RAW Thoughts, Bryan=Show Stealer, Mrs. JBL's Book, JR's UK Tour, Redneck Island, Order JR's Online Today for Grilling Season!

Beautiful day in Norman, Oklahoma after an early morning storm blew through including hail. Mother Nature was angry this morning my friends. Please keep us in mind for Father's Day gift giving at http://www.wweshop.com where you can find some great packages. Same goes for our friends in Manchester, England at http://www.americansoda.co.uk. Let's Grill!! Lots of multi tasking TV viewing Monday night with the OU Women engaged in a 12 inning thriller with Tennessee in the College Softball World Series and an enjoyable RAW from Hartford. I watched RAW live and kept the OU Women's Softball game in the picture in picture with video only. I disconnected early from the Heat vs. Pacers game. Not a good game and too many non hoops shots of the celebs, etc in the crowd. The overt 'flopping' is taking away from the game experience too. One NBA statement I will make is to never underestimate the value of the home court advantage. If game seven had been in Indy, the outcome might well  have been different. Just my two cents. San Antonio will be hard to beat 4 times for any NBA team. Great team synergy and coaching.    Thoroughly enjoyed the start of RAW with the quasi, McMahon Family reunion including the surprise appearance of Stephanie McMahon. RAW started the night with established and new 'feeling' star power. The hook established in the early moments of RAW were brought forward strategically throughout the broadcast calumniating with HHH leaving the arena.  @WWEDanielBryan was the star of RAW.   This is not the first time I've written this. No matter the role or task at hand, Bryan delivers. He's as good as anyone in the business right now, for my money. Anyone who has had training from such men as Billy Robinson, William Regal, Shawn Michaels, and Robby Brookside and who has Bryan's desire and professionalism can't be any thing but good.  Bryan stole the show from 5 other very talented performers in the 6 man tag and Bryan had one of Ryback's best bouts ever. The Bray Wyatt Family vignettes are outstanding. Expertly produced and edited. They are worth watching multiple times to discern the subtleties of the video.  Loved Curtis Axel's aggressiveness vs. John Cena. The young, 3rd generation talent showed no hesitation competing against WWE's top star. One can't be too aggressive in the ring as a rule and Axel is hungry and it shows. Hopefully, the "I want it now" facet of the fanbase will be patient and allow the Minnesotan to evolve in his new, enhanced role.  We have a few VIP tickets remaining for my upcoming, First  Ever Spoken Word tour of the UK in late August. Cardiff on Saturday August 24 at the Hilton Hotel has a handful of VIP Meet & Greet tickets left.  This will be my first ever trip to Wales and I'm excited to meet fans in an area that I've never traveled.  VIP tickets for London sold out quickly and less than 100 regular tickets for the Sunday August 25 Show remain.  The Manchester Comedy Store event is on Monday August 26 and there are a handful of VIP seats remaining for the storied venue. For tickets and other info on this first ever tour of its kind for me please check out http://www.psievents.eventbrite.com/   Between my stories of how I've navigated a blessed career from rural Oklahoma to WrestleMania, and beyond, and your Q&A's, we are going to have a great time at all these shows. For those who have VIP Meet and Greet tickets, I assure you that you won't be rushed through the line like cattle as I enjoy meeting fans who make everything possible for those of us who earn a living in the biz.  The Q&A's are updated here on the site. Please submit your questions if you'd like and I ask that everyone keep them succinct.  Excited for @steveaustinBSR 3rd season of Redneck Island on CMT that debuts Wednesday night. I've got my DVR set for the entire season just in case I have a senior moment. I know...what's next...adult Pampers?  I find it amazing, but perhaps I shouldn't, that so many folks that Tweet me @JRsBBQ or email here seem to want me to knock TNA. Some of today's fans are amazing with their unquenchable thirst for dirt, gossip and negativity. I have many, many friends who work for TNA and I hope that they have continued success and continue to grow. Why would I wish them ill will? That makes no sense to me. I'm a fan of the genre and the more people who can be successful within it the better.  I'm envious of the great product placement for JBL's wife's new book on RAW with Damien Sandow. Mrs JBL, Meredith Whitney,  is one of the most brilliant individuals on Planet Earth and her just released book "Fate of the States" will be a page turner for those of us wondering what the future may hold regarding our money, the State in which we live and our family's future. I'm sure there is more info @LayfieldReport APP or follow @JCLayfield on Twitter.  I'm a regular listener and you should be too of the Layfield and Cole radio show even though the tough talking Texan takes pot shots at me occasionally. As long as they can touch on the JR's products that we sell at WWEShop.com, I'm good. Seriously, you try to fill as much TV time as JBL and @MichaelCole  do every week and you'd know that one will reach for anything that vaguely relates to the genre to use in an entertaining way. I don't envy their workload.  Thanks for stopping by and be sure and stock up on JR's products here during the heart of the grilling season. My family thanks you all for supporting our efforts.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.    @JRsBBQ