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Hopefully everyone is having a great weekend and thank for stopping by our website. We have plenty of $20 tickets still available for our RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross Show in San Jose on Saturday March 28 at 1 pm via ticketweb.com plus tickets will also be available at the venue the day of the event. All the VIP Meet & Greet tickets are sold out.

General thoughts from here and there....

Big night tonight in Dallas for UFC with many of my OU friends attending. Should be a helluva show on PPV. UFC provides one of the very best live event experiences that I've every attended as evidenced by the recent @RondaRousey headliner in LA.

The premier of the hilarious film What Now? that we attended Tuesday evening in LA was a huge success and the film will be available on VOD on all major cable systems on April 3. It has a ton of subtle an not so subtle pro wrestling references in it that I think fans will enjoy. Plus, DDP Jake the Snake Roberts, XPac and yours truly all are in it. I hope that you will support our efforts and watch it when it becomes available. It's about four, life long wrestling fans who become engaged in social media/online dating and the misadventures that ensue.

Speaking of LA if you want a great hotel stay if you're there in  a spectacular location on Willshire Blvd try the Palomar Hotel.

Thought Impact Wrestling Friday night was one of their best TV shows in a good while and arguably the best wrestling show of the TV week. If TNA simply keeps their talk managed and succinct while focusing on what their talents do best and that's wrestle they are going to be line over the long haul IMO.  It's not that their talents can't promo but today's audiences generally don't want to have to listen to the 'never ending promos' that are over scripted and over thought. Kudos to Rockstar Spud & EC3 on a compelling performance.

Funny how some who sent me questions at or Q&A's can't figure out why I don't respond to them after they dog cuss me for expressing an opinion. Surely, our world can't be becoming so cynical that we are criticized for expressing one's opinion after being asked for it.

Hoping to get a good 90 minutes of No Holds Barred  Q&A's into our March 28 show. Should be fun, unpredictable and diverse with so many fans from around the world in the house.

My management team's plan for me is to do play by play gigs in 2015 but likely none or very little in pro wrestling. No door is closed but there are simply more options in boxing and MMA.

WWEShop.com has restocked their shelves with JR's products and they will be back on their site soon. My thanks to all who continue to support us and make it challenging to keep up with the demand for our home grown recipes.

Our friends at americansoda.co.uk have just placed another order and the Manchester, England based partner will be receiving their next shipment soon. JR's is selling brilliantly in the UK and Ireland.  @americansoda  will be at the huge London Wrestlecon I'm going to be a part of in June.

Flying to San Jose via @SouthwestAir for our March 28 event and am counting on them to get us back to OKC in time to catch WrestleMania on the @WWENetwork.

I'm going live this Monday night on the @TonyBrunoShow podcast. It's live so nothing can go wrong.

We are getting some amazing feedback on our Ross Report Podcast with @RealMelina this week especially from women. I hope that you will check it out as Melina is brutally honest and opens her heart for all to hear. Download for free at podcastone.com and iTunes or listen to it right here on the home page of our site.

This Tuesday at 9 pm ET my convo with @JimCornette will drop on the Ross Report and will be a far cry from my visit with Melina. JC's uproariously funny and outspoken....just as we like him.

If you are a promoter or venue manager and would  like to host & promote a RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross Show please email Barry Bloom, barry@bravermanbloom.com.   Serious inquiries only, please.

I think fans should give Roman Reigns an opportunity to prove himself on the big stage at WrestleMania vs. Brock Lesnar. Wouldn't shock me to see Lesnar win the match even though Reigns is the favorite because of the unknown status of Lesnar's WWE contractual arrangement.

Q&A's here are updated. Some still challenging me about my early comments on the Bill DeMott matter. Understand this....I do NOT condone bullying, racism or discrimination of any kind. I am interested, however, in hearing all the facts.

We are planning on having a RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross Show in Brooklyn prior to Summer Slam if all goes as planned.

Great day for gilling in Oklahoma and that's my next stop after the gym.

We appreciate everyone's support in our many projects. Be well and take care of each other and remember that our tomorrow' are not guaranteed.

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.     @JRsBBQ