RAW Tonight Has to Deliver, RINGSIDE SHOW UPDATES, Ross Report Podcast Debuts Wed, @CMPunk, @TheMarkHenry vs. George Zimmerman, Busted Open Radio, Q&A's Updated

Greetings everyone! Thanks for stopping by and let's kick this thing off without further delay.

Been working on some new material for RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross that I think fans will enjoy. Tickets are welling well at ticketmaster.com for the Saturday march 1 shows at the Gramercy Theater in New York City. Shows start at 4 and 8 pm. All ages welcome.

The New Orleans shows are an 'unofficial' kickoff to WM30 week and will be held at the House of Blues, @HOBNOLA, on Thursday April 3 at 6:30 and 9:30 pm.  This show is for audiences 18 and above due to NOLA liquor laws.

In addition to ticketmaster.com, tickets for RINGSIDE are also available at the respective box offices. We plan on having some JR's products on hand plus a new, event T Shirt and some new, @RobSchamberger art work that I will be signing for the VIP ticket holders in the Meet and Greet portions of the shows.

This Wednesday is the long awaited debut of my new podcast, The Ross Report, with special guest @steveaustinBSR. We cover lots of ground in this one and I hope that you will download it for FREE at podcastone.com or via ITunes. A new show will drop every Wednesday. These shows are PG13 and suitable for fans of all ages.

Fielding more opportunities to do more speaking on college campuses this fall. Of course, it can't interfere with Sooner Football. :)

WWE really needs to hit a home run on RAW this week to build some much needed momentum for the Elimination Chamber. During a three hour RAW broadcast there is SO much info disseminated that it's challenging for any viewer of the three hour broadcast to leave the show at signoff and remember every thing that has been thrown at them. 15 commercial breaks doesn't help matters but that's simply the way it is and is not WWE's fault.   

One suggestion would be to provide their info/news while doing their announcer on cameras (King would love that) and with more through use of graphics. If one 'sees' the info while 'hearing' the same it is more likely to be remembered. To over sell during a match can create a disconnect.

Certainly the point has been made in recent weeks that Orton, WWE World Heavyweight Champion is beatable and Mr. RKO surviving the Elimination Chamber is unlikely.

Or is it?

Match I'd like to see at WM30....@TheMarkHenry vs. George Zimmerman. The entrance would last longer than the match.

Many have asked but I'm unaware of any new, @CMPunk news. I'm still hopeful that a mutually agreed upon resolution can be worked out sooner than later. I'd love to see Punk steal the show at WM30 and then chill for as long as it takes to get him back on WWE TV in a win-win scenario. If Punk wanted to take off until WM31, simply plan for it. The guy is too talented, has had a tremendous amount of TV time, etc invested in him and the roster is too thin to not see Punk back at some point. 

I know if I ever do a show in Chicago I'd LOVE for CM Punk to be my special guest/MC and grill me with questions. Maybe we could take in a Cubs game and eat at Lisa Varon's Squared Circle eatery while in the Windy City.

As I've said Punk is a favorite of mine and I'd have loved to see him back in the day as one of Cowboy Bill Watts bookers.  

Still of the mindset that the upcoming RAW in Chicago should be a fun show to watch for viewers as the rowdy, live audience generally always enhances a broadcast and more often than not in a positive way. It's merely a matter of being able to call audibles and being honest with the viewers.

I truly believe that a large part of life is about turning negatives into positives.

Although I am no longer affiliated with WWE, I can't logically understand why any wrestling fan, unless they simply can't afford the approximate 35 cents a day, wouldn't want to try the WWE Network for 6 months at a cost of $9.99 per month. I'm ordering it w/o question. I don't have copies of all the WCW PPV's that I did that I'd like to go back and listen to again. 

Gerald Brisco is in Columbus, Ohio scouting for WWE at a major amateur wrestling event. Gerald and I are attending the NCAA Division 1 Nationals in OKC in March....GB as a WWE scout and me as a fan. BTW it was in Columbus, Ohio that I was 'grilled as in BBQ'ed' by Kane AND had a cinder block busted over my head in another losing effort to Eric Bischoff which left me defeated and bloody. In other words, a normal in ring outing for Ol J.R. :)

As a matter of fact, I lost to Eric on this date, February 17, 2003 in a no disqualification match on RAW. Another typical, 'cow on ice' performance by yours truly.

I'm going to be in studio for Busted Open Radio Wednesday February 26 in NYC. I'm sure that we will be taking some of your calls.

The ESPN E60 piece that is going to air soon re: the WWE Performance Center should really be good. ESPN had virtual, unlimited access on multiple days of shooting at NXT. ESPN has hours of footage to utilize.

Getting ready to help launch a website that will feature several new, JR's T Shirts. More info coming soon.

Interesting match tonight on RAW featuring @RandyOrton vs. @WWESheamus. I've been impressed with Sheamus' aggressiveness since returning from shoulder surgery. Fans can gravitate much easier to talents who exude physicality and the Irishman does that.

As I've said many times, if one is going to miss in the ring do it while being physical, intense and not doing move or maneuvers that one hasn't mastered. Be logical....be rugged...and don't over think the process.

http://www.wweshop.com just ordered more JR's products so business has picked up on the JR's front at WWEShop.com.

If you are on Twitter I'd love for you to follow me @JRsBBQ.

Boomer Sooner!

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