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Random thoughts from the world of Twitter @JRsBBQ, emails and the internet:

Been asked a great deal of why I feel that it's imperative for pro wrestling to have heroes and villians....protagonists and antagonists...babyfaces and heels.

How many great movies or TV shows have you seen or how many books have you read to where there wasn't a definitive hero or villain. Villains can take many shapes and forms whether it be war, disease, a bully, a coward, a cheat, etc. Great villains in the sports entertainment genre are people that a fan will  pay to see them get their ass beat.

It's a simple formula that is timeless.

Obviously, today's pro wrestling villains come in different presentations, more often than not ill planned, but nonetheless having antagonists who people want to see get their mouth shut and ass whipped still sells.

In real life there is a fine line, in many cases, between good and evil. However, TV wrestling isn't real life. It's show biz and most every show biz presentation that you or I have ever enjoyed had a hero and a villain component.

 These two entities, the good guy and the bad guy, both from opposite sides of their own exclusive fences come together to eventually compete for championships while along the way they have a clearly established personal issue with which the average viewer can relate.

Question....when San Antonio visits OKC to play the Thunder what team are the 'villains?' Easy, right? Plus, it happens every game day in football. The home team play the role of the fan favorites while the visitors are generally the overwhelming antagonists.  

Contrary to what I've read on Twitter, I'm NOT doing a 'shoot' interview with anyone.

....and I'm STILL NOT buying TNA nor would I ever want to affect the team of Mike Tenay and Taz. They have great chemistry and as I have said before they do a great job with what is provided them on their monitor.

We are in the process of finalizing a venue for my first one man show in the USA which will now officially be in New York City in early 2014. That part of the deal is done. Ticket info, etc is coming soon.

Excited to read all the rumors regarding the long awaited WWE Network which looks as if it will launch in 2014. It only makes sense to launch the network during WrestleMania season and take advantage of all the media opportunities to sell/promote both the network and WM30.

If that philosophy is accurate, that would have the Network launching in February or March. All that is TBD but it's been an exhaustive, expensive work in progress for many individuals for a long, long time.

If WWE's PPV's all move to the Network then the chances of this entity becoming a significant success early increase greatly.

Does anyone else get frustrated while watching an event such as hoops. football, or pro wrestling and the announcers are talking about issues unrelated to what the viewers are actually seeing? What happened to calling the game?

I'm heading to Manhattan, Kansas Friday afternoon with the Oklahoma football traveling party as my Sooners face Kansas State Saturday morning at 11 central on Fox Sports 1. OU is a 3.5 point 'dog in this Big 12 game on one of the most difficult home fields for a visiting team to win on in the league.

Plan on being home in time to watch Jerry Brisco's Oklahoma State Cowboys host the undefeated Baylor Bears Saturday night.

This retirement 'gimmick' ain't half bad.

High expectations for the season finale Sunday night on HBO's Boardwalk Empire. I got the body count of main players at three.

Going through so much material as I prepare new stories for my one man show and for the book that I hope to write in 2014. The process has created a flood of memories. Some of the emails and text messages that I've retained over the years are classic, to say the least, and some are extremely questionable regarding if they should be in a book, or not, as they could be interpreted as somewhat combustible and unflattering.

Made a Twitter comment @JRsBBQ about enjoying some ROH Wrestling on their local, OKC affiliate recently. ROH has some really hard working, talented,  young guys who bust their ass but seemingly, more often than not, they do too much in the ring. By that I mean if you do more moves than your audience can process and 'feel,' then that's too much. (If one hits an opponent with 10 punches which ones as an announcer am I supposed to sell and which ones as a fan am I supposed to react to? It's impossible to document/feell them all.) 

If one is only working to do suicidal, career shortening moves to elicit a 'THIS IS AWESOME" chant, well, these talents really do need a viable plan B.

Wife made some mac and cheese, added shredded turkey and I mixed in some JR's Chipotle Ketchup and it was dynamite. One could do the same thing with canned or fresh, cooked chicken. Drain the canned chicken, or tuna, before adding to the mac and cheese and you're in the game. I like to add JR's Chipotle Ketchup and occasionally a little JR's BBQ sauce just to give the simple dish a little "personality."

Now is a great time to think about ordering JR's products online for the holidays from,, and Safe, secure online shopping that sees your purchase delivered right to your home or business.

Your support is the difference between success and failure.

 I wasn't shocked to hear of Chris Hero aka Kassius Ohno's release from WWE. I'm a big fan of Chris' work and know that he will be successful doing his own thing in the indy world. He's a good person and a very talented, smart in ring talent. Quite simply, at this point in time of his life, Chris did not fit as well in the WWE system as all involved would have preferred. Too many fans will over analyze this matter and delve into finding out who was "at fault." Sometimes no one is totally "at fault" as it generally takes multiple entities to make anything become a success, or not, in pro wrestling or in many other areas of sports and entertainment.

This type of thing happens regularly in sports when a talented player goes to a team and for what ever reason simply isn't a great fit at that point in time. The player then moves on and becomes the player that he wanted.

Kassius Ohno...Chris any name will land on his feet, take what he learned from his WWE experience and make the most of it. Support Chris when you can and go see him in action. You won't be disappointed.

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