Post Wrestlemania Q&A's Updated...Heath Ledger fans spank J.R...New Announcing Philosophy

I have gone through a ton of questions and I'm sorry I had to omit some of them which I know doesn't exactly endear me to a few people who think that every question that they submit deserves to be answered. There are some classics on this grouping of Q&A's that many of you will get a kick out of reading.

Heath Ledger fans took me to task about my poor choice of words during Rey Mysterio's entrance at WM25 and for good reason. I had something else I wanted to say in reference to Rey's attire and I fumbled. My bad. My attempt to make a topically, funny remark came out wrong but it's on me. Sometimes on live TV things are said that one would like to have back but when one works without a net that's what occasionally happens. Nonetheless I am sorry for offending any of you with my remarks. 

My hybrid role as a quasi play by play guy/analyst is likely going to be the direction that I will be traveling in the future with WWE. I actually like it and had a good time with working in the new role at WM25. I will assume this role again this Friday on SmackDown, working with Todd Grisham, and it is a work in progress but I think that in time, hopefully Sooner than later, that I will nail it. The old school play by play role is considered obsolete in WWE these days as the broadcasters are more story tellers than play by play people or color commentators. I look at this repositioning as a challenge and one that I look forward to refining. 

What all this means as it relates to where the announcers will be going come Draft day on Monday on Raw is anyone's guess. I personally have no preference of brands but I would be really surprised if I returned to Raw. I like the schedule that Smackdown provides me as working on Tuesdays allows most of my weekends to be free of travel. Raw will always be the #1 TV brand for WWE because of its positioning on the USA Network as cable TV has always been "wrestling friendly." It will be interesting to see how all the stars align this Monday night in Atlanta and hopefully whatever brand I am on when the night ends will have its fair share of talented wrestlers to help make that particular brand competitive. 

Thanks for shopping with us and for supporting our site with your business in our store. My thanks also to those WWE fans who stopped at our BBQ joints while heading down to WrestleMania in Houston. Your business is also greatly appreciated. 

I'll see you in the Q&A section until our next blog which will be imminent. 

Boomer Sooner!


P.S. The Texas Longhorn fans were in regular season form Tuesday night with their loud,  OU sucks chants while I made my way to the announce position and when leaving it. Boomer Sooner isn't so popular in Austin and Todd Grisham must have been thinking what in the hell have I gotten myself into? A fun night nonetheless.              

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Mate dont feel to bad bout the Ledger remark. I reckon you're allowed at least 1 mistake in your career


Hey JR,

I saw all of the "hate" you received for the Heath Ledger comment and I, for one, thought the King, Michael Cole, and you did a great job calling Mania. I imagine live TV is an incredible challege and people need to give you guys a break. I'm sure many of them have moments at their own jobs that they would "like to have back."

Keep up the great work!



I appreciated Ledger's talent, but I liked your comment, if only that it showed an off-the-cuff style we haven't heard in the WWE lately.  That's what I enjoyed about the commentary at WM 25.  You could tell you and The King were enjoying yourselves especially, with more jokes than I recall hearing in a long time.  There's a way to infuse that personable quality without losing focus on the matches.  Even Cole seemed to be more relaxed in this environment.  I enjoyed it.

But if I can substitute one critique, it would be the brutal dive that The Undertaker took over the top rope not receiving a little more emotion.  But I guess it spoke for itself.  I thought he was in serious trouble when I saw that.  The emotion you had for that match also became more than apparant at the end and I appreciated that sentiment.

The diva battle royal also speaks for itself, try as any announcer team could to decipher what was happening.

Great job, though.  Great to hear the Hall of Fame announcers reunited.

It wasn't like you were dancing on his grave laughing.

the guy is dead, one would assume that put the brakes on his career.

I sure as hell wasn't offended, and the only people that were seem to enjoy kicking up a fuss about any innocuous comment.

Hi Jim,

I heard your comment about Ledger and didnt think anything of it and it did astound me that so much was made of it.

I fully agree with Vince McMahons comment at the HOF that Austin is the greatest ever in-ring superstar, I was pleased to see his tremendous career get rewarded with a place in the Hall of Fame and even more fitting that it was in Texas. Austin had an incredible career that saw him fight on WCW, ECW and WWF, but what would you say was the greatest moment of his great career? Many would say his match with Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 13 whilst locked in the sharpshooter, others perhaps would say  capturing the WWF title against Shawn Michaels the following year which many see as the start of the attitude era, others might say his "Austin 3:16" speech was the moment that elevated his career.

There are so many good one's to choose from for me as I enjoyed the whole of his career from his days in the Hollywood blondsm, to his days as the Ringmaster, to him as the Bionic Redneck.

What is your personal favourite?

Thanks Jim,


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