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Greetings folks and thanks for stopping by our site. Busy days here in the heart of the holiday shopping season and remember that http://www.wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss can handle all your holiday, gift needs. It's time for random thoughts. 

@CMPunk is WWE's hottest performer at the moment and connects better than anyone I've seen in a while with the fans. I've seen average in ring talents that were able to connect with the paying customers earn big money and Punk is no average, in ring talent.

Re-watched portions of Survivor Series. There were a couple of bouts in particular that I would have enjoyed broadcasting but be that as it may I thought that @TheRock looked fantastic and certainly seemed quicker and arguably more athletic than he did at times during his original, WWE run. Very impressed. For a guy to be gone 7+ years and return in game shape and without ring rust is a helluva accomplishment.

Not sure what most people think that a wrestling villain is supposed to be but for me it's a guy fans loudly boo and buy tickets and PPVs to see said individual get beat up and to lose. 

So when we get endless emails here or Tweets @JRsBBQ regarding John Cena changing his persona to be a "full fledged bad guy" I become disconnected. There is a large part of the beloved WWE Universe who enjoys booing Cena and like to see John in less than positive situations. So, what would said change be exactly? Cena would get the little kids and the women to boo him? Come on, and forgo all that merchandise that he sells? That makes zero sense to me. 

Cena's in ring, TV persona is somewhat reminiscent of Bret Hart's TV persona during a point in time of his WWE run. The Cena 'turning into a full fledged villain role' as some fans constantly encourage seems over thought in my opinion. 

A Twitter follower suggested that WWE, ROH, and TNA should work together once a year, "for the good of the fans," and promote a joint PPV. It would be a 'joint' PPV alright with way too many cooks in the kitchen. I've already invested too much time on something that will never, EVER happen. Next. (For more proof that this is a silly idea, Google Super Clash.)

Looking forward to doing some upcoming work with FCW down in Tampa. I remain steadfast that the future of the business is the development and evolution of new stars. 

Another question that I get asked every week is if I'm retiring. Again, NO. I'm not thinking about it.  I enjoy my association with WWE and, being a team player, enjoy the various assignments that are come my way. Change isn't always bad and not being on the road 51 weeks a year doesn't hurt my feelings. 

Two of the best selling products that we offer have been our new, All Purpose Seasoning and the autographed JR's Cookbook. I used the Seasoning last night on grilled steaks and in Italian green beans. It made them both better.

In our weekly, non Undertaker update...there is rampant speculation as to when the Deadman will return, who he will wrestle at WM28, who wins, who loses in Miami, how many matches that Taker is planning on having before he retires and even more on his current hair style. 

Here's what I take from all that....The Undertaker is WWE's most enduring star and 'The Streak' is as big a part of Wrestlemania as any thing on the card in the eyes of many fans. Adding the Undertaker to the WM28 mix, say after the first of the year, will add needed momentum to the April 1, 2012 event.

Was asked if HBK was 'really' retired from in ring competition..again. Of all the wrestlers who have said that they are retired and will never wrestle again, I believe @shawnmichaels_ more than all of his peers put together. Do I think Shawn is completely done with the business? Nope. Do I think that HBK wrestles again? No. 

Yes, I'm a fan of ROH Wrestling and hope that their group finds great success. They present an unique product in today's marketplace and their wrestlers work hard, are trying to make their mark and to earn a living. As time goes, on one of the best things that ROH can say is that they placed X number of talents in WWE. What would it mean for ROH to have an alum headline Wrestlemania?

No idea what the delay in Brodus Clay debuting on Raw may be but it may not be really be a 'delay' at all. I do know that the 'false starts' have begun to create a little buzz and the more anticipation for the monster Clay the better. Just maximize those minutes.   

Is this the year that the Ultimate Warrior goes into the WWE Hall of Fame? If so, I have to be there to hear the induction speech. I assume Warrior would accept the accolade if asked. 

Some one asked if Booker T can still 'go' in the ring as it appears that Booker vs. Cody Rhodes is upcoming. My answer to that question is yes, without question. Booker is ring savvy and is still light years ahead of most of the WWE roster when it comes to ring psychology. 

This is what I know about the January 2 promo WWE has been running on their TV shows. Whatever it is, it's the day before my 60th birthday. 

After Daniel Bryan's performance on the live, Smackdown I hope that WWE decision makers see that Bryan is a player and that fans will buy him in a main event level role. He may not pass some folk's 'eye test' but Bryan has just a little bit of 'it.' 

Do you use BBQ sauce on dishes cooked in your kitchen or only on your grill? If you answered only on my grill, then I can't tell you how much good flavor that you're missing. IE, baked chicken, broiled salmon, baked beans, and so much more. 

For college football fans, the LSU-Alabama return match in the Louisiana Super Dome is as good as set. That includes no matter if LSU loses the SEC Title game to Georgia and no matter what happens at Bedlam between OU and Oklahoma State. The BCS mantra is the place the nation's two best teams in the big game and those with power have indicated that those two teams are Bama and Loopy Les Miles crew from Baton Rogue. It is possible, not probable, that if the rematch does occur and UGA upsets LSU. that the national title game would feature two teams where neither won their conference.   

