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The lame, finger pointing within our nation's government is predictably boorish and cowardly. I have no faith in politicians right now, no matter their party affiliation.

I have a finger for them and it doesn't signify that they are #1.

Big test at home for my Sooners this Saturday night when a well coached, talented, TCU team rolls into Norman for a key, Big 12 game. OU fans shouldn't look past this one and I'd be leery of laying too many points. Too many fans are already talking about the annual, Red River Rivalry Game next week in Dallas versus arch rival Texas. That's not a good thing.

Loved the Rhodes Family in ring interaction Monday night and am amazed at how it is to still easy to create a meaningful, personal issue if it is largely based on logic and common sense.

This vehicle will hopefully elevate Cody Rhodes to the next level when all is said and done and I expect Sunday's tag bout vs. The Shield to be really good. If it isn't, then all involved have missed a great opportunity. The table is set. 

I saw an online poll where 70+% of those voting hope that Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Title Sunday. I'd agree. The underdog can only remain an unsuccessful underdog for so long until the fan base begins to slowly migrate away and to someone who they feel can achieve the success the fans crave.

No one in the biz is better at this time, bell to bell, than Daniel Bryan plus his promo work has greatly improved over his tenure in WWE. Bryan's time is now, to steal a phrase from John Cena.

Perhaps Sunday will be a PPV that WWE performers will enhance their own professional sense of urgency and raise their games no matter their role or the time in which they have to appear on the main stage. I'd like to see more talents take a firmer grasp on the ownership of their own personas and, please, don't tell me that has every thing to do with their 'push.' It doesn't.

WWE Battleground Sunday on PPV is a crucial event for WWE to build momentum and to forward some very crucial storylines. Next up then is the Survivor Series and then it will be Royal Rumble and WrestleMania 30 before you know it. It's crunch time for game planning.  

I have great admiration for the RAW announce team, they are all men that I respect and consider to be friends. Michael Cole does what few men, if any, in the lead role could do in today's world of sports entertainment. Cole's responsibility to distribute  info and the amount of info is startling. Could JBL be more of an antagonist? John could for my taste but John is a great addition to the broadcast team with his intelligent and topical references. The King is The King....a WWE HOFer. However, when these men are encouraged to talk about matters that are unrelated to any significant to what I'm seeing on the screen it becomes a disconnect for me. If I am watching the TV and my eyes are processing what I am seeing but audibly I am hearing another story then which source of info do I process and retain?

I know times have changed since my 'heyday' but I feel, rightly or wrongly, that some fundamental matters don't change. When the video and the audio combine to create that memorable 'tag team,' then a sports entertainment/pro wrestling broadcast creates 'moments' and lasting memories. Actually that goes for any entity including NFL and UFC.

The Steve Austin podcast with Joey Styles is very good. I'd strongly suggest that you check it out. Steve's podcasts are one of the highlights of my week. If you haven't checked them out you're missing out on some great stuff. Joe was really entertaining on part one of his time with Austin. Steve's interview skills are evolving excellently.  

Beginning to go through years and years of notes, especially from my time with Bill Watts and in WWE as I casually prepare to think 'autobiography.' This book getting done is largely dependent on the 'Deal' and me having the final say on the edit. I never realized that I had SO many notes from meetings, telephone calls, emails, etc so I assume that me being a 'data hoarder' isn't such a bad thing now. Many yellow, legal pads to sift through.

If you mix our JR's Chipotle Ketchup with sweet pickle relish and our Main Event Mustard you create an amazing burger or hot dog spread or simply a great topping for any sandwich.

Same goes for mixing the mustard with either JR's Original or Hot BBQ sauce. You create your own, new flavor profile.

I've been enjoying writing down story ideas not only for a potential book deal but also for the launching of a series of one man shows in 2014. That, too, is a work in progress, but writing and creating 'material' for it has been fun. 

It's interesting watch UFC's TUF18 on Fox Sports 1 w/o commentary on the fights. It actually is enjoyable and certainly allows one to not be preconditioned and to form one's own opinions on the action. With no soundtrack there is one message to process and enjoy.

I enjoy the behind the scenes content from TUF and will continue to do so until I sense that it's overly staged. Same goes for any reality show.

That matter then throws them into the category of 'bad acting' which we see too often on pro wrestling shows. Natural, organic and then dancing with who "brung" you will always resonate best to a TV viewer.

Getting excited about fellow Oklahoman Johnny Hendricks shot at superstar Georges St. Pierre coming up in a few weeks on PPV. I'm a lean for the native Okie but how can one not respect GSP? Even with all the great, UFC main events left on this year's calendar, this fight might be the best of the litter. Anxious to see the pace that the ring savvy, GSP dictates. How much sizzle can UFC add to this matchup? More on that soon.  

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when you say " I'd like to see more talents take a firmer grasp on the ownership of their own personas" & then "when these men [commentators] are encouraged to talk about matters that are unrelated to any significant to what I'm seeing on the screen it becomes a disconnect for me." imo few grab my interest even to stop me making coffee, so hearing unrelated convo on Raw in the background means i've not missed much on my return to the sofa
Hi there JR - Ted Dibiase - one of the greatest workers of all time in my opinion was discussing the early days of his career (i.e doing a lot of traveling and getting that "in the car coaching.." you have mentioned.) Question: To harken back to the days and methods of a long time ago doesnt seem relevant for todays performers..Do you think its appropo for the superstars of the past to be holding todays athletes to the standard they had back in their day?
YES!!! I am glad someone of your stature finally commented on the off topic subjects of the announcers. It reminds me of Mike Tenay during the WCW heyday who would talk about the main event ALL NIGHT long while completely ignoring what is happening in the ring. It was always great with you at the announce table because like you mentioned, I had an incredible combination of what I was seeing and hearing. Unless it's a match involving John Cena or one of the other top guys in the company, it's like they don't care about the match. I might as well turn the volume down on my tv during matches.
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