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 It's good to be home after a wham bam trip to London of 48 hours in the U.K. plus a little over 20 hours of travel time. (Remember kids, drink lots of H2O when you're flying.)

Friday Night Smackdown will undoubtedly be the WWE broadcast of the week and might even get a Smackdown Superstar on the vaunted, home page of

Friday Night Smackdown features several main event level bouts this week including a slobber-knocker of a contest between the fearless phenom known as the Undertaker vs. the near 500 pound Big Show. (I know that Show is intro'ed as weighing 441 lbs but please...)

For the record I am told that after Backlash this Sunday, the WWE Draft will officially take effect and the brands will remain split and very little if any interbranded bouts will occur. I hope that is the case as it will provide new faces and others who need consistent TV time an opportunity to become stars or to become bigger stars. WWE is no different that the NFL, MLB, NBA, or Hollywood inasmuch as developing new stars is positively essential.

John Morrison, a Smackdown wrestler, is being compared by some WWE fans as a young Shawn Michaels. I hope that Morrison succeeds in becoming another HBK but it won't be easy as HBK's don't grow on trees.

Finley should not quit his day job and pursue a singing career if his vocal talents displayed Thursday night on WWESuperstars is any indication. ECW's "The Quiet Man's" son Hornswoggle, or "Horney" as he is called by his close friends, has been drafted to Raw by Raw G.M. Vickie Guerrero. I wonder what sort of "plans" Ms. Guerrero (Mrs. Edge) has for the little fella or should we even speculate?

What adulterous frontier will Vickie next attempt to conquer,'s Stocky Balboa or even the legendary ring announcer and WWE HOF'er Howard Finkel?? The humanity of it all!!

Speaking of romances....Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella...stop the pain as Michael Cole used to say. Just say no, Beth. This is a "vintage" train wreck. Oh, my!

Believe it or not I found a John Wayne movie ("North to Alaska") on UK TV Tuesday morning and that became part of my pre-game prep for the Tuesday night taping.

Gail Kim challenges Divas Champion Maryse for the title Friday night on Smackdown. Maryse has improved as much as any Diva I have seen in a long time from the time she unexpectedly won the Divas Title until now. Never forget two things.....Maryse never met a mirror that she didn't adore and that Maryse loves Maryse. Nonetheless if my broadcast partner Todd Grisham speaks French to me about Maryse during any more commercial breaks I'm going to punch him.

Can't wait to get to Madison Square Garden this Tuesday night for the taping of Friday Night Smackdown. MSG is truly a hallowed hall and without question "The World's Most Famous Arena." I'm not sure what I'm going to do Monday in the Big Apple but may try to hook up with JBL and try and find some BBQ.

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