Q&A's Updated Thursday..Mini Blog...Good Day to Order during Oklahoma Ice Storm

We're in the midst of an Oklahoma ice and snow storm w/ the worst apparently still to come. Many Oklahomans are w/o power but so far we're lucky.

Good day to place your orders as we will be inside all day and can get them packed and shipped ASAP.

Our tag team topic on Wednesday's blog has created a great deal of healthy discussion. Certainly Doc and Gordy, Hansen and Brody, and the Road Warriors belong on any list of top tag teams. The "wish list" is endless.

Emailer asked who the greatest World's Champ of all time is. Wow...is there a definitive, right answer? I'd say Flair and Thesz because of their longevity at a high level. Another wide open topic.

Read where because I said my goal was to "participate" at WM26 and when I didn't specifically use the term "announce" at WM26 that it raised an eyebrow or to. What else would I do at WM26? Sing the Anthem? Ugh. Wrestle? Highly unlikely...will you stop, Gorilla would say. Referee? Nope...even though stripes are slimming. Of course I want to announce at WM26! Wouldn't any one if they were in my line of work? It could be one match or every match....I just want to get in the game...and as Ol Charlie Daniels does with his fiddle on the Progressive Insurance commercial, "show 'em how its done."

TMZ making a semi big deal about a situation that Chris Jericho and Gregory Helms found themselves in this week. Both these guys are great people and are credits to the biz and I suggest that this well could be much to do about not much. No one should rush to judgment about this issue especially since neither individual has addressed there side of this overblown  story. This matter definitely deserves a "Lighten Up Francis." Wrestling needs more hard working, students of the game who are still fans of the biz like Jericho and Helms.

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