Post Thanksgiving Ramblings...Main Event Mustard to be here soon..Lesnar/Dana/Mir..Houston Memories..JR's Cookbook Deal Rocks!

Good Lord am I full! My wife out did herself this year and I felt like I was in an episode of 'Man vs. Food.' Her food won. We had a peaceful, happy Thanksgiving loaded with food, football and a nap or two worked in for good measure.  

Just so I'll know, why is it called 'Black Friday?'

Read on Yahoo Sports where UFC President Dana White and former UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar haven't spoken since Brock's last fight. Not sure what to read into that except it is somewhat unusual for the head honcho and one of his company's biggest attractions to not be communicating directly. Knowing Brock, he's probably in the woods in some isolated place hunting deer or some other big game. One would assume that Lesnar will fight again in the late spring of 2011 or at least I'm sure that Lesnar fans, like me, hope.

Both Lesnar and White are unique individuals with strong personalties but I would think that they will be speaking sooner than later about Brock's long term future and next opponent.

To me Brock Lesnar's next opponent is a no brainer. It should be Frank Mir who is as good as they come in verbally selling a PPV fight in UFC. Mir hung Lesnar's first loss on Brock to which the Minnesotan avenged evening their personal score at 1-1. Why not have the 'rubber match?' No one seemed to mind a 'rubber match' between BJ Penn and Matt Hughes recently even though the ending came in a shockingly abrupt manner. 

Lesnar-Mir 3 would have a reason for taking place and would be a lay up to promote. If MMA fanatics don't like it now they will once the promotion started and the two fighters started speaking about the pending confrontation. 

Going forward, many fighters will likely feel that they have a 'road map' on how to beat Lesnar. Effectively use one's fists to exploit what is perceived to be Lesnar's lack of striking defense. 

Mir is a shrewd strategist and would prepare to fight Lesnar just as Shane Carwin did in round one of their fight and in the same manner that Cain Velásquez did to win the UFC heavyweight Title. Make Lesnar play striking defense and attempt to land a bomb with an unrelenting 4 ounce glove.  

The good news for UFC is that Frank Mir will pontificate on the subject of how to beat Lesnar to the degree that fans will pay big bucks to buy the PPV to see Mir either fulfill his prophecy or to see Lesnar shut Mir's mouth and get back in the 'hunt' for a title shot of which a victory in a proposed Lesnar-Mir 3 battle would likely earn the winner.  

Lesnar-Mir 3 has marketable significance for the winner notwithsanding that the loser's career will be severely bruised. As a major fan of UFC, this is a fight that I want to see. 

We've been getting tons of emails and Tweets recently so here's some feedback to them:

No...I don't pre-judge pro wrestling TV storylines. That makes no sense to me. Isn't it easier to at least allow them to play out for a few weeks before they're sent to eternal damnation? 

Yes...I thought that the Friday Night Smackdown match between Swagger-Kingston was one of the better matches I've seen on TV in a while. The key ingredient, aside from the talent both men possess, is that there was ample time to tell a viable story that invested me emotionally into the match. 

No...I don't choose to nor am I going to start 'knocking' TNA for any reason. Firstly, I don't watch every TNA TV show so I'm not as informed as many of you are and secondly I don't wish them, or any other company, to fail. I have friends who work in TNA that I want to see do well. Plus, unlike WCW back in the hey day of the Monday Night Wars, I don't perceive TNA as a threat to WWE.

Yes...I plan to watch GSP vs. Koscheck, the Ric Flair of UFC, and I feel that St. Pierre will win a rugged fight in GSP's hometown of Montreal. If Koscheck does upset GSP in Montreal, it will be as big a loss as I can recall in a fighter's home town ever in UFC. Koscheck has done an amazing job of selling his villain persona on TUF on Spike notwithstanding that no one should think that Josh is more sizzle than steak. This will be a nasty, emoitonal, tough fight.

No...I do not endorse young men or women forsaking getting a college degree before embarking on a career in pro wrestling. Pro Wrestling is a challenging, I'm being kind, profession with shorter shelf lives than ever before and for an individual to have nothing to fall back on is poor planning. College students can still get pro wrestling training if they choose will pursuing their degrees.

