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Thanks Houston for the great crowd Sunday for RINGSIDE with Jim Ross at Warehouse Live. Great show and a super surprise with WWE HOFer Scott Hall joining me for the Q&A's. My sincere thanks to all.

As I write this blog I have not seen the WWE Network interview conducted by @JCLayfield and @EBischoff. I was recording tonight's new, Ross Report podcast with PWTorch's Bruce Mitchell where we reviewed WWE's Night of Champions, ROH, TNA's future as Bruce sees it, the Snuka murder case, and much more. The new podcast drops tonight, Tuesday, at 9 pm ET on, iTunes and here on the homepage of our site.

I can tell you that Eric Bischoff did not fire me. Bill Shaw, a TBS VP/lackey reassigned me to work with Rob Garner, an old friend from my Crockett days, to work in TV Syndication of which I had previous experience with the UWF. I was told I was 'too Southern' to be the voice of a national brand. That from a station that aired multiple, Andy Griffith reruns daily. That reassignment directly violated my TBS agreement of which they themselves drew up-. However, my goose was cooked in WCW when my mentor and friend Bill Watts left his bombastic renderings on TBS mgmt when he departed as EVP of WCW and departed Atlanta. I was so closely aligned with Cowboy even though I had no idea he was coming to Atlanta until he arrived and no one from TBS management asked me about him even though I had been in WCW from day one. Good background check for feedback, right?  Nonetheless I would not trade Bill being my mentor for a TBS or any other job but I did love living in Atlanta.

Yes, I was bitter and angry that TBS never gave me an interview for the job that Eric got even though looking back in hindsight Eric likely would have done a better job than me over the long haul because it was my destiny was to take Vince McMahon's offer and join WWE in 1993, a run that lasted officially 21 years. My family's financial future was secured after enduring the dark days of near bankruptcy for WWE in the mid 90's, taking a large cut in pay, seeing office executives jump ship like scared rats, by the way this does not include my dear friend JJ Dillon who also left because he could not afford to care for his family on what he would be earning after the pay reductions. My department was able to assemble, arguably, the best talent roster in the history of the business that helped provide WWE with the ammo to have a $160M Initial Stock Offering (IPO) to go from a not so long ago near bankrupt public company to a thriving, healthy, public company that it is today. So, in hindsight, going to WWE and not staying in WCW was the best professional move that I ever made in my 40 year professional career.

Working so closely with McMahon was a daily adventure but never dull and I learned a great deal about the business, people and life. Some good and some not so good.

Things in our lives happen for a reason and I am a firm believer that we, ourselves, decide if we are going to be successful and happy or unsuccessful and miserable. It is not for others to define us in life as that is our job. My career from wrestling fan to having the best seat in the house and going from the Oklahoma farm that I grew up on to the garden, as in Madison Square Garden, while never losing my Southern accent and enduring three bouts of facial paralysis known as Bell's palsy did not derail me until it finally caught up wih me at the end of my WWE run. It was obvious in 2008 when I was abruptly moved to Smackdown from RAW that the end was near even though I was never informed of such. As a matter of fact, the night before the 'draft' I was told that it was a lock that Jerry Lawler and I would NOT be separated. What doesn't kill you will only make you stronger and I'm a better man for enduring every twist nd turn in the road of life that I've been privileged to make.

We all should live our lives with no regrets in my opinion.

I've never said that Eric Bischoff fired me nor have I written a book, yet, about those experiences but why let the facts get in the way of a TV presentation or tune in promo. Ironically, Eric and I are friends today and we may even do some business together some where down the line. One of the best things that I did was reconcile any anger or jealousy that I had with Eric and leave that negativity in the past. That has been the case with many of my "enemies" in the wacky world of pro wrestling aka sports entertainment.

Those reconciliations have sure made life easier and much more enjoyable. There may be a few more on the short list of 'forgiveness' but I'll either get around to them or simply erase my relationships with them and move on but they won't be carried forward.

RAW Thoughts:

Loved Paige's interview as it did not feel like it was recited from memory and from the pen of some writer who was channeling Paige with what he or she 'thought' Paige would say in the situation that she was in. Good and real. Show stealer.

Cena vs. Rollins...another good bout as these two have chemistry but I'm growing weary of seeing them so much on TV and two nights in a row is too much for me. Strong work ethic nonetheless from two, top hands.

Kane in the mask is good for me. I like that level of nostalgia. Not sure where it's headed nor do I care. I will stay tuned. When I signed Glenn Jacobs I was only worried if his personality would evolve as he was somewhat quite.  It has and he's become a Hall of Fame talent. I'm not prouder of any one that I've signed more than Glenn Jacobs who has become a Hall of Famer in life which is where the "money" is.

Putting Chris Jericho vs. Roman Reigns down the road is smart booking.  

New Day is "this close" to being too entertaining to be heels. Why do I want to boo wrestlers who make me me laugh?

It would be easy to book both Ziggler and Rusev into main event programs if desired. Head scratcher. They can't both get over working with each other.

Happy to see Natalya back on RAW. She's a keeper and fits right in with the new, women who have recently descended on WWE.  Could easily see her as a top heal along side Paige.

Why is Cesaro losing and not being promoted as a top star? What am I missing here?

Nice moment with Charlotte and her Nature Dad.

Sources say that Sting is awaiting results of multiple tests on his neck that was injured on Sunday night. Hopefully, the info will be positive for a guy I've known his entire career since the  Mid South days.

Happy that  Lucha Underground returning for season two as I am a fan.

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Big meeting in Dallas tomorrow for another wrestling project. Could be a really fun one so stay tuned.

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