RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross in Knoxville This Thursday Night at The International, Justin Roberts on Ross Report Podcast This Week, Too Many Divas, Tim Tebow to WWE?, Order JR's online in North America, UK and Ireland, Q&A's Updated

Big week for yours truly as I will be doing media most of the week in Knoxville for to create awareness for RINGSIDE  w/ Jim Ross Show in Knoxville Thursday night at the International at 8 pm. VIP meet & Greet will start at 6pm and the show starts at 8.  Tickets are available at www.ticketweb.com starting at only $20 and will be available at the venue. The capacity is only 450 so don't delay and join me Thursday night for a great time. Tickets are also available in Houston for our Sunday Sept 29-4pm show at Warehouse Live Ballroom just before the WWE's Night of Champions at the Toyota Center which is only a 10 minute walk away from our venue. Our show in Houston will be over in PLENTY of time to make sure that you are at the NOC in ample time to see their entire show. Tickets in Houston are available at www.ticketfly.com starting at $20.

My guest this week on the Ross Report that drops Tuesday night at 9 pm ET is former WWE Ring Announcer Justin Roberts who had a great run in WWE and traveled the world, made some great relationships and is writing a book about his amazing journey. I recorded this interview in London this summer and it is one of our most interesting shows to date as Justin turned the tables and interviewed me for a while. I hope that you will check it out on podcastone.com, iTunes where you can subscribe to the Ross Report for FREE and it will be available on the home page of this website as well. Just is a very positive young man who is now engaged in some vey interesting projects that he will update us on.

I updated the Q&A's here on the site. See if your's made the cut. If they are too long or if you submit the same one multiple times they likely got deleted. We did get some good one nonetheless.

Amazing that some people want me to compare Hulk's untimely remarks to the 3rd degree murder charges filed against Jimmy Snuka. How do I do that? What sense does that question  even make? What am I missing? How can they possibly be in the same ball park.

Our podcast with Josh Barnett is one of my favorite shows to listen to because we cover so many topics that interest me. I hope that you will listen to it if you haven't. Great stuff on pro wrestling, MMA, broadcasting, the legendary Billy Robinson, Harry Smith, Brock Lesnar, CM Punk and so much more.

Proud of the second half my Sooners played Saturday night in Norman in a decisive victory versus Akron. Business will pick up this Saturday evening in Knoxville at Neyland Stadium before over 100,000+ fans as the Vols meet the Sooners. I will be on the Sooners sideline with black hat in tow on a game that ESPN will broadcast lead my  my pal Brad Nessler on the mic.

If I were in Baltimore tonight for RAW I'd damn sure be eating dinner at Jimmy's Seafood. Best crab cakes in the WORLD!

RAW tonight will feature Sasha Banks vs. Paige tonight from what I read. Give them time to tell a compelling story and it will do wonders for the women's division. Why book the women any differently than the men are utilized?  WWE needs to focus on fewer women and they will get over and then in turn they can help others get over. Right now the division has little marketable identity and is too cluttered but the good news is that there is talent in abundance available to work with.

Still say that in Houston, after my RINGSIDE SHOW  there, that WWE should kick off Night of Champions with Rollins vs. Cena for the US Title and finish the night with Rollins vs. Sting for the WWE Title. Logical, right?

From what I can determine, Wrestlemania Texas will NOT be the Undertaker's final match but the jury is still out on whether it will be Sting's last one. No, I don't see them having a match vs each other there either. Plus, I don't see how WWE gets all the way to April for the Taker vs. Lesnar 'rubber match' if that's in the cards.   

Apparently Lana will be out of commission as it relates to physicality for approximately four months with a wrist injury. Perhaps this will give her time to get her back in those business suits and not what she's been wearing lately. We wish her a speedy recovery.

I was interviewed for the Owen Hart DVD while in Asheville doing some Headlock on Hunger charity work with Ingles Markets. I was asked about broadcasting the night Owen died in 1999 just as my phone was blowing up with the news of Dusty Rhodes death. Not a good day.

Why wouldn't WWE invite Tim Tebow to try out at their Performance Center in Orlando if Tebow was at least curious? I suggested this two years ago and still think the concept has credence. Crazier things have happened before you roll your eyes out of your head. For those that aren't aware of who Tebow is...Google him.

I will be watching the Steve Austin Podcast with Edge and Christian tonight on the WWE Network. Should be a funny show. I vividly remeber signing both guys and never once regretted it. The WWE needs more men like Adam Copeland Jay Reso in their locker room. As a matter of fact, all three guys were signed on my watch. Some days a guy simply gets lucky.

Subscribe to my You Tube channel fo FREE at www.jrsvideos.com.

I encourage everyone who can to buy a Roddy Piper Tee from prowrestlingtees.com as I'm assuming that the normal proceeds go to Roddy's family.

We are close to having JR's in all the Ingles Markets throughout the Southeast, over 200 stores, including in Knoxville where I will be this Wednesday making an appearance.

Enjoyed the Matt Hardy vs. EC3 match Wednesday ni on Impact Wrestling. Solid work that made sense. Heel cheated to win. Easy info to process.

Thought ROH had a good show too on Destination America even though I had watched it locally on OKC Fox Affiliate Fox 25.

Could Samoa Joe be the mystery partner of Ambrose and Reigns at Night of Champions in Houston? Just asking.

Yes, I'd love to handle the play by play of Wrestle Kingdom 10 in January but I'm unaware if it will available on PPV in the States. Does any one know?

www.wweshop.com and www.americansoda.co.uk are great sources to shop for JR's online to  get quick dependable delivery to your home or office.

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