Even though the weatherman is predicting temps in the high 30's and a rain/snow mix for Saturday night, I will be on the Sooner sideline enjoying the 106th meeting of the Sooners and the Cowboys. I've already heard from OSU alum Jerry Brisco this week and he's ready as his Pokes are loaded and stand a great chance in finally beating OU for the Big 12 Title. The game is going to be broadcast by ABC with my pal Brad Nessler and Todd Blackledge calling the action. Holly Rowe, who has one of our JR's Cookbooks and loves the Main Event Mustard, will be working the sidelines. 

I am officially hooked on Broadwalk Empire on HBO. There, I got it off my chest.

Happy belated birthday here to my good friend Jerry Lawler who celebrated another one this week. The King's JR's Beef Jerky care package will be arriving soon so he can continue his low carb eating. 

Upon further review, it might make more sense than many John Morrison fans think for John to step away from WWE now that his WWE contract has expired. John has had a few injuries that rest and physical therapy will help greatly. Plus, he's free to enjoy the holidays. I can see John taking a few months, perhaps even a year, off, heal, recharge his batteries and then return to WWE. Of course the obvious question from many fans is when will Morrison turn up on another company's wrestling, TV show? Personally, I don't see that happening but that's merely one guy's opinion. John is a talented athlete and certainly wish him the best.

We're getting great feedback on the new, Stone Cold DVD. Anxious to see what others in, and out, of the business think of it. Talked about it today on www.yahoosportsradio.com

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Boomer Sooner!

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Respect your opinion, as you are obviously more qualified to speak than I am. But here's a thought. John Cena is loved by a certain portion of the WWE audience, a significant enough portion that his merchandise sales can't be ignored. But there's also a significant portion who hate him, and a lot who simply tolerate him while waiting for something better to come along. My question is a two parter 

1) What do you think of a guy being thought of as the face of the company when a significant number of fans boo him? Not to say whether it's right or wrong, but it's certainly unique when you're top guy is booed on such a regular basis.

2) While merchandise sales and other revenue streams related to Cena are obviously important to a business, if a Cena turn led to a more compelling product, wouldn't that, in theory, lead to more interest and more revenue in other areas? 

Hey J.R! big fan, i have to agree with your thoughts on Cena, I have a question, I'll try to keep it short and sweet.

What would your ideal Wrestlemania 28 card be, storylines aside.

I would love either Dolph Ziggler or Cody Rhodes going for either the wwe title or heavyweight title..anyways Cheers!! 

Greetings JR! We've heard your thoughts on TNA and ROH. 

What are your thoughts on the new Urban Wrestling Federation (UWF)?


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I personally think it's way overdue for Cena to turn heel much the way Hogan did in '96 when he formed the NWO. To me Cena's heel turn is a goldmine WWE is sitting on right now that could make the business cool and interesting again yet even after getting booed the way he was at SS they refuse to do it. And from a character standpoint who could really blame Cena for turning heel at this point the way the fans have treated him? And who knows a heel Cena might actually make him more popular than he is now like the NWO was.

 I must agree with your opinion on a joint promotion PPV, JR. It would be a great idea on paper. But since WWE doesn't acknowledge other promotions- other than FCW- it just won't happen. Plus, a lot of the TNA roster don't particularly care for Vince McMahon, or John Cena with his "Never Give Up" gimmick.

In short, some things are just too good to be true.

Thanks, JR!

I think some teenagers/adult males Boo Cena out of jealousy. These kind of boos suggest his character should stay the same.

However, I also think a strong majority of people, and not just the "Internet 1%", boo him because his character is unbelivably stale. It's the equivalent of watching a re-run every week on Monday night for the last 4-5 years.

The merchandise claims are a legitimate concern but I think the best thing for all merchandise and the growth of the company is to present an enthralling product. If the product is good, everything else will sell.

I also understand that with Raw and Smackdown each week and a pay per view each month, it's tough to put out consistently fresh content. It's smart business for WWE's chips (Rock return, Stone Cold return, Cena heel turn, etc.) to be spaced out months apart. But I think the product is so unbelievably stale now that WWE needs to stop relying on cheap gimmicks like the Michael Cole Challenge to help their ratings.

Turning Cena heel would be enthralling television. A Heel Cena could help make star after star. I know you claim to have no direct line to VKM, but if you do, tell Vinnie Mac that it's time to turn Cena heel!

As usual, I am lovin' your style of blogging! You know what, I outta link to this site from my own personal website. I hope to send more readers your way, thanks J.R.!

Anyway, I hope that Cena stays as the good-guy, because I agree with you that he's making way too much money from his merchandise, and his deamenor is too positive to be a bad-guy!

Wishing you much success over the holidays! See ya buddy.


Joseph D. Smith is the author of the sit-on-edge poetry anthology titled The Legendary Graduate! The Legendary Graduate is a potential goldmine for

JR I agree with the fellow who said your blogs are always a good read.

Pro Wrestling is all about having fun. Wrestlers are just a hyped up over emphasized versions of their own personalities, so clearly defining "heels" and "faces" is redundant in my mind. Cena is just acting like an over emphasized version of himself. Just like the Rock, Warrior, Scott Hall, you name it. Let them act as they wish and let the cards fall where they may.

