RIP Billy Robinson, Chicago RAW, No Punk..No Hijacking, Mauro Ranallo on Ross Report Podcast, Q&A's Updated

Another great day to be above ground and my thanks to you for stopping by. The daylight is a burning so let's roll...

Lots of random thoughts:

Wonderful to hear that my old pal Paul Bearer also known as Percy Pringle was announced in Chicago as going into this year's class of the WWE Hall of Fame. Very deserving honor and another product of the territory system to be honored. The loyal, Alabama football and George Jones fan will be smiling down from Heaven when he's honored in NOLA.

Ironic that it was the same, Chicago arena that I was announced as a Hall of Fame honoree in 2007 on a night that I will never forget.

Condolences to the family, friends and fans of the UK's Billy Robinson who passed away this week at the age of 74. Mr. Robinson was well known as one of the legit tough guys in the business and was the foremost expert in "Catch Wrestling" in the world. His work that can be found on You Tube is simply amazing.

My conversation with Billy and Dan Hodge in Charlotte a few years ago is one of my career highlights.

RIP, sir.

Enjoyed many aspects of RAW Monday night. No Punk. No hijacking. The WWE folks steered the course just as I had suggested here and at on my show in NYC Saturday night. Seems like many in the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) were pulling for a disruptive show and I'm pleased that did not occur.

For me, the highlight of RAW was the 6 man tag featuring The Shield versus The Wyatt Family. That was one, badass bout and many aspects of the WWE's future was on display. Surprised that Seth Rollins seemingly walked away from his team but time will tell if that will be permanent or not. Somehow, I think not but that's merely one man's assumption.

The six men in the featured tag should feel really good about their efforts. I was very proud of them as I got to know them all when I used to travel down to NXT.

Great promo to start the show by Paul Heyman. Heyman has no equal on the mic in today's business. Who has more animalistic presence than Brock Lesnar? I've got your answer....nobody!

I rally liked the Batista promo on RAW. It sounded real, was succinct, and did not appear that it was just another memorized piece of material.

Liked that the villains kept the heat turned up on Daniel Bryan who was featured prominently on RAW. So prominently, in fact,  that it might actually quiet some vocal fans who, based on some tweets I've received @JRsBBQ and some emails here, don't know as much about building a story line as they would like to believe that they do.

I still believe that Daniel Bryan will walk away from WM30 as one of the primary stars of the event in the Super Dome. Don't bet against DB stealing the show in the Big Easy.  

As Steve Austin said on my podcast, the Ross Report, which drops later today and officially on Wednesday, I'd still not rule out CM Punk's return to WWE in time for a WrestleMania match but my gut feeling is that ship is about to sail. Perhaps it already has.

I'm talking to Mauro Ranallo on this week's podcast about his days as a teenage pro wrestling personality in Vancouver, his time in Calgary with the Hart Family, his days broadcasting Pride Fights, Strikeforce, and now the voice of Showtime Championship Boxing. Great interview especially if one is curious about announcing combat sports. Mauro's story of working daily to overcome his bi polar issues are motivating.

Tickets are selling fast in New Orleans for my two shows on Thursday April 3 at the House of Blues in the French Quarter. Shows are at 6:30 and 0:30 pm and tickets are available at the @HOBNOLA box office and Please join me if you can. This will likely be my only appearance during the much anticipated WrestleMania week in NOLA.

JR's products will be available at our show at the House of Blues and at the WWE Super Store in New Orleans so be sure and get some and save on shipping, etc while you're in NOLA. You can order online as always from as well.

Talking to WWE HOFer Mick Foley this week for a future Ross Report podcast. I'm really looking forward to it.

Expect several changes to be made here soon on our website including how you can order JR's T Shirts.

I've answered many Q&A's here over the past couple of days and I invite you to check them out.

I still don't know why some wrestling websites can't add a link back to our website when they use material from our blogs and Q&A's. Isn't that considered professional courtesy?

Thanks for stopping by and have a great day. Do something nice for someone that you don't know.

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.    @JRsBBQ 


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Jim, I've read your blog before but never posted. You really come of as an a$$hole sometimes. "in fact, that it might actually quiet some vocal fans who, based on some tweets I've received @JRsBBQ and some emails here, don't know as much about building a story line as they would like to believe that they do." I think its plain to see why there's not a lot of activity on your blog posts.
Jim really enjoy your blog and insights every week. I for one have never thought you came acros as an a-hole, just honest and to the point, and I hope that never changes.
The fans didn't hijack the show? They were chanting for CM Punk throughout the show, they were shitting all over most most the matches (Boring and "this is awful" chants were everywhere) and HHH and Stephanie basically had to yell their promos because the crowd was drowning them out. lol Sounds like a hijacking to me. J.R. needs to quit being such a company guy. Seriously, much like Cole and Lawler, J.R. just spins everything into something positive for WWE. He's like Vince's very own FOX News or MSNBC. lol
JR is a great guy and is always going to be a company guy. Nobody here on these blogs responding knows the business like JR would because we have never been in the same position. I am no different and the following are just opinions that I have, but I can tell you that I myself do not agree with what the WWE is doing with the whole WrestleMania card. Maybe it will change, but the Main Event is going to need some kind of makeover. Randy Orton and Batista are not cutting it. What I don't understand is why the WWE chose to tell everyone that Batista was returning to Raw and that he would be entering the Rumble. Why didn't he just come out in the Rumble? The music hitting I think would have created a huge POP! The one thing I don't like about the WWE is that they take a lot of us fans as total idiots that have no idea what is going on. The Batista situation is a good example. If we were looking at the storyline and the storyline only, not knowing the real behind the scenes facts, Batista was last seen on Raw crying in a wheelchair screaming at the top of his lungs that he quit the WWE and didn't want anything to do with them. Then all of a sudden he comes back like he had left as a face of the company. Well duh, for those who remember, he was not a face he was a heel. And to top off the problem, everyone knew he was coming back and that he was almost written to win the Rumble. (Waste of my 44.99/plus taxes and fees) So now that the Bootista chants are coming out and the amount of hatred the universe has for him now the WWE has to change plans. They in turn at this moment of time have dug themselves into a hole with 2 heels Main Eventing the biggest stage of them all. Also its annoying that Batista will go off on fans on Twitter and state that he loves the business and that he only had left due to a spine injury, which is correct, but why yell at the Universe for getting on his case when in fact it was the WWE that put him in that spot by telling in the storyline that he was just a big baby and quit in the middle of the ring. Another annoyance of mine, and yes I am biased, is that they had poisoned our minds to actually think that CM Punk was going to return Monday at Raw in Chicago. Yes, for non CM Punk fans its not the end of the world. But as a CM Punk fan, I am sadly sick that the WWE is still making $$$'s off of CM Punk and not providing us with CM Punks services. While it did grab a lot of fans towards the show by telling us that he was going to be there, it did open a box in which I think just makes the people upset with the WWE worse. Like me. Again, I am not in the business and don't know what is going on, by opinion probably doesn't matter, I am still upset for the wrestlers that bust their asses off everyday and get nothing to show for it at WrestleMania. And are basically told that it is the nature of the game. Well guess what, I am not buying it. The biggest question is, who is going to be your "Big Dog" when John Cena isn't around?? Hogan?? Get real! But what does it matter, a guy who held up the company while Cena was injured and the Rock was making movies working 4 times a year can't get a word in, a pee-on like me is just an ant in the farm.
@ Pepsi-Plunge, maybe you should take that 44.99/plus taxes and fees and use it for English classes. A simple paragraph break now and then would have been far better then then your never ending diatribe. Great blog as always.

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