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Good of you to stop by....temps still soaring here in Oklahoma...nonetheless let's kickoff this blog that addresses many of your questions to our Q&A section of the site and Tweets @JRsBBQ.

Memories of Billy Red Lyons? Wonderful man who was always in a great mood. Very personable and was generally an underrated wrestler who did well in every territory that he worked. Back in the day, I always loved seeing him at WWE TV's with Jack Tunney. Legend has it that Billy Red once nodded off while standing on the ring apron during a tag team match. His partner? Cowboy Bill Watts. Territory? AWA where some long, car trips were not unusual.   

Do I think that Vince McMahon will ever buy a main stream sports franchise? Impossible to say as I never try to assume what McMahon may or may not do. Nothing would shock me especially with so many NBA teams in financial difficulty. Bottom line, who knows? 

Do I hate Michael Cole? No. I really try to not be a 'hater' as I've worked with too many people in my life that were. They're no fun to be around. Cole is in a challenging spot trying to raise his game to the level of the antagonist Lawler, Cornette, Ventura, Heyman, JBL, and Bobby Heenan. I do know that our three man team will evolve on Raw nicely. Thsi has zero to do with some, like me by and large, who prefer a two man announce team. I'm not a big fan of the three man booth on Monday Night Football, BTW.   

Do I prefer reality based sports entertainment or the 'bigger than life' spectacle style of presentation? Reality based by far. Not big on eye rolling, "are you kidding me?" type presentations. The more believable and more plausible the better for me.

Will WWE sell JR's products at live events? It's being discussed but no word yet. However, we will have BBQ Sauce and Beef Jerky at the merchandise stand at Summer Slam Axxess and I've signed all the product. Check it out if you attend.  I might just see you there.

Evans or Ortiz this Saturday night in UFC PPV? Gotta go w/ Evans on this one even though Tito shocked many with his win over Ryan Bader on the last PPV. 

If he had lived, how great would David Von Erich have been? Likely the best, pure in ring performer of the Von Erich brothers and if he was in control of his extracurricular activities outside the ring, he would have likely been a multiple time NWA Champion. Kerry had more charisma but David was gifted as an in ring performer and seemed to be the best 'student of the game' of the brothers.   

Am I for HGH testing in the NFL? Absolutely. I'm for HGH testing in all forms of sports plus pro wrestling. 

How is Bill Watts? The big Cowboy is now 70 and in great health, remarried and living in Bixby, Oklahoma. He just went on Facebook @ http://facebook.com/CowboyBillWatts. Check it out as it just went up. I'm sure that Cowboy would love to hear from long time fans. 

BTW we get tons of tweets/emails from fans who have been following my career since I worked for Bill in Mid South Wrestling and UWF.  Also, those fans ask how they can get DVDs from that period and the place to visit is http://www.universalwrestling.com. The Watts family owns the tape library and the DVDs that they produce come right from the master tapes. Great stuff from an extraordinary period in the business. 

Will JR and Michael Cole have a 'blow off match?' Good Lord, I hope not. Why continue to punish the audience? That ship has sailed plus after a 2nd abdominal surgery only a few weeks ago that's the last thing that I need to be doing. Here's a novel idea, how about more wrestlers getting in the mix?

Any specific memories of San Jose? Always enjoyed the conversations while in San Jose w/ Pat Patterson who wrestled in the old, San Francisco territory promoted by Roy Shire for over a decade. Pat's run in that area was amazing plus he knows all the great  spots to eat and introduced me to 'Original Joe's.' 

I'm looking forward to being in San Jose for Raw Monday night as the last Raw before a PPV is usually a strong effort. The success of Summer Slam largely rests on the shoulders of CM Punk and John Cena notwithstanding the Smackdown main event of Randy Orton vs. Christian for the World Title. I'm anxious to broadcast the longer bouts that are often featured on PPV. I don't know the announce team assignment for Summer Slam but I'll prepare like I'm going to do 'em all. 

Do I espouse to a 'grilling season?' Absolutely not. There are tons of ways to utilize BBQ Sauce in recipes that are done on a stove top or oven. Tons. Plus, our Chipotle Ketchup and Main Event Mustard aren't seasonal either. Plus, Beef Jerky is essentially an every day snack. Yes, I want to sell products at http://www.wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss but all I just stated is true. Remember that WWEShop ships our brand worldwide 24/7.  

