Q & A Section is Now Updated....Some didn't Make the Cut...We're still accepting Holiday Orders.

I have updated our Q&A section and answered many of your emails. We had some really good questions this go around.

BTW I did not answer the one from a "brilliant" fan on why I am a "retard." Obviously not a classy question and a total waste of someone's time including mine.

 Also, I am not responding to questions about a fan who recently got kicked out of a WWE event as I did not see it nor did any one mention it to me so I don't know the story behind it or how to address it. Obviously it is unfortunate and hopefully the individual will continue to be a fan.

I also received a few emails asking me to respond to an internet interview that Lance Cade did where he described my blog as "cryptic" which at times it may be. That may be a kind way of describing my writing. Nonetheless for those of you that recall, I expressed my disappointment in what occurred with Lance and that I hoped to see him back in the WWE some day. I think Lance has great potential which I made clear at the time. My intend on writing about it was based on so much erroneous info on why Lance and the WWE parted company and I never meant it as a sign of disrespect directed at a young man that I stated then that I liked and that I still do. Lance has certainly taken the hand that was dealt to him like a man and with that type of attitude he will be just fine going forward. The business doesn't have an over abundance of men with Lance Cade's size and athletic ability who actually knows what he's doing from bell to bell. In hindsight, I wish I had simply ignored the issue and the fans who were emailing me.       

Our holiday business has been great and the wife and her sister are handling the shipping and are getting the orders out within a day or two of receiving them. We ran out of rub but received a new shipment and those orders have been shipped.  If you have placed an order and it isn't on your door step please don't panic. Remember what time of the year that it is and that the USPS and Federal Express are working hard to get you your products.

Don't forget to check out the Smackdown page on www.wwe.com for my weekly blog there which I think you might find entertaining. Thanks and Happy Holidays.

Boomer Sooner!