RINGSIDE in NYC a Hit!, Chicago RAW Thoughts, Mauro Ranallo on Ross Report, JR's Products at WWE Store at WM30

Thought I was leaving the cold weather behind in NYC and I get home and it's 10 degrees in Oklahoma. Hope everyone's Monday is going well as we refrain from burning any more daylight.....

 My sincere thanks to all the great people who helped make RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross in NYC a success.  We had great crowds at the Gramercy Theater and everyone seemed to have fun. This is a new project for me and one that I'm endeavoring to make better every time out.

I know that we will never be able to make everyone happy but I remain diligent to do the best shows that I possibly can.

Next up...the House of Blues in the French Quarter in New Orleans on Thursday April 3 with shows at 6:30 and 9:30 pm both followed by VIP ticket holder meet and greets. Tickets are available now at the @HOBNOLA box office and at http://www.ticketmaster.com. If you're coming to WM30 I hope that you will add our event to your schedule. I'd love to see you there.

I had so much fun in NYC including appearing on the Busted Open radio show, my pal Sam Roberts You Tube show, doing the legendary radio duo of Opie and Anthony's radio show and then finishing off the week at ESPN in Bristol.

ESPN is an amazing place and the atmosphere and work environment is truly terrific. Everyone seems to love their work and I was welcomed there with open arms. I couldn't have been treated any better. Many corporations can learn from the attitude that I witnessed Friday in Bristol.

It was great seeing my old friend The Coach but I missed Todd Grisham who was away doing boxing.

Was thrilled to be interviewed extensively for an upcoming E60 piece ESPN is doing on the WWE Performance Center which I 'think' may air in April at some point. It's going to be an awesome feature as ESPN was provided amazing access.

The staff of Fox Sports 1 'The Crowd Goes Wild' were amazing to me and I had a blast with them on Friday's show. I'd love to do more things like that for Fox. The young, crew at Fox Sports 1 are living the dream and I was thrilled to be a small part of it.  

Should be an interesting RAW tonight from Chicago as it relates to continuing to build WM30. I'm still of the belief that the full card and the ongoing creative for WM30 will remain fluid through the last RAW of the build to the biggest event of the year in WWE.

Obviously, many fans are speculating that CM Punk will be back on RAW Monday night from his hometown in Chicago. Whether Punk is back or not, if I'm WWE I'm embracing the opportunity to produce a three hour show in front of one of the most passionate and enthusiastic audiences in the world.

Just let things unfold as they will and roll with it, would be my suggestion. To over think how any crowd will or won't respond is fruitless to my way of thinking. If WWE tries to lead the audience, I'm thinking that will be a mistake.

I think that Punk, one of my favorite wrestlers ever, and I've seen a few, should return and fulfill his contractual obligations which end in July but I'm not him. I don't walk in his shoes.  Punk is so talented that he can make any situation entertaining and a potential, show stealing moment. Leaving good money laying on the table isn't prudent or this old schooler who values a dollar.

Great seeing my friends Tommy Dreamer and Joey Styles at my early show in NYC and my old pal Mick Foley, a future Ross Report Podcast guest, at the evening show. Thanks for coming guys...I owe you. 

An old timer told me in the 70's, "Kid if you can count the number of true friends that you have when you leave this business on one hand you will be lucky as hell." At the time, I felt like that was a morbid statement but as the years have rolled on, that old timer was pretty, damn accurate.

Spent approximately three hours doing the Paul Heyman DVD interview in Stamford on Thursday plus some other really cool, WWE Network interviews.

http://www.wweshop.com has a full stock of JR's products at their website with an entire page devoted to our goods. Plus, JR's products will be available at the WWE Store at WM30 in NOLA.

Spent several hours updating and reading all the questions that rolled into our site. I've asked several times to please make them more succinct but to no avail. The really long questions are being read and then deleted. I'm happy to take the time out of my day to address the Q&A's but please make them more succinct. Good questions shortened up are most desired.

Spring is going to finally arrive some day and when it comes will you be stocked up with JR's products?

This week's Ross Report Podcast which you can download for FREE late Tuesday or anytime Wednesday at podcastone.com or ITunes features a great conversation with former wrestling manager and broadcaster, MMA play by play man and current voice of Showtime Championship Boxing, my Canadian friend and the bi polar rock 'n roller Mauro Ranallo. If you have any aspirations about becoming a broadcaster or are just curious about that role on TV be sure and listen to this one.  

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. Always count your blessings and remember that tomorrow's aren't guaranteed.

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.      @JRsBBQ



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I was thinking recently of a former wrestler who worked here in the Pacific Northwest about 25 years ago, a young rookie by the name of Joey Jackson. He was a good looking kid, long flowing blond hair, decent physique, about 225-230lbs billed weight, decent skills if unmemorable, I watched him every saturday night wrestling at the Portland Sports Arena, working the lower cards and slowly building his skills up, until he was finally given his opportunity to shine when he was partnered in a tag match with PNW ringleader Rip "The Crippler" Oliver. I can't remember the match itself or who they faced, but I still remember the pre-match interview. There was Jackson and Oliver flanking interviewer/commentator Don Koss, Don gave the intros and set-up, then turned to Rip Oliver who delivered his bad-guy shpeel like only a veteran professional can. Then he turned the microphone to Joey Jackson, who proceeded to mumble about how the audience members and the balding Don Koss in particular needed combs. Several seconds of akward silence followed while Koss tried thinking how to get the train back on the tracks, I don't think Jackson ever got interviewed ever again, and personally I would've loved to be the fly on the wall in the locker room when Oliver and Don Owens got Jackson back to the back. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a pleasant conversation. I bring this up because in recent weeks the subject of who the best talkers in wrestling history. It's an old and oft-discussed topic as you well know. We've all seen the short-lists of Dusty, Bockwinkel, Piper, Jake the Snake, Cornette, etc. But then I started thinking about the opposite side of the coin, the worst talkers. I've heard many bad interviews besides Joey and his combs, many wrestlers who couldn't win a verbal fight with a six-year-old. But I want to ask you this: You've interviewed practically everyone in the ring, all the greats and the not-so-greats, were there any interviews that stood out as particularly cringeworthy?

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