What does it mean for my OU Sooners to be ranked #1 in the pre season of college football? Good hype...great for the school,....better to be ranked high and try to hold the BCS ranking than to start lower and need other teams to lose and your team to stay essentially perfect to get to the BCS National Title game or a BCS Bowl Game.

Am I going to attend the much ballyhooed college football game with OU traveling to Florida State? That's the plan even though WWE has a PPV the next day in Buffalo. Got to address travel ASAP. I did not miss an OU game last season, home or away, but it looks as if the Mexico City RAW TV taping with interrupt that streak. October 15 WWE produces RAW in Mexico City while OU plays at Kansas. 

You can use this link, http://www.wweshop.com/Category/JimRoss to check out our products at WWEShop. It's simple, quick and efficient. Got a cool tweet this week from a fan in rural Australia who received his package including a FREE, enhanced size, signed JR's card. Thinking that our goods traveled from Oklahoma to WWE to rural Australia stuck me as a pretty cool transaction. 

Thanks for the visit and the support. Follow us on Twitter @JRsBBQ. Keep those Q&A's coming here as well. 

Boomer Sooner!


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 Just friened the Cowboy on facebook!  :)  I remember growing up watching him! 

I'm so happy that the Sooners are ranked #1 in the preseason.  Looking forward to seeing them take it all the way to the top!  Boomer Sooner!!!!

Thank you for answering my question about Billy Red Lyons, JR!  I should repost the e-mail I sent to SLAM! Wrestling a couple of years ago upon Billy's unfortunate passing to show what an impact he had on me:

This one really hit home for me as Billy Red Lyons was the first person I ever saw in wrestling. I was flipping channels one Saturday afternoon in the late-summer of 1987 and came across Billy talking about a great card they had lined up at Maple Leaf Gardens and then he mentioned that the main event would feature this man--a man with long blond hair, a deep tan, big muscles, and talking about what I was going to do when Hulkamania ran wild all over me. Since I'd been reading superhero comic books since I was a wee boy (I was 11 when I saw the show), I thought Hulk Hogan was a superhero come to life. I kept watching the rest of the show to see if Hogan would appear again but of course, he never did. At the end of the show, Billy told us about next week's show and delivered his classic line "Don'tcha dare miss it!" so enthusiastically that I was hooked and tuned in the next week as he instructed. Thus, my 24-year love affair with professional wrestling began--all thanks to Billy Red Lyons!

Yours respectfully,
Darryl Stewart
Kitimat, British Columbia, Canada

Please come visit my wrestling/pop culture messageboard at http://z6.invisionfree.com/boardwitheverything ! :)

Great story about one of wrestling's true gentlemen.

 Jim -- I am a lawyer working full time, and I would really love nothing more than to get involved in pro wrestling -- as a referee.  I'm not talking about WWE or a national promotion, but just being a referee on the weekends at local promotions (i.e., Maryland Championship Wrestling and the like).  Obviously I should express interest and ask the folks in the promotion, but do you have any other advice?  Do I need to go to a "school" before trying to do this kind of work?  I honestly just really love pro wrestling and would even set up the ring and do other odd jobs if they'd like.  Thanks for the help and love the BBQ sauce.

I would go directly to the decision maker of any local groups that you can access and offer your services. Having their own lawyer/ref available for advice would be invaluable for an under funded, independent wrestling promotion. Best of luck and let me know how things work out.  

 J. R.! Big fan here in Alabama and I'm very happy you're back on MNR every week. Your voice brings that big event feel back. I'm curious about something with Michael McGillicutty (sp). I'm sure a lot of fans know that he's a 3rd generation guy and his dad was Mr. Perfect (one of the best heels, EVER!) Could he get over using his real name? What are you thoughts on that?

I was recently watching some of the classic Guerrero-JBL matches from 2004, a great feud which I think many underrate. In a lot of JBL's matches, you can hear the sounds of his fists/clubs, but he doesn't slap his leg for sound effect like others (i.e. sweet chin music, mysterio's kicks)

Did JBL have a reputation for being a stiff worker, and who were the stiffest workers in this business, in your opinion?