RINGSIDE Shows Near, Fox Sports Looks at Wrestlemania, Big, PPV Weekend, ROSS REPORT Podcast has Great Debut, Q&A's Updated

Thanks for stopping by our website and supporting our many projects. It's hard to believe that my first RINGSIDE: An Evening with Jim Ross shows in New York City at the Gramercy Theater is just over a week away! Ticket info for NYC and NOLA shows are available here on the site. Ticketmaster.com has your tickets. We're burning daylight.....

Our team is very happy with the results of the first Ross Report podcast that dropped this week. Thanks to the efforts of Steve Austin and Podcast One and, of course, many of you, our first venture into Podcasting was a hit. 

We had some audio issues that will be evident on the first two shows but after that we will good to go. It's my responsibility to make every show better than the last and I can assure you that I won't phone any thing in and hope that you will come along on this journey with us.

We have some great guests lined up for future shows including Trish Stratus, Mauro Ranallo, Mick Foley, Lita, Scott Hall, and ESPN's Robert Flores among many others.

BTW...next week in NYC I will be hitting the media outlets that I can promoting the Saturday March 1 RINGSIDE shows. ESPN-NY, Busted Open Radio, Hot 97, Opie and Anthony, a visit with Sam Roberts and more including a live appearance next Friday February 28 on Fox Sports Crowd Goes Wild.

I'm working on a three part series on WrestleMania that will be up in a few weeks on FoxSports.com. Doing ample research on WM 1-8 and reviewing the rest as I came to WWE for WM9 which was my first assignment for WWE.

Not sure that I would be as motivated to watch TNA tonight or Friday Night Smackdown if I succumb to reading the "Spoilers." As you know the only "Spoiler" that I enjoy are the memories of the work done by the late, Don Jardine who's in every conversation that one can have regarding the best masked wrestlers of all time.

I rode with Don some in the 70's as he drove big cars like the old school Buick or Oldsmobile and allowed no food, beverages or smoking in his car which is why he usually had room for a passenger. Don also listened religiously to classical music while driving. I learned great deal from Don on those car trips in the Mid South territory about the psychology of the wrestling business.

Car trips together and the camaraderie that could be build in a wrestling territory can greatly enhance the development of talent. With no more territories, that theory has to be replicated in other ways. The smart, young talents should realize that the more time that they spend with their peers or others committed to the TV Wrestling biz the better.  

Working on talking to my old friend MVP on the Ross Report soon. We had a great visit this week about many things.

Lots of PPV activity this weekend for one to enjoy. UFC 170 on Saturday is headlined by @RondaRousey and WWE's Elimination Chamber on Sunday which should provide more of a clear picture of what we might see at WM30 in NOLA.

Foodie alert: put a nice drizzle of JR's Main Event Mustard on your baked or broiled fish and let them get to know each other while cooking. Great flavor and very healthy. Works the same on your grill if you put it on the uncooked side to finish off the grilling process. Salmon is one of my favorites and the Main Event Mustard compliments it well.

http://www.wweshop.com has some great packages featuring our Mustard and the other JR's products that they stock. All on one easy to read page. Many packages are less than $10.

If you are coming to NOLA for WM30 week, consider attending one of my two shows on Thursday April 3 at the House of Blues in the historic, French Quarter. The shows start at 6:30 and 9:30 pm and one has to be 18 to attend @HOBNOLA due to liquor laws.

This is a challenging week for my lovely wife as it's the annual NFL Rookie Combine in Indy. It's my monthly football fix and will tide me over until my Sooners begin practice this spring.  

Good luck to the Sooner alums who will be in the combine.

Just food for thought but the more 'corporate' wrestling organizations become the more they should remember that the best feedback they can receive isn't from focus groups or the opinion from executives who aren't passionate about the biz or students of the game. The best feedback one can receive is from the paying customers who are sitting in the arenas.

Always remember that an empty seat speaks volumes.

The Q&A's here on the site are updated as of lunch time on Thursday here in good, Ol Norman, Oklahoma.

Please consider following me on Twitter @JRsBBQ as we are well north of 1M followers. Join me for the ride.

Have a great day and seriously consider doing something nice for others without being asked. You'll feel better....guaranteed.

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.     @JRsBBQ 




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You have been asked a million times what your favorite match was. I get that there were too many to list. Here is an easy question (I hope). Which is your favorite championship belt? Me, personally is the original Big Gold Belt. The fact that is still around in an updated form is amazing. 28 years I think.

the Lou Thesz classic, NWA championship. 

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