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Oklahoma is set to have record setting heat today...too bad...was 'thinking' about doing some yard work....not. Here's some brief, random thoughts...

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We have been hammered with emails from fans who think that I am the anonymous, Raw General Manager. Some are adamant and almost childlike in that if I am that I should tell them and tell them NOW because they HAVE to know.  

I like the idea of an anonymous GM but it does put some pressure to deliver a viable surprise when the day finally comes to reveal the mystery person or does it? The individual's identity wouldn't necessarily have to be revealed as far as I'm concerned.

Read on line about the Martha Hart lawsuit vs WWE. I am not a lawyer, have never played one on TV, and know zilch about this untimely legal matter. Nonetheless my personal opinion is that the timing of this legal posturing is questionable specifically as it relates to Connecticut politics. Plus, I have never recalled WWE ever doing any thing but honoring Owen's legacy and certainly not 'exploiting' it in a negative light. 

Owen Hart is one of the most requested guys who fans want to see inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. We get dozens of emails off and on all year or whenever the HOF topic is discussed. Does this legal mindset mean that if WWE ever decided to induct Owen into the Hall of Fame that he so richly deserves that there would be more litigation? Should the threat of a lawsuit deprive Owen Hart of an honor that many feel that he deserves?

Contrary to any litigation, present or future, Owen's legacy isn't going to be forgotten and nor should it.

Now you can see why I'm not a fan of politics. It seems that in today's political world  tactics like this are the norm. Again, this is only one guy's opinion and I certainly do NOT represent WWE but it saddens me to have my memory jolted this morning of my late friend in a manner such as this.

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An emailer asked if our JR's Cookbook, that we personalize to your specs with each book sold,  has some BBQ and Grilling tips included and the answer is absolutely. We've simplified the processes and it is actually near the front of the book. Plus, the recipes are simple to do as the best dishes are usually the one's that are the most simple to prepare. We actually wrote this cookbook with men in mind or folks in general who like it simple and quick.

The Oklahoma Sooners made the College World Series. Wish I had the time to head to Omaha to see them play. I've always loved this event and it's on my unofficial 'bucket List.'

Emailer asked me what is the key to Lesnar vs. Carwin for the UFC heavyweight Title....a few things come to mind but 'striking defense' seems to be at the top of my 'hit list,' no pun intended. Both Brock and the interim champion are one punch knock out type fighters and one would deduct that avoiding those clean, killer shots is a must in this fight. I still don't think it will go five rounds and will end in a nasty, conclusive fashion. The primary reason that we are going to Las Vegas is to see our man Brock win a huge fight but I still feel this will be the former WWE champion's toughest test, by far, to date. I was happy to read that Randy Couture had traveled to Minnesota to do some training with Lesnar which strategically makes a ton of sense. No one has survived one round with Carwin on his way to being 12-0 which also speaks to Carwin's experience advantage in MMA over the Champion. July 3rd draws near and it will be a PPV that all MMA fans will have to experience.

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Actually JR was right on the money with the Austin/Tyson confrontation taking place in Fresno.

Tyson was revealed to be a member of DX at The Gund Arena in Cleveland. I believe that was the first RAW to ever be held there. And there were a lot of memorable Raws at The Gund.

My favorite, the night Stone Cold regained the title from Kane, never heard a Cleveland crowd louder than that night when Austin hit the Stunner and got the belt back! 

After reading WWE EQs response to Martha Harts lawsuit,  i had to reply as this was the most obnoxious , pathetic as well as selfish comment  on the Owen Hart tragedy i have ever read. Who the hell are you to say that she is trying for a money grab or that her kids are old enough to understand? It wasn't your father or husband that died. Martha is the widow and she was the one forced to raise fatherless children regardless if she got 18 million or not. Money isn't  everything!!! She has every right to protect her family as she sees fit. You come off as some  selfish wrestling brat mad because of some HOF induction that may never happen.  If  WWE made a settlement with her and part of that settlement included them not mentioning Owens name. Then they breached that and deserved to get sued.

oh yeah and she owes nothing to the fans! and nothing to WWE

i think you are missing the boat. She asked not to have his name used in WWE and they agreed. She has every right to ask this.