Yes...I do feel that CM Punk has the potential to become an entertaining and informative color analyst on WWE TV. The key is going to be for Punk to put in the same amount of effort into becoming a skilled broadcaster that he did in becoming a wrestler. We saw Punk evolve from beginner to Indy star to World Champion in WWE. It is arguably easier for a beginning broadcaster to become proficient in a two man booth as opposed to a three man booth but it can be done. 

No...I have no idea the fascination of tattoos other than I assume that it is a generational thing. When I first broke into wrestling in 1974, the guys that had tat's stood out and now the guys that have tattoos all start looking alike. Now it's the guys w/o tat's that look different. I have fans tweeting me pics of their latest art work.

No...I still don't/can't answer the same question of the 'favorite match that I ever called' because I simply don't know the answer. I might be able to make a list of 10 or 20 of them somewhere down the road but to pick an absolute top ten would be challenging. I had the privilege of calling some of the greatest bouts of the last 3 or 4 decades so to name one is, as you can see, next to impossible. 

Yes...our new, JR's Main Event Mustard will be in stock next week or so we have been promised. It's a Jalapeño Honey Mustard that has No Fat, No Cholesterol, 1 Gram of Carbs, and only 5 calories per serving. It's sweet AND spicy and is badass on chicken, ham, burgers, 'dogs, and just about any type of sandwich one can create. We've been eating the samples the past two months and it is big time, main event level stuff. I sure hope that you will try it and we'll have it available in a Sampler, a Three Pack, and by the Case. It will come in a 12 ounce, plastic, squirt top bottle. 

Yes...I will be attending the annual Bedlam College Football Game Saturday night in Stillwater when my Sooners play against the Brisco Brothers Oklahoma State Cowboys. OSU is loaded, has the chance to legitimately make history by winning 11 regular season games for the first time ever as well as win the Big 12 South for the first time and go to the Big 12 Title game for the first time. OU has won seven in a row in this 100+ year rivalry. The Sooners are the underdogs in this one and I do not have a 'peaceful, easy feeling' about this Slobber Knocker but we'll travel north up I-35 and fight for four quarters and see where the dust settles. The game will be on ABC at 7 central in most parts of the country.

Yes...I have visited and encourage you to check out Stocky Balboa's new website. He's one guy who will be ordering some of our Main Event Mustard I can assure you. Joe's recent Tweets have been hilarious. 

No...I have no idea why my wife's turkey and corn bread dressing is better on day two but it is. Everything she prepared for our Thanksgiving dinner came out of our last cookbook, 'JR's Cookbook' which is available here on the site for only $18.88. For $18.88 you get FREE SHIPPING in the USA and I will personalize it any way you choose. It makes for a great gift and is a guy's cookbook using my late Mama's recipes and is loaded with wrestling stories, top ten lists, and photos. 

Yes...I am still happily employed by WWE and love every minute of it. So that means that I am NOT retired nor do I have any plans to check out any time soon. Believe it or not, I get asked this question here on the site or via Twitter every day. I am very happy with my WWE status and am pleased to be able to be still playing for the team that I contributed to in my own, small way.  

Yes...I hope to have 100,000 Twitter followers by year's end. Can you help? Right now we are at over 70,000. Check us out on Twitter at JRsBBQ.

No...I haven't been contacted about being on the return of WWE's Tough Enough. Maybe they'll need a cook. I can fire up the grill plus make a mean breakfast with the best of them. Just follow the recipes in JR's Cookbook, right?

Yes...I am very anxious to watch Raw this Monday and see how the King of the Ring Tournament goes. Looking at the qualifiers it would seem that several could theoretically win the tourney. Somehow, King Sheamus has a ring to it but so does King Morrison. The bigger question may be who gets the nod, a Raw wrestler or a Smackdown wrestler? I just hope that none of the matches are rushed.  

Yes...I thought that Alabama would beat Auburn, or 'Cam-burn,' in Tuscaloosa Friday afternoon but my hats off to the War Eagles. Helluva come back on the road which isn't easy. Beating a Nick Saban team that had extra time to prepare isn't easy either. 

Yes...Steve Austin isn't enamored with missing his second consecutive Thanksgiving filming a movie in Vancouver but Steve is 'all in' with his movie career and it's getting better by the film. I hope that you've bought "Hunt to Kill' available now on DVD.

