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Another busy day in what is going to be a busy albeit fun week for yours truly. Headed to Orlando and NXT this week and then up to Milwaukee to appear Friday at the Potawatomi Casino w/ Jerry Lawler and Mean Gene Okerlund. Let's talk RAW and more... Unique RAW from Lafayette, Louisiana in that it contained many key elements that focused on next week's Dallas Raw that I'd be shocked if it did not sell out the American Airlines Center.  Episodic, TV programming should also build to 'next week' including something tangible and WWE did a nice job of that Monday night.  John Cena has put himself into a situation where he has every thing to lose and what to gain in his match with Punk next week? Curious to see how this is addressed. Perhaps it's as simply as Cena wanting to silence Punk and get the elusive win over the former WWE Champion that has escaped Cena. Mark Henry is on a roll since returning a few weeks ago from an extended absence due to injury. Henry has a 'bad attitude' and I find him one of the more compelling, intimidating villains in WWE. Miz winning by using Ric Flair's Figure Four surprised me. Flair seemingly rarely won in his later career with his signature maneuver. Miz needs to watch lots of Flair tape to see how seamlessly Naitch applied the hold. It's not as easy as Ric made it look.   Getting lots of Tweets regarding Zeb Colter's politically based comments and many feel that the comments are untimely. Isn't that what wrestling villains do, make inflammatory, controversial comments that strike a nerve with the audience? Same type of comments are made daily on a variety of news outlets so I'd suggest to the most vocal of critics to simply, "Lighten Up Francis." Zeb's TV persona is that of a political zealot who has controversial opinions. Zeb...if that is his real name. Jack Swagger is too good of a big, athlete to not have a viable shot at long term success in WWE. The former, two time, Oklahoma State High School Heavyweight Wrestling Champion AND All State football lineman went to OU as a two sport star and earned two time All American Honors in wrestling while a Sooner. Colter is helping develop Swagger's TV persona which is timely while Swagger is as athletic a big men, 6'6"-270, as anyone on the WWE roster. Many fans of sports entrainment have little or no patience and more of them know infinitely less about the business than they would like for us to think based on their comments on Twitter, etc. I wholeheartedly agree that everyone has a right to an opinion but some opinions are simply challenging to take seriously. IE some fans complaining about the 'broken tradition' of WM30 NOT being in Madison Square Garden and is going to be instead in the Super Dome in New Orleans. I can only assume that these naysayers aren't math whiz's. Alberto Del Rio is slowly and deliberately building momentum and proving that he can beat anyone with the Cross Arm Breaker. Getting one's finishing maneuver established is pivotal for any in ring talent.  Enjoyed the Swagger vs. Daniel Bryan bout. Solid wrestling from two extremely sound wresters. They told a simple, yet compelling story of focusing on a body part and not rehearsing for the flying trapeze. Paul Heyman and Vickie Guerrero have great chemistry. I enjoy their interactions. As I've said, Heyman is this generation's best 'manager' and I don't even know who's in second place. One also has to tip one's hat to Vickie Guerrero who has become a major player in WWE after getting such a late start in the biz. I am amazed at how good Vickie Guerrero has become. I'm very proud of Vickie and I'm positive that Eddy would have been too.   Huge win for the Shield on their first RAW bout defeating Jericho, Sheamus and Ryback, who seems to be in implosion mode. The Shield talents, who honed their skills at NXT,  have proven that they can hunt with the big dogs. Now the difference maker is to not be satisfied with their skill set and today's body of work but to relentlessly push to refine their game and to improve upon it. Commitment to one's craft doesn't end until retirement.  Not sure what's going on with Daniel Bryan and Kane but it was not a pay window-like night for the WWE Tag Team Champions.  The Rock unveiled the newly designed WWE Title of which has been a topical, Twitter subject @JRsBBQ. I've stated many times in the past, I'm not a title belt aficionado and have never invested much of my time on the design of any championship. I think classy, simple is better but, again, I won't lose any sleep over how a championship belt looks. Personalized Championship tittles are simply what they are. I always thought the old WCW Title belt was WAY too big as was the UWF Title back in the day while I still think that the Lou Thesz version of the NWA Title along with the Race, Funk, Brisco NWA title belt was  classy and cool. But again, I'm not your best source for an opinion on the Spinner Title or Rock's Brahma Bull Title. I'd say the same thing re: the Smoking Skull title as well in case you're wondering.   