. Filming at Steve's Broken Skull Ranch in South Texas begins this Monday. I was interviewed by a producer for approximately 3 hours on the day that I conducted the HBK-Hitman sit down interview in Stamford and expect that will be the extent of my involvement in the Stone Cold DVD. I did send Steve an email with a litany of content suggestions but I have no idea what the final, final edit will remotely resemble.

You asked...I buy my hats at 'Shorty's Kaboy Hattery' located in the OKC Stockyards district. They are custom made and I'm sure that they have a website. They make hats and ship they all over the world. Best hats I ever owned. I wore Resistol for years, never Stetson, but have gone the custom made route the past several hats. The particular hat that I wear runs approximately $800 and is 100% beaver.  

Where can one find WWE merchandise in stores? I'm sure that there are a few places but one would think in Wal Mart and K-Mart stores.

Will John Cena become a 'villain?' I get this one all the time. Same answer. I don't see it any time soon. I wouldn't do it. The guy sells too much merchandise plus he is beloved by a significant section of the audience including younger fans and ladies. I would not tinker with the company's top guy simply because some male fans want it as many of the same also regularly espouse the virtues of PG-14. IMO, WWE doesn't need TV-14 to be a success or for Jon Cena to become a hated villain.....for my two cents.  

What was one storyline that never happened that I would have liked to have seen? There's likely many if I stopped to think about it but off the top of my head I'd say Austin vs. Brock Lesnar. Hogan vs. Austin would have been intriguing but not as compelling in the ring. 

Interesting idea to use our Chipotle Ketchup in a backwash to batter homemade onion rings. Made me hungry. 

Do I feel sorry for WWE Divas? No...they all have jobs, earn a decent living, are doing what they want to do and getting some TV exposure. Are the Divas fully maximized? That one is arguable. Some may be while others not so much.

WWEShop is working on several 'tweaks' to our product presentation. Lots of interesting ideas being discussed that I feel that you will like. Stay tuned for more on that. Plus, we're getting orders @ from all over the world since we started using WWEShop as our official on line distributor.

We do not expect to re-open our store as it relates to shipping our BBQ Sauces, Main Event Mustard Mustard, Beef Jerky and Chipotle Ketchup. However we will likely open it back up to sell a few items such as our personally, autographed cookbooks, etc. 

Our Twitter followers grow daily. We are up to north of 186,000 followers @JRsBBQ. You're certainly invited to join us.

The new, Legends Roundtable debuts Friday July 22 on selected cable systems only in the USA and Canada. WWE On Demand isn't technically available on satellite TV nor does it air outside the USA as I understand it. I also don't know if WWE is going to release all the Roundtables on a DVD at some point in the future. Might not be a bad idea but the one that they did release sold somewhat softly I am told. 

If you attend Summer Slam Axxess this year in LA, hit the WWE Merchandise stand as I personally signed a bunch of BBQ Sauce and Beef Jerky to be sold during the two day affair. I sure would love to hear that what we provided sold out.  I have no plans at this time on attending Summer Slam but am really pleased that our products will be at the WWE Merchandise Stand at Axxess. 

Thanks for stopping by and for all of you who support our family's efforts at There's PLENTY of grilling time left.

Boomer Sooner!



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Hey JR! Big fan of the blog and the chipotle ketchup.

I'm assuming you don't watch much independent wrestling, but there's a lot out there and readily available for anyone with an internet connection. NWA Hollywood, the new Territory League, Chikara and ROH (when it begins airing later this year) all have websites or YouTube accounts streaming their cards, just to name a few off the top of my head. Do you think the "Internet Age" of free accesible video, podcasts galore and social media will give rise to a rejuvenated era for territories/indies?

Thanks for taking the time to read.

Hey JR,

Love the BBQ sauce.  I have used it on many things! (hamburgers, turkeyburgers, grilled chicken and pulled pork to name a few).

To compliment a question that you addressed in this blog entry, I have seen Cena and Miz shirts as recent as last week at Hot Topic (they had the new red Cena shirt, and the 'Hello, I'm Awesome' Miz shirt).

Happy BBQing!

Hey JR,

I want Cena to turn heel not because he's booed or I hate him (I don't) but because it would be interesting and compelling TV.

I can give you a Vinnie-mac guarentee that ratings would go up if he turned heel. In addition, I think it would dramatically increase engagement in male demographics, particularly if he started calling out all the Cena-haters for what they are, jealous people.

Would the increase in ratings and engagement (chance of going to shows, ordering events, etc.) offset merchandise sales and action figures. I don't know but I think it would be the most interesting turn since Hogan in 1996. And I think that one worked out okay.

Story line or long as C M Punk is not on WWE Television I will not be watching. Nor will the "little jimmies" that live under my roof. They say no one man is bigger than the business and that may be true, but every once in a while one comes along that certainly is close. Punk...Austin and Y2J come to mind. These are the guys that keep people interested in a fading product. It should be WWEs main focus to keep the most talented, the most wellrounded on the roster. While I wait ,me and my boys will be watching ROH videos in preperation for the upcoming TV schedule. My loyalty will only go so far WWE. Your "homegrown" talent does NOT make the grade and that is your fault.  I'm out !

It'd be more interesting if Cena was still fired and goes to TNA for a bit in the storyline, even though it will most likely  never happen. Bummer to lose CM Punk, but even a bigger bummer that Vince isn't going to be seen for a long time. I like Triple H, he's a great entertainer, but I don't know if he'll fill in his father in law's shoes. But there's one thing that can make him interesting to watch, and thats if he did a heel turn. Possibly screwing John Cena for a chance at the title and running the business like a real Mcmahon.


During the nWo Legends Roundtable, you said that Goldberg being out 9 months right after this big fingerpoke of doom angle along with Tony Schiavone giving away Mick Foley's title victory were the two turning points in the Monday Night Wars.

This is false. The Wolfpac formation happened on the first week of January in 1999. The incident where Goldberg almost lost his arm happened on the last week of December in 1999. So this happened almost a year later. Goldberg wasn't out 9 months, he was out 5 months and by this point he was not even close to being the most over guy in the business, he was damaged goods. The nWo consisting of top guys that Kevin Nash was talking about had already been dropped by this point. When Scott Hall did that promo, it was a different nWo formed by the Vince Russo regime that had Bret Hart as it's top guy, which also failed. There's absolutely no doubt in my mind that if Goldberg was healthy in early 2000, WCW would have still suffered the same fate.

Hi J.R.,

   I watched the new Legends Roundtable this weekend and enjoyed it very much.  I thought you made a very insightful comment about the NWO's "no end in sight" storyline being a huge problem.  I had never considered that but it's absolutely true.  When fans can't see the possibilty of closure on the horizon it robs them of the ability to anticipate, or play "armchair booker."

  I will be watching to see what WWEShop does with your product packages.   To be blunt, at the moment I'm a bit disappointed.  I'm not interested in purchasing just one bottle at a time, and the only package available doesn't seem to have much of a discount.  I would like to see your 12 pack cases made available with a price-per-bottle that makes it an attractive purchase.  Just my two cents!



Just a quick question. I've often wondered when you've made great calls on TV (such as when Mick Foley took a dive off the hell in the cell) whether any of them were scripted because you had Vince or whoever talking in your ear sometimes?