Yes...I'm looking forward to traveling to Houston for WWE's TLC PPV in December at the Toyota Center. I've always loved Houston ever since the days I worked at ringside with the late Paul Boesch Friday night's at the Sam Houston Coliseum. Plus, one of my favorite Wrestlemanias was held in Houston, WM17, at the Astro Dome. Notwithstanding the last major match that I called in my career was in Houston at Wrestlemania 25 featuring two of my all time favorites, the Undertaker and Shawn Michaels. BTW Paul Heyman and I might have had our best outing working together at WM17. WM25 I worked a three man booth with Cole and King which came the week that old pal Taz left WWE. 

Huge day Saturday with Bedlam and I'll be Tweeting from the game. 

Get those holiday orders in sooner than later and avoid any shipping issues. Federal Express says to ship by December 17 to get you your products via Federal Express Ground by Xmas. My family appreciates your business and your wonderful support. We are truly blessed.

Boomer Sooner!


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  There just don't seem to be as many "epic" encounters on broadcast wrestling as there used to be in times past. There also just don't seem to be as many "Hulk/Rock/Austin/Undertaker/Michaels" names forming like there used to be. Although current rosters do their best with what they're given, doesn't it seem that some talents are fighting against "writing teams" to truly bring themselves to light? Is unscripted "Rasslin'" ever going to make a comeback to television? Thanks for your time.


They call it Black Friday because with the huge boost in sales, many stores go "in the black" in terms of revenue.

Hope that helps!  Thanks for the awesome blogs.  It was great to hear you again on the Old School Raw.

Hey JR,

I was just wondering which of the three Rock/Austin WrestleMania matches was your favorite? 

Also, how spicy is the new mustard?  Honestly, I am not a fan of spicy food/condiments, but can tolerate a few.  I've bought your regular BBQ sauce both for myself and as Christmas presents in the past, but I'm interested in trying your other products.  

Happy holidays!

Brock absolutely dominated Frank in the 2nd fight. And then Mir got whipped by Carwin within one round.

After those two performances Frank Mir's trash talk has slowed down very much, plus he's not a interesting sporting challenge.

I would give Brock the loser of Velasquez vs. Dos Santos. Or the winner of CroCop vs. Nogueira.

Hey JR,

Steve Austin's Alma Mater, the University of North Texas, is playing it's final game today at Fouts Field, their longtime home since 1952, and the stadium Mr. Austin called his home field when he played there. I wonder, does Mr. Austin have any thoughts/recollections/opinions on his time at that old stadium, slated for demolition in the near future?

JR, what are your thoughts on the up and down nature of some wrestler's success these days? As a fan, it's hard to keep up with who's a big star and who's not. The Miz's title win is a perfect example. I didn't strike me as a big deal when it happend because I know he could be back in the middle of the card in a month's time. When I was growing up, it seems the WWF really got behind guys, for better of worse. When Randy Savage, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, Steve Austin, the Ultimate Warrior, the Rock, even Lex Luger and others started to gain momentum, you could really feel the WWF get behind them. Their stars grew almost weekly when they really began to ascend to "main-event" status.  Just look at Jack Swagger being back in the mid-card. Even Sheamus seems to be sliding down the card a little.


The new King of the Ring is...Alberto Del Rio! Or at least that's my prediction. It makes perfect sense to me. He has a great gimmick, and good skills inside the squared circle. I don't know if the Intercontinental Championship is right for him at the moment, so the King he will be. My son boos everytime he drives one of those luxury cars out. It's perfect. Any wrestler that generates a reaction, good or bad, is doing something right. I could also see Morrison, as you mentioned, but his persona is kind of bland. He's good in the ring, but that is only part of the battle.

I think its very interesting that Cena bought a ticket to Raw in Philly too. Can't wait to see where that leads.

I hope the Miz holds the title for a little while. I, like some of the other comments I've read, think the title needs to mean more. I seem to be in the minority, but the Miz seems to be a great wrestler and could be a great champ - if the WWE gets behind him. It would be great to see him in action ASAP on Raw. A few successful title defenses and I think you could have something with Miz. Since Y2J left, he's my favorite Superstar.

when you got the REFS from the SEC calling every little P.I. over Bama then it easy to make a come back NCAA should be shame of it self!

throw a another laptop out the window Cam!