Very excited about Friday night's presentation in Milwaukee at the Potawatomi Casino with Mean Gene and The King. The fans attending will be asking us questions and nothing is off limits as best that I know. It will be very personal and interactive. Tickets start at $20 at Ticketmaster and are really going fast. One must be 21 to attend which might lead to some not so PG moments...TBD.   I expect lots of laughs as the fans will essentially write the script that we will follow. If this concept works, there is a chance that the Q&A, meet and greet, speaking opportunities may have legs and appear at more locations. Time will tell. I'm still working on the details on an offer of three, one night stands this summer in England entitled "An Evening With..." which will use many of the same elements that we're trying out Friday night in Milwaukee.  Food idea..healthy too... pour a carton, or portion thereof,  of Southwest flavored egg beaters in a pan on low heat, add fresh salsa and a splash of skim milk plus JR's Chipotle Ketchup and continuously stir. When the eggs are almost done being scrambled, ad a slice, or two, of low fat, Monterrey Jack cheese. Spicy, wholesome, healthy goodness. Virtually, idiot proof. That was my dinner last night while watching MNR.  Randy Orton will be appearing Thursday night at NXT which will add to the presentation. We expect another sell out at Full Sail University for the three, one hour broadcasts that start at 6:30 pm and are normally concluded by 9:30 pm. Good luck to JBL on is next mountain climbing adventure, this time it's Mt. Death. John leaves this week and will hopefully return with a win under his belt in a few weeks so he will be away from Smackdown for a few episodes.  I've updated the Q&A's here at the site as of Tuesday morning. Check them out...there are some dandies.  WWEShop.com is rocking the JR's products that I hope that you will sample. We have some regular customers that swear by our products but need your help to make this venture a success.  http://www.wweshop.com For our friends in the UK and throughout Europe, visit the @americansoda website in Manchester to order JR's products which are doing very well thanks to the efforts of many loyal fans and the American Soda folks.  Thanks for stopping by and for following me on Twitter @JRsBBQ where we are approaching 700,000 followers.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.   @JRsBBQ         
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Ric Flair passed the torch to The Miz J.R.  Are you saying he may not be using the Figure 4 correctly ?  Say it ain't so !  The Miz is the greatest wrestler/entertainer any of us has ever seen !  That "figure 4 ankle lock" he used last night is exactly the way I remember The Nature Boy DOIN IT.  :)
While watching Paul Heyman on this week's Raw I suddenly had a flash: I'll bet Paul has studied tapes of Bobby Davis, Buddy Rogers' manager in the day. Bobby was part of that golden age of managers along with Wild Red Berry and others back in the day.
So sad to read in the paper this morning the passing of Danny Williams. I remember as a kid watching wrestling with my dad on Saturday night broadcast from the channel 4 studios. Danny Williams and Leroy McGuirk were the first wrestling announcers I ever heard. I remember how my dad would always light up when Danny Hodge would be on. I remember Danny always crushing an apple with his bare hand and I would then run into the kitchen and try to duplicate the great Hodge. I'm 57 now and many have been the time I would get ready to eat an apple and would try to crush it before eating it but always to no avail. Rest in peace Danny and watch out for flying chairs.
If the story is true and Jack Swagger was leaving the arena where Smackdown was being taped. How did he have time to get drunk and who did he buy the weed from. Something stinks here and it's not the weed. I would assume Zeb cut a nice promo and pissed someone off enough to set this guy up. This is not 1980. WHY WOULD JACK TAKE SUCH A CHANCE ?  THIS IS BULLFODDER ! With that said.......this would be top 5 storylines of all time.
Miz didnt do in the way flair does. Aviral
Personally this is one cowboy who is glad to see Mr Mantell back in front of the camera.I'm a Kentucky boy who grew up on he and Lawlers fueds and theres nothing but good things that can come from those guys being in the locker room.
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