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Beautiful day but HOT here in Norman, Oklahoma. No bad weather on the immediate horizon so that is a good thing. WWEShop.com has reduced the price of JR's Cookbooks to $12.99 and they come authentically autographed and can be shipped worldwide with no issues. There are MANY wrestling stories and top ten lists included with delicious, easy to execute recipes so it is much more than just a cookbook. I invite you to order yours today. Let's GRILL!!   Overall, I enjoyed Monday Night RAW. Here are some of the standout moments for me:   @WWEDanielBryan vs. @WWERollins was one of the best bouts on RAW in many moons. This was excellent from start to finish, an announcer's dream really, and is a great match for NXT athletes or those wanting o make it to WWE Development to study. Both the winner and the loser improved their perception and enhanced their personas when this match ended.  Orton/Bryan dynamic. I'm intrigued. Anxious to see how it plays out.  AJ Lee's impassioned promo was her best ever, for my BBQ sauce anyway, & her segment with Kaitlyn was the most compelling Diva segment that I can recall in quite some time.  John Cena's promo. Loaded with passion and realism. Cena seemed genuinely pissed. Passion sells tickets and PPV's.  Wyatt Family video #3. Another great, creative production building anticipation for the pending debut of Bray Wyatt and his "Family." It doesn't bother me when fans on Twitter @JRsBBQ compare Bray Wyatt with Waylon Mercy no more than it did when fans compared Waylon Mercy to 'Cape Fear's' Sam Cady. Older fans can still remember Ric Flair being compared to Buddy Rogers way back in the day. More recently, or Goldberg compared to Austin or Ryback compared to Goldberg.    Product placement. I enjoyed the Vickie/Maddox/Mr McMahon bit 'sponsored' by Hardee's. Got to say that I was envious as I wish I could afford a JR's BBQ sauce piece of business such as Hardee's bought here during the heart of grilling season. Funny stuff nonetheless.   Antonio Cesaro. Had the best, short Sin Cara match that I can recall and got a nice win in the process. I'm a fan of Cesaro's work and feel he can evolve into a main event level talent in WWE. Cesaro's skill set is loaded with subtle things which arguably makes one take a longer route to reach the top. Cesaro's another talent that I would covet if I ever started a wrestling territory....which I'm not.   Dolph Ziggler. Happy to see the World Champ back. @HeelZiggler return lacked typical Ziggler flair but I'm sure that he will more than make up for that perception come Sunday in Chicago on PPV. WWE getting Ziggler back is timely to say the least.   Ring bell. Got a kick out of the ring bell and Justin Roberts' mic being held hostage for a time. Roberts got more face time that the King and I used to get on some of the RAW's back in the day. :) There's obviously a reason for that....as I look in the mirror. Jericho vs. Punk. Hopefully these two will deliver the goods Sunday based on the hype the hardcore fans are demanding and predicting. I'm not backing away from what I said a week or so ago...this match will be challenging to follow because the crowd's emotional investment for their hometown hero will be so organically passionate...and loud.  Zeb. Enjoyed his, at times, all over the road commentary when he joined Cole, JBL and King. Zeb offered a dissenting point of view and whether one agreed with Zeb or not, it was unique and entertaining. It added to the sound track of the broadcast.  I am more interested in buying Payback on PPV this Sunday than I was before RAW aired even though I never miss a WWE PPV.  http://www.americansoda.co.uk has a superb package of JR's products that includes an authentically signed Topps Trading card included for FREE. Check that deal out and follow @americansoda.  If you are tiring of grilling chicken breasts, I suggest using skinless, chicken thighs. I'm hooked and they only have to be seasoned with one ingredient, JR's All Purpose Seasoning and you are done. That's FACT. Sometimes I brush on JR's BBQ sauce about 2 minutes before the grilling concludes but the grilled thighs with the only the seasoning is a hit.  If @TimTebow, for some reason, fails to make it in New England, I'm sure that I can get him a tryout in WWE Developmental. Roll your eyes if you choose but there's a TV rating and a PPV number in that concept notwithstanding all the media that it would generate. Plus, Tebow could be a valuable member of the WWE team doing community service projects in addition to learning to perform inside the ring.  Tebow might rival John Cena as the most polarizing talent ever in WWE. JR's 1st Ever Spoken Word tour update.....As I write this we only have about 20 VIP tickets for our Manchester event remaining. Over half of ALL seats are sold for all our events in the UK including Cardiff, London, Manchester and Glasgow. As a matter of fact, London has less than 30 tickets total remaining for our late, August show there. For ticket info and general event info go to http://www.psievents.eventbrite.com/ . Hit http://www.wweshop.com for the $12.99 JR's Cookbook deal that ships worldwide. It's more than just a cookbook as it has tons of wrestling content and every copy is signed by yours truly.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.      @JRsBBQ                    
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 WWE Payback has a WrestleMania type feel to it with Punk vs Jericho in an  equivalent to a dream match slot. And every championship is on the line inside 1 PPV. I will miss hearing JR saying at the start of the PPV "With 5 championships on the line but perhaps none more personal than the emotionally charged 3 stages of hell match between defending WWE champion John Cena & the hungry challenger Ryback" Payback is a complete & essential ppv which has the potential to be the most talked about June PPV in years. WWE is doing everything right in every possible aspect!
 Not a bit surprised how the fans in Richmond responded to the outstanding Bryan/Rollins match.  The Mid-Atlantic fans always were some of the very best and know great wrestling when they see it. 
 I think this site was made for me: wrestling: new and old, BBQ, MMA, football and my favorite announcer of all time. The Wyatt promos are something I don't think I've ever seen before in wrestling. There is a topical entertainment value to them. The film type used, the montage look and menacing narrative remind me of "Justified" and "Sons of Anarchy". The "Cape Fear" call is spot on. I hope the company throws them into equally real world, gritty angles. I think, provided they can work, those guys can go in any direction they want.  What more can you say about Daniel Bryan. He's on the Curt Hennig level where you know every match he has will be worth watching. He could, "have a match with a broom" and it would still captivate the crowd, regardless of the story line. I am off to procure some of the fine BBQ products from this site. As a good Kansas boy, I am always interested in new BBQ/smoking gear. I wonder if the cookbook has any interesting brining recipes.
WWE has a situation to deal with. Daniel Bryan is more over than their stale cash cow. What to do ? What to do  ? 
I wish an up-coming wrestling talent would be compared to Jerry Lawler, in-ring style, commentary style, even commentating while wrestling has never been done again.  We may never see his style again, & nobody else mixes commentary with general chat-like quips like you 2 ( King during a Goldust match "hey JR did you ever see that movie?...." ).  in my opinion as WWE's called Entertainment, why not mix it up a bit !  I doubt it but wish Chris Jericho would bring Fozzy in his mic work & i doubt there'll ever be a country music wrestling star like double J Jeff Jarrett.  Tho  Raw monday night was brilliant!!!! my kinda matches,  hope to see more of this that got me hooked on WWE as a kid! :-)