RAW is Burnt Orange...JR's Has Record Month...Soldiers Ordering Beef Jerky...Sex & City 2

We hope that everyone had a great Memorial Day and want to thank all the members of the Armed Forces for all you do for us each and every day as you are our most respected citizens, Thanks for all that sacrifices that you make that allows all of us the many freedoms and the quality of life that we enjoy.  

BTW...we are shipping more and more to military folks as the USPS delivers to our service men and women's military addresses. I know many Moms and Dads are shipping JR's Beef Jerky, which has a one year shelf life and only weighs 1.75 ounces per bag, to their kids who are in the Armed Forces. If any of you have any special requests that we can accommodate, please let us know when you order. A case of Jerky has 48 bags FYI.  

This was the first Memorial Day that I wasn't on the road in a long, long time. It felt pretty good actually as we fired up the grill and did some 85/15 burgers (less fat). I made a kicked up burger topping by mixing sweet pickle relish and Chipotle Ketchup and it was amazing. Try it for yourself. 

Raw from Austin felt like a 'fresh' show and was a really good effort. 

What we didn't see was Michael Cole get introduced before the show went on the air and I'm told he was booed out of the arena. Why, you ask? One reason might have been because he came out to my old, entrance music 'Boomer Sooner' the Oklahoma fight song which doesn't play well in the home of the Texas Longhorns. Nice practical joke on Cole who later in the show had an entertaining piece of business with Daniel Bryan and the Miz. 

Seems like R Truth is starting to gain momentum. Truth is a little unorthodox offensively which isn't a bad thing and just makes him different. Truth has charisma and it seems if the machine continues to roll with him that the United States Champion will become even more viable in the months to come. Truth beating the amazingly talented Chris Jericho was huge for the new Champion.  

The Daniel Bryan vs. Miz match could have lasted longer but I really liked what I saw of it as Miz is becoming a bigger star each week and Bryan's in ring style is unique for Raw.  Adding Michael Cole to this equation makes this issue stand out even more. Will we see any more of this matter Tuesday night in Dallas?  

The Uso's are going to be really good if they continue to do grow, adjust to life on the road and can stay healthy. The trio has lots of natural talent and athleticism. They match up well with the Hart Dynasty and this personal issue is going to be fun to follow. I like the 3rd generation storyline and am interested to see how it evolves.  

It was a great night for Evan Bourne not only interacting with Edge at the beginning of the broadcast but teaming with John Cena in the main event at the end of the broadcast. Bourne's  perception improved tonight a great deal and the high flier is a good, solid citizen who is deserving of the opportunity that was presented him tonight. 

I thought Ashton Kutcher was a solid 'Host.' It was easy to see that Kutcher is a WWE fan as he seamlessly fit into the broadcast. Stars from outside the world of WWE who are fans make the best 'Hosts' and Kutcher was spot on with his delivery.

We will be answering more of your Q&A's asap so keep them coming.  

BTW...Mrs. J.R. and I saw 'Sex and the City 2' Sunday night and my advice for you is to wait until it comes to cable. The gay wedding scene was right out of 'Billy and Chuck' and was one of the comedic highlights of the film of which there weren't enough of for me. The popcorn was good and the seats reclined so all wasn't lost. I did manage to stay awake which was a concern about an hour into the movie.   

We just had our biggest month of business ever here on the website. Our repeat business has been amazing. Plus, folks are using our products more and more for gift items. We can't forget that we have a long, grilling season still ahead of us as well. Nonetheless we thank everyone so much for supporting our efforts and we will continue to do all we can to earn your business. If you ordered this weekend, your orders will go out Tuesday.

Come back and visit again soon and remember to count your blessings. 

Boomer Sooner!



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Suck it jr

Very professional and mature remarks from one who hides behind a computer screen. I'm embarrassed for you and your insecurity.

Hi JR,
We barbequed tonight and I tried JR's Spicy Rub for the first time tonight. WOW was it great! I was always a sauce man, but yesterday rubbed your rub on both sides of the steak and let it sit in the fridge overnight. This year we are using a charcoal grill instead of gas and the steak was FANTASTIC! Juicy, tasty, excellent. I didn't put any sauce on it, as I only wanted to taste what the rub did to the steak. Perfect blend of 11 herbs and spices! I grilled chicken breasts for the wife and used JR's BarBQ Saiuce on them and she loved them. This will be a weekly deal over the summer.. Next time I do burgers, I'll try your idea of mixing the hamburger meat with your chipolte ketchup. Whatever anyone put your products on, makes the food taste just wonderful! For me, using charcoal makes all the differnce in the world, versus gas. The flavor is so much better, as well as juice retention. Also closing the top lets the food and rub/spice "bakes" in the aromas and the meat stays moist. It's a slower way of cooking, using the hot coals, smoke and heat (like an oven when the top is closed) rather than using the flames to grill the food. Great products J.R.