PS: I personally believe Warrior should be in the Hall of Fame. He may have pissed off lots of wrestlers and promoters, but who hasn't? He's remembered by many to have some of the best sizzle of all time, that counts for something right? (I know as a 4-5 year old, Warrior was RAD.)

PS: Savage should probably be in it too.

Take it easy Mr. JR, happy holidays to you!

JR, are you a fan of Eastbound and Down on HBO?


 Hey JR, greetings from Wichita Falls again.

I have a question about Wahoo McDaniel. I first started subscribing to the Wrestling Observer days after Wahoo's death for the sole purpose of getting Meltzer's writeup about the great Oklahoman (as well as Lou Thesz's). It was a great article but one small tidbit has baffled me to this day. Meltzer mentioned that in the early 60's, Wahoo got into a massive brawl inside the cafeteria of Midwestern State University here in Wichita Falls around the time of the Oil Bowl. I've asked around on campus for YEARS and no one knows anything about it.

Ever hear of that story? If so, could you enlighten me?

Thank you!

- Justin Dudley

Hey JR I just wanted to say thanks for presenting my idea about about a streaming network to WWE. Im looking forward to the new service. Do you know if the streaming channel will show Raw and Smacdown?

 I have a great time, 'walking the sidelines' at the ALAMO Bowl!

 CORRECTION:...please make that, "Have fun walking the sidelines for Insight Bowl"...(?) w/OK playing some MEAC team I suppose.  Its great for anyone to ever have the chance to be courtside, in the dugout or on the sidelines for a game with their favorite team and I would never be begrudge anyone the fact if they wanted to 'tweet' or FB it as it is something reserved for someone special or for specific circumstances....however I find it almost embarrassing for you to constantly gloat about being on the sidelines or your friendship with coaches/players.....especially for a mediocre team at best.  I get it-you are somewhat of a celebrity and you get to do things that most others don't.....that is fine, but I don't hear the Joe Bucks' of the world tweeting about being on the sidelines of his favorite team or being at a premiere as a guest of a star.

I never really minded it when you sold BBQ on this blog, because as you explained, it was one of the primary reasons why you did a blog in the first place-to promote your product.....but perhaps you will now give this sideline thing a rest as OK is just another average team going to a less-than-desireable bowl.  The next time, you are on the sidelines for a National Championship Game-then you have cause to brag, but until then let it go.....no one outside of the half the state of OK really cares and as a reader, I had rather learn of your thoughts about college football or wrestling instead of laundry list of names of famous people you "know" or things your celebrity allows you to do.

Hello, JR,

I added your struggles to stay on TV as part of a humor piece (if we don't laugh, we'll cry), WWE's 2011 year in review.




I don't know John Cena personally but I can tell by his personality that he displays and the type of morals he stands for that a heel Cena would make little to no sense what so ever. I don't believe a heel cena would bring more viewers to the WWE. I think that it would actually cost the WWE viewers. People say Cena may only attract children as a fan base (which, by the way, his fan base is larger than just kids) but with those kids will come their parents or older siblings to the shows which has potential to hook them as well. I don't agree with the heel Cena idea. At most I'd have a John Cena who speaks into a microphone a little less and uses in ring action to speak to the audience. Randy Orton rarely speaks and look at his fan following.

I also don't agree that John Cena is the face of the WWE. A prominant figure, no question, but not the face. The company is too large with too many players to have just one face.

What was Vince's one thing when he purchased the WWE from his Dad Vincent J. McMachon from the last 30 years. Target to a younger fan base that was going to have Rock and Roll, Saturday Morning Cartoons charters back in the 80's to make it work. It worked with Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan was John Cena before John Cena was in Elmentary School. Hogan had Young Fans saying thier prayers and eating thier vitiams and etc. Hogan had Young fans like Cena's has today and sold alot of T-Shirts, Dolls, Bandans and etc. Cena will never touch Hogan's Peak year in the WWE 1986-88. Hogan as a heel in 1986 that will never work. Hogan as a heel in 1996 it worked because it was in WCW. So as when HOgan leg dropped the Macho Man  at the bash it was one of the most shocking moments ever in the history of pro wrestling. Hogan Revient himeself. As for Cena. I respect John Cena for what he has done for the last six years being the face of the company being in a catergory with Hogan was two decades earlier. Cena's Younger fans seen him as thier version to Hulk Hogan. To Cenas younger fans he is the closet thing to Hulk Hogan.

I do not hate Cena. Cena is one hell of an athlete and will put on a good match he is stuck in his gimmick he needs to go heel and see how it works. Will his Young fans that are basically children and teenyboopers will accept I know wrestling pursets of fans will accept. Rember Cena as a heel rapper was tight his ryhmes were tight and he was entertaing as a heel in 2003. His young fans wont accept him as a heel. Turn Cena heel and see how it works

I think Cena turning heel would be friggin awesome! Either way I believe people tend to get too caught up in predictions and rumors to just sit back and enjoy!  The road to Mania looks as good as ever and Ill be anxiously watching =D