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A tornado free day in Oklahoma which is a blessing for all that have suffered through Mother Nature's wraith the past couple of weeks. Yep, I'm in the market for a tornado shelter as I'm not ready to tap and move from my home state just yet. Good luck to the Oklahoma University Women's Softball team who are playing Tennessee for the national title in OKC. Now...Let's Grill!     It would seem that tonight's three hour, live Monday Night Raw broadcast will start out hot considering the stiffer than usual competition on cable TV specifically the NBA Playoffs Game 7. I'm curious to see what is first out of the gate so to speak on RAW and how it spreads through the three hours.  Curious to see what the follow up is regarding HHH and Curtis Axel as young Axel and his representative Paul Heyman have already, figuratively, notched their guns listing HHH as a victim. Winning via the form that occurred is technically a victory but pinning someone or making them submit provides a deeper notch in one's 'gun.' With that said, I'm still a firm believer that Axel can and will become a main event player in WWE. The son of Mr. Perfect is not nearly as good as he is going to be and with Heyman in the third generation star's ear bigger paydays lie ahead. It's not going to happen over night which will automatically turn some fans off. Duh.   Having @HeymanHustle in one's corner within the genre is the closest thing to having Bobby Heenan in his prime and considering that I feel that 'The Brain' was the best ever that is high praise. Before all is said and done, Paul Heyman may go down in history as the greatest, most successful wrestling manager of all time. That story has yet to be written but one can see where it apparently is heading.  It's hard to fathom that Heyman and I were broadcast partners in the late 80's in WCW when I lobbied the many powers that be for Paul to join me on the broadcasts.  Paul was such an enigma to some of the power brokers that they were happy to get him out of their hair, so to speak, and let me have him. I never regretted that decision and I thought that we always brought out the best in each other.       Many fans think that John Cena is not long for the WWE Title and that Ryback is too strong, too hungry and too relentless to lose two falls to Cena at Payback in Chicago on PPV coming up soon. If Cena survives Chicago, I will be mildly shocked. I could definitely see Ryback rolling into Summer Slam as the WWE Champion.   No one had a better, more impactful overall performance last week on RAW, for my money, than Daniel Bryan who I feel is the best technical wrestler on the WWE roster right now. I'm obviously a big Daniel Bryan fan and the more I see of him on RAW the better that I like it. He's living proof that if one is highly skilled and professional in and out of the ring that an apparent lack of size isn't always a deterrent. If I had five draft picks in today's marketplace to take to start a wrestling territory, Daniel Bryan would be one of them. For the record. the last that that I want to be is a wrestling promoter followed closely by a storm chaser. Speaking of top 5 draft picks in my 'imaginary' territory, @CMPunk would be on that exclusive list too as the question remains will Punk appear on RAW tonight? I have no idea but I'd love to see Punk remain 'mysteriously' absent from TV until his music plays in Chicago at Payback when he faces Chris Jericho in a match that well could steal the PPV. Grilled some Chicken Sausages this weekend and finished them off on the grill, as in the last couple of minutes that they were grilling,  with some JR's Main Event Mustard and the combination of the honey mustard and Jalapeno added a ton of taste and 'personality' to the healthy entrees.   Thinking of going to the OU Women's Softball game tonight up in OKC as they are playing Tennessee for the National Championship in a best of three series. The #Sooners are loaded and have arguably one of the best teams ever in collegiate softball. I'm a big fan of #OU sports and that includes the ladies. Thanks goodness for DVR if I go or not. Tickets for our shows in the UK are selling rapidly as the Sunday August 25 London event has fewer than 100 ticket remaining & the VIP tickets for the private meet and greet there sold out the first day in a few hours.   I've never been to Wales and look forward to the Cardiff show at the Cardiff Hilton Hotel on Saturday August 24 which will technically be my first one man show ever any where in the world. VIP tickets and regular tickets are still available for Cardiff. All seats are very limited.   The Monday August 26 event in Manchester is at the world famous, Manchester Comedy Store of which I am very excited to take their esteemed stage. VIP and regualr tickets are still available but are going fast I'm told.   Tickets for all three shows can be purchased at http://www.psievents.eventbrite.com/ but they are going fast so I suggest that you pull the trigger sooner than later. I guarantee you that you will have a good time, get a few laughs,  learn a couple of things about the sports entertainment biz, and leave with some tools that you can use in your every day life that have helped me live my dreams...and I'm still living them by using those same tools. These shows will be family friendly even though I tend to get a little excited occasionally but will do my best to monitor my language.  We are working with our UK distributor http://www.americansoda.co.uk to have JR's products on hand at each event for your purchase. You can follow Manchester's American Soda on Twitter @americansoda.  I hope that you will consider visiting http://www.wweshop.com for all your grilling and Father's Day needs. Consider picking up one of our package deals that provides a super variety of our products and makes a great gift idea.  Thanks, as always, for dropping by our site. come back again.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.    @JRsBBQ                     
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Bobby Heenan being the greatest manager of all time is a definite true statement. I would like to add to that also by including colour commentator.

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