I'll be back for more!

Sounds like you've got the gilling down pat. Nice feedback.

 Everyone knows about the curse of the bambino when the Boston Red Sox sold the contract of Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees, it took them almost a century to win another world title. Well Jr, with you deciding to stay in a company with a postion other than the one you coveted, i believe this will start the curse of Jr. I predict the Sooners will not be involved in a national title game yet alone a bowl game period ,for a long long time. Sleep well with that on your conscious

That's a pathetically uncreative analogy all because I did not go to TNA when you know not one deal point of those talks. You 'assume' that it would have been a great arrangement for me without knowing the 'deal.' You'll have to help me with your logic.  

My heartfelt sympathies for having to attend "Sex and the City 2."  Told the wife that the first one felt long enough to count for two movies, but that logic fell on deaf ears.  Were you the only one in the theatre of the male persuasion?  I was.  Needless to say the Cubs jersey made me look like a Goth in church.

Sad to see that I won't be able to stop by the restaurant for the next Husker road trip to Norman.  Perhaps you can bring some BBQ to Dallas for the Big 12 Championship when Nebraska battles the Sooners!

Why do you keep putting an apostrophe in Usos?  Unless you're showing ownership, or the word "is" is following Uso, then an apostrophe is not needed.

Because I'm largely a dumbass. However, I do appreciate you taking the time out of your day to correct me.

I just want to say, your blog is BY FAR the best wrestling-centric blog out there.  I don't necessarily agree with you all the time, but that's half of the fun.  Your writing voice is every bit as strong as your broadcasting voice, and I generally just enjoy any and all insights into the business that you have to share.

I, too, enjoyed this week's RAW, and that was largely in part to seeing some fresher faces get some quality camera time.  While I'm not one of the many Cena-haters mucking up the internet, I must admit to finding his character, as well as the way he is booked, to be unbelievably stale.  Throwing a fantastic talent like Evan Bourne into the mix helped to lessen the usual main event blow, and I look forward to seeing him be given more opportunities like this in the future.

Just wanted to let you know that I believe your sauce products are about the best "shelf-ready" I have ever found anywhere (please take that as a compliment!).  One part JR's HOT Barbeque Sause, one part "lite" italian dressing as a marinade - just add boneless, skinless chicken brests, let rest overnight, throw on the charcoal grill and you've got yourself a party! (Haven't tried the "new" jerky yet; next order!).

Love your site; check it often.  As a long time wrestling fan I can appreciate your perspective on the "sports entertainment" business and get a kick out of your stories of the "old days" (looking forward to the book!).  Growing up around Charlotte, NC (52 years old and been a fan as long as I can remember!) I can recall going to the Park Center (now Grady Cole Center) and all of those great Crockett Promotions events ("Nature Boy" ,Wahoo, Rip and Swede, Skull and Brute, Johnny and George, JC Dykes and the Infernos) and later on NWA/WCW. I even remember "Big Jim" sitting out in the lobby and greeting the fans as they came in.

In closing, hope all is well and keep the site going; you've got yourself at least one repeat customer from the "GREAT TARHEEL STATE"!!

Take Care,


You should never sauce chicken BEFORE it goes on the grill.  Sauce shouldn't be applied until the tail end of the cooking process.

To each his own; been grilling for 35 years and never had a problem.  Have a Nice Day !

Kutcher was good, wasn't he?  Surprised me, but as you say, the fans of the product make much better hosts than those that come on and don't even know the names of the stars.

Kudos to WWE for putting R Truth in this run and to Chris Jericho for helping put him over.  Jericho once again shows his MVP status (not to be confused with the performer MVP).  R Truth has a great look and is fun to watch in the ring.   He's very easy to like and to sympathize with.

Getting your stuff sold by the E is a huge coup. Well played. I'd be interested in seeing the other provisions of the contract. Promotion for the book? The extra, unknown details of your contract are what the smarks don't seem to realize. Keep on truckin.

I'd like R Truth a lot better if I didn't have to be subjected to that god awful entrance of his every time he comes to the ring.  Who in the WWE Universe (that's another thing I'm tired of hearing, by the way) actually likes that song?  Someone needs to let Vince know that Truth raps about as well as Khali wrestles.