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Just got home from a quick trip up to Green Bay and have these random thoughts...

Enjoyed the first segment of Raw a great deal. Punk and Lawler's verbal exchange was intriguing and motivated me to want to see them wrestle. @CMPunk and @Jerry Lawler delivered.

Backstage skits are largely, in my opinion feast or famine. The Anger management scenes were entertaining especially when Kane named off a list of some of his indiscretions including "burning a couple of people."

The HHH highlights brought back some great memories for me including The Game's 2X3 fall bout with @steveaustinBSR in Vegas on PPV which was the night after I called an XFL game in the rain in Chicago. I was at the right place at the right time to see and broadcast HHH's career truly evolve in WWE and his bouts with such men as HBK and Undertaker are some of my all time favorites. 

HHH's promo certainly left the door open as to his in ring future. I'm thinking that he won't be able to walk away just yet from competing but time will tell. 

The last segment of Raw inside the cage was a superb way to end the three hour broadcast as it paid off an issue, Punk vs. Lawler, and put the WWE Champion back with his #1 contender, John Cena, who Punk will face in the main event at Night of Champions PPV. Punk is at the top of his game while King is undoubtedly one of the best ever inside the ropes. I can assure you that Jerry had more fun, even in a losing, painful effort, in the ring Monday night than he would broadcasting ten Raws. Punk getting several staples in his head after contacting the steel cage is not exactly the way I would want to start a multi hour flight to Australia. 

I have the privilege of flying to El Paso Friday with the OU Football team as they open their season Saturday night LATE vs UTEP in the Sun Bowl. Game time is 10:30 eastern/9:30 central live on Fox Sports cable. We're due to arrive back in Norman Sunday morning at approximately 5:30 a.m. 

JR's products from http://www.wweshop.com are great tag team partners for tailgate gatherings. Let's keep the momentum rolling from a great summer of business as our family brand continues to grow. 

Contrary to what it says on their website, WWEShop.com does ship JR's outside the USA including the UK, Canada, Mexico, and Australia, among several areas.

The next time we are back @FullSail for NXT will be Thursday September 20 when @JohnCena will be the special guest. Those tapings just keep getting better and better. 

Young talents have to realize that they HAVE to improve or they will be bypassed by someone who wants it a little bit more. One thing is for sure, young wrestlers cannot make it to the Promised Land simply by investing in their careers while they are at work either training or at a live event. It's a full time investment of their time including daily DVD study. The process is going to continue to get more challenging to not only get a contract but to 'make it.' Competition is good for everyone. 

Gotta start taking JR's All Purpose Seasoning with me on these road trips. Makes room service and other meals so much better. It's a great dry rub as I've touted but it honestly makes virtually anything one would season great. 

Booker T gave me a copy of his new book Tuesday while I was in Green Bay and I'm going to start on it soon. I've heard nothing but great things about it and Book really opens up about his life before wrestling that included a stint in prison. Booker is living proof that if one doesn't quit their journey that arriving at a desired destination is doable.

Some of my Twitter followers @JRsBBQ, over half a million strong, and I disagree on the perception an athlete gets when they tap in a bout. I say it is real and a long time part of Pro Wrestling and obviously MMA. I say that if executed properly it is a great way to end a contest. Others, I suspect younger fans, think it is demeaning to the talent.

Met some nice folks today in O'Hare Airport who said that they had "grown up with me as the soundtrack of their youth." Didn't know if I should hug them in empathy or shake their hand in thanks. However, one dude was bald and gray and I almost 'carded' him as he looked older than me.

Really proud of @GrishamESPN and @TheCoachESPN for their tag team effort hosting SportsCenter on ESPN. Two great guys and who have both found their true calling. Both will evolve into big stars for their network much sooner than later. Todd even gave JR's BBQ a shout out I'm told Tuesday night. Cool.

Mark my words, the NFL will rue the day that they did not get their new deal done with their on field officials. Replacement Refs can't adjust to the speed of the game in a matter of weeks and the number of bad calls that are likely to to occur the first week of the NFL season will be alarming. I expect the strike to then be settled rather quickly BUT with no preseason the bad calls and timing issues will likely not go away any time soon. The NFL picked the wrong hill to die upon...again.     


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 Kane's autobiographical speech in anger management was indeed hilarious, particularly with his deadpan delivery.  It's rare that WWE acknowledges anything that happened earlier than 3 weeks ago.

Not sure the WWE audience was clamoring for a half-dozen segments focused on HHH, but hey, it's (almost) his company, he can do what he wants.  If wrestling were a real sport, ESPN would be mocking Helmsley for refusing to let go after two losses to Undertaker and a submission to Lesnar.

So is OKC going to sign Harden to a contract extension, or figure out a way to trade him?  Under the rules they have until Oct. 31st, I believe, to ink an extension.  If they don't, Harden becomes a restricted free agent next July.

I also really liked the Anger Management scenes with Kane and Daniel Bryan and that's what i call good comedy unlike the Santino Marella-Cobra-Aksana nonsense which makes me embarassed to be a wrestling fan. And i seriously doubt Triple H is retiring. He's got too big of an ego and loves to steal the spotlight too much like he did at Summerslam to just walk away unless he had to. I'm sure when Ryback gets big enough of a name ol' Trips will be back to hog the spotlight again and get a win over him just like he did with CM Punk last year.  And after watching it back a few times i can't see where Punk allegedly "bladed" on Raw. The cut was on the top of his head while you usually blade near your forehead i believe. Looks to me like he got busted open the hard way...by accident.

 I have to agree..Kanes anger management speech was very funny..I felt that some of the HHH TV time was a bit too long as well and did not keep my interest. He has had a great career but there is a feeling that its about to be his company in the coming yrs.