It seems pretty clear to me that while the likeness issue is a stretch, if the estate hasn't been paid the royalties it was due for the DVDs, on demand shows, and internet subscription shows featuring Owen, then she's absolutely right to sue on that count.  McDevitt has only been refuting the likeness issue, with no mention of the royalties.  If the settlement absolved WWE of any future royalty payments (which nobody outside of the participants knows for sure), then it seems like the suit doesn't have a ton of merit.

Part of me truly sympathizes with Martha Hart.  I can only imagine how much she misses Owen and blames the WWE for his death, part of me places some of the blame on the WWE too, and I can certainly understand her desire to disassociate Owens name with them.  But, with all respect to Mrs. Hart, I think this really does a disservice to his memory.  Owen loved wrestling, and as far as I know he truly loved the WWE, even after the whole mess with Bret he loved being in the WWE and entertaining the fans.  To completely remove him from all WWE sources and act like he was never there, to me it's like saying he was wrong to be there in the first place.  I really don't think this is what Owen would've wanted, he would've wanted the fans to remember him.  More importantly it wasn't the WWE that was "exploiting" him, it was Bret, Owen's own brother and best friend, wearing a t-shirt with Owen's picture on it.  Are we really saying that Bret of all people doesn't have a right to do that?  I'm not.  To Martha Hart: I truly sympathize with your loss, even after all this time we still miss him, but this isn't the way to remember him.  Let it go.

JR, I have one question for you:  Is Dr Jim Andrews still the go-to guy for the WWEs medical needs?  Whoever is doing the sports surgeries, could they please report to NXT and excise Michael Cole's lips off of The Miz's butt?


Eddie and anyone else you want to bring up don't count in this discussion.  Owen was dropped to his death by WWE negligence.  Eddie and other wretlers died because of consequences to the choices they made.  The Hall of Fame or DVDS or whatever it is you are wanting Owen to be "honored" with puts money into the pockets of people that put him up in those rafters in a dangerious position without the proper amount of saftey.  If his wife and family say no we don't want him in your hall of fame or on your dvds or face to ever again be on your tv show, my option is that is the way it should be because your errors cost her her husband's life and their father.  I don't care if Vince gave it all to charity or whatever.  IF IT IS NOT WHAT SHE WANTS IT DOES NOT MATTER!!.  The least she should get out of all this is that.  So it does not matter if you think he should be honored and his memory in wrestling go on, if it is not what his family desires you and vince and jim ross should not get a say in the matter because you aren't important in this case. 

OH sure she has millions from a setlement bla bla.  I'm sure that's nice and I wish I has 18 million but I certainly would not trade my wife's life for it.  All of this discussion just brings to light the worst of wrestling fans.  How they have become so jaded to death that life is so insignificant to you. 

Lewmar, WWE, and the stunt rigger were all at fault.

Something that cannot be overlooked is that, on safety grounds, WWE's usual rigger refused to use the quick release snap shackle (requested by Vince McMahon himself for aesthetic reasons)  instead of the locking carabiner.  When WWE decided not to use him, he got worried, so wanting the stunt to be done safely, he asked his assistant to offer to rig the stunt with the locking carabiner at a heavily reduced price, hoping that it would sway WWE.  His assistant was turned down.  The usual rigger feared exactly what happened, and the key decision makers at WWE (including Vince McMahon) were aware of this.  Was this made clear to Owen?  I've never seen anything definitive about this.  I've read that he told people on the day that he died that was much more comfortable with the locking carabiner, but even knowing the bare minimum about the two mechanisms could inform that opinion.

The rigger responsible was at fault for obvious reasons: He was in charge of the safety and it seems that he should have known better.  Lewmar was at fault for marketing the snap shackle for stunt work when it was not fit for more than its original sailboat use.  Did the rigger ever try to sue Lewmar for that reason or just WWE?