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Random thoughts in no particular order of importance and that are merely one man's opinion...

Enjoyed the TLC PPV. Really solid outing. Impactful and memorable for some. There's been so much WWE TV since Sunday that TLC already seems like it is was a week ago. 

The Shield rocked at TLC in the 6 man tag but one cannot forget that they did not perform alone. Kane, who is a future HOF talent, Daniel Bryan, who may be the best all around performer in WWE, and newcomer of the year Ryback obviously added to the equation. Bottom line is that the 6 man tag was memorable, exciting to watch, and next to impossible to follow. 

Cena vs. Ziggler was the right show closer. Ziggler is on his way to becoming a main event staple in my view. His current packaging with AJ Lee and Big E Langston is reminiscent of other top stars in years past who either had a female with them or a body guard, or both. 

It seems as if Team Rhodes Scholars is on their way to the WWE Tag Team Titles. I'd love to see the tag team scene in WWE become more viable and hopefully it will over time. 

Nice to see the Brooklyn Brawler get a little spotlight in his hometown especially at Brawler's stage of his in ring career. After many years of loyal service to WWE, Steve Lombardi deserved the moment that he received on Sunday. Nice gesture by WWE. You can follow Brawler on Twitter @Brawlerreal.

Kudos to the live audience in Brooklyn who really came to have fun, emotionally invest and to make their voices heard at TLC.  The natural sounds added greatly to the broadcast.

Continuing to be impressed with the work of Sheamus and Big Show. Not sure how much longer that they 'dance' with each other but their run has been damned solid.  I'm still a fan of ground and pound wrestling when it fits the personas of those involved and that's the case with the Irishman and the big fella.

People ask...Yes, I pay full retail for the WWE PPV events just as any other fan would. I don't have a special feed nor would I ever steal anyone's PPV. A thief is a thief of which I'm not. 

RAW was a fun experience. I didn't know that I was needed until Sunday evening but was excited and pleased to get the call. It's always good to see old friends and there were many on hand in Philly Monday. I had no idea that Ric Flair was at the arena as I did not see him until he went out to present the Slammy for Superstar of the Year. We caught up after Raw late into the night along with Mean Gene, Pat Paterson and a handful of other friends. I do know that my 4:30 am wake up call came much too early to enable me to take the first flight out of Philly back to OKC.

One of the best things to come out of the RAW broadcast was that we haven't seen the last of the Undertaker. I've been deluged with question on Twitter @JRsBBQ about when and where of which I have no idea. I can assume along with everyone else and I personally hope that the when is WM29 but I do not know. I'm anxious to see how all this plays out as it should add some great elements to WWE's weekly TV presentations in the future.

If I never call another WrestleMania main event I can say that I've fulfilled all my dreams that concluded with the HIAC Match of the Year featuring three men who I have great respect and admiration for:  Undertaker, HHH, and @ShawnMichaels. 

Was asked on Twitter and in Q&A's if i had a problem with @MichaelCole, @JCLayfield etc taking shots at me on air? Of course not. It's not as if that is original or new material or isn't the norm in the business. It's in the spirit of entertainment and an attempt at being funny. Sometimes those adlibs work and at times they die a natural death. On this topic, I know of what I speak. I do think that all WWE broadcasters have the responsibility to enhance the talents that are being featured now more than in recent memory as so many new performers are getting an opportunity to move to main event spots. Broadcasting these three hour shows isn't easy and Cole, JBL, @JerryLawler and @WWEJoshMathews all do their jobs well. 

UK fans have flocked to @americansoda and their associates that sell JR's products. We get tons of pics from fans who have either ordered online from American Soda or have visited various outlets including the one in Manchester. American Soda is out of some products but a new shipment is in route from the USA to England. 

If you have grocery store contacts or are a retailer who wants to carry our products, send me the info at Contact Us here on our site. 

Not sure of Ric Flair's long term future with WWE but I'm assuming that Naitch wants to land back in WWE for the long haul. Ric has great value and name identity and in the proper role can obviously contribute to WWE. Assuming Ric never wrestles again, his verbal skills and long established persona can be an asset. The smartest WWE talents will use Ric as resource and with reverent respect. The others will be sorry of the missed opportunity.

Working on several grocery store possibilities for JR's in 2013. They are a tough nut to crack but some smart retailers are going to find out that now only do our products taste great but that wrestling fans are fiercely loyal and will support our brand.

I'm looking into more appearance opportunities in 2013 as my schedule now allows me a little more time back to invest in these projects. The 'Evening with JR' in England in June which would be a series of three, one night stands is still being discussed but looks favorable at this point in the talks. I'm going to be doing some motivational speaking of which I have been thinking about for quite some time.  

I'd certainly like to look into the Comic Cons of the world, World of Wheels, etc as I've never had the opportunity to appear at many of those type functions over the years.

Happy Holidays! More to come this week. Plus I wrote 4 blogs last week that I invite you to check out. 

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I also thought TLC was great and one of the better PPV's of the year. Could've done without the Diva's match and the 3MB segments though. Some sick spots and The Shield looked like they're ready for the big time. 

And it looks like WWE has done away with the brief ADR face turn. Some people are just natural heels and i couldn't see Del Rio getting over as a face.

Thought the Slammy's were a waste of time for the most part and Punk not winning Superstar of the year shows just how meaningless these awards are when it's just a popularity contest.

Good to see Ric Flair back in a WWE ring. As long as he never actually competes in a match again since i believe he's already slightly tarnished his legacy during his time in TNA. Hang em' up for good Naitch like ya should've done 5 years ago!

And i'm guessing we've seen the end of Sheamus vs Big Show on PPV at least. For Show to look so dominate going over Sheamus they must be building him up for Ryback who i predict will win the Royal Rumble and go on to beat Show for the WHC at Mania 29.

And great news that Undertaker will be back for at least one more match at Mania. But who will his opponent be? CM Punk for the WWE title? Brock Lesnar? Ryback? Sheamus? John Cena? I'd be happy with either of those matches as long as it ain't Triple H again for the fourth time.