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Big night on MNR to say the least. Here are some thoughts.....

The WWE hit a home run when they brought back Dwayne Johnson to be the Host of Wrestlemania 27. Who would have been a better choice?

For my one.

Sorry, young Mr. Beiber.

The Rock's Raw closing promo was golden. I smelled money while he was commanding the live audience. My instincts tell me that fans watching at home were just as emotionally invested as were the fans in Anaheim.

Rock created as much magic Monday Night in Anaheim than Walt Disney did on his best day in the same city.

Hopefully, all the talents who were still at the Honda Center locker room area were listening closely to what the Rock said, when he said it, and saw how he was a majestic maestro who had the live audience in the palm of his hand.

One could tell that Rock was enjoying himself. His DNA is 'ring worthy.'

Great promo men over the years had one common denominator. They all could 'feel' the audience.

Rock felt it Monday night.

He once told me that what he always missed most about appearing in WWE was the adrenaline rush that he got from the live audience. Nothing on Earth can replicate that unique feeling for any entertainer/athlete, etc.

Trust me on that one. (Announcers kill for moments like Monday night.)  

Some fans are hammering us on Twitter @JRsBBQ proclaiming that it will be Rock vs. Cena at WM27. That's not what I heard. I heard that Rock was Hosting the event which works very well for me. Will there be some sort of Rock/Cena interaction? Sounds that way to me which is why I'm 'staying tuned.'  

With Rock as the Host of the biggest WWE event of the year inside the Georgia Dome, fans can expect the unexpected.  

WWE and the Rock aren't collaborating at WM27 without the Rock making a significant IMPACT in Atlanta. 

How does the man that Hollywood knows as Dwayne Johnson make an impact w/o wrestling in a match?

Very easily. Rock did it tonight and never laid a hand on anyone.

All I know is that business picked up in WWE Monday night and with all that is planned for WM27 I can't wait to attend the event live.

I expect more huge announcements to come at the Elimination Chamber PPV and soon thereafter as in 2/21/11. 

Emailer...Who is the RAW GM? Answer....I don't know and furthermore I don't care. When we're supposed to know we will. I'm much more interested in the build to WM27 than I ever will be about who the mysterious (not my descriptor) Raw General manager may or may not be. 

Twitter @JRsBBQ....Is the Rock coming back to wrestle full time? That's not what I got out of Raw's most electrifying moment in years Monday night. Rock is making an appearance at WM27 to contribute in a major, likely shocking, way to the biggest WWE PPV of the year. Bottom line regarding this question on Twitter is that I DON'T KNOW but I would doubt it. I'm very excited about Wrestlemania. My black hat's off to WWE. 

Emailer....Is Chris Jericho's 2nd book 'Undisputed' better than Chris' first book, 'A Lion's Tale?' That's like asking me if I like our Original BBQ Sauce better than our HOT BBQ Sauce. Depends on the moment/dish. I loved both of Jericho's books but read the 2nd book much quicker. I really liked 'Undisputed' and was pleasantly surprised at how much detail Jericho went into regarding many backstage dealings in WWE, many of which I was involved. I admire Chris' honesty plus his story telling abilities are superb. Bottom line, I strongly suggest that if you are a fan of the wrestling biz that you read this book ASAP. 

Emailer...Is HBK going into the WWE HOF alone? Of course not. One can surmise that WWE is going to spend all their available TV time promoting the Elimination Chamber this Sunday on PPV and then begin rolling out other 2011 WWE HOF'ers that will be inducted the night before WM27 in Atlanta. I think this class will be stout and the presenters will be impressive. I wouldn't miss this event live for any thing. That reminds me, we need tickets.

I get a kick out of how vilified I am at times on some MMA message boards because "that damn pro wrestling guy" has the audacity to comment on MMA. I think many wrestling fans enjoy MMA plus many MMA fans used to be devout pro wrestling fans if I'm not mistaken. Plus, I'm a big fan. Plan and simply put I am a fan of MMA and enjoy commenting on it. Some people actually enjoy reading my opinions whether they agree with them or not. Producing and critiquing a MMA broadcast isn't that foreign to doing the same thing in the business that I have been a part of since '74. 

Broadcasting is broadcasting even though many within the media, TV, etc  look down their noses at pro wrestling broadcasters because of the individual's insecure bias regarding their views of the show biz based genre. To those folks I say, "Lighten Up Francis."

Our weekend promotion with our HOT BBQ Sauce was a hit. Thanks a million for the business. Please tell a friend about our products and keep us in mind if you need gifts for any occasion. With every order, you'll receive personally autographed swag. 

Going to pay my respects this week to the King's Mom who I thought the world of and who passed away Sunday at 90. If the Good Lord would give me 90 years above ground, I think I would take it in a heart beat. 

Thanks for reading our blog and following us on Twitter @JRsBBQ. Keep those orders coming. Sending out a big order to Steve Austin on Tuesday.....actually to his Lab's a long story. 

Boomer Sooner!


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 Funny thing is about the Cena/Rock thing(outside the ring) is that its nobody's business but their own. Yet everyone talks about it. Whether they're on Cena's side or Rocky's. I can't wait to see the confrontation. Cena needs his roody-poo candy culo beaten all the way through Atlanta.

I love that Rocky used some strong language tonight on the stick. It was good to get some "Attitude" back in the largely "family friendly" programming WWE now produces.

Also love the constant ridiculing of Cole. He's amazing at being hated but I sure wish you were back Mr. Ross. I still wish you could call one of my matches.

And here's something that really got me marking out. The Rock made the crowd chant "Cena sucks" by their own choice. That is KEY to being a great mic worker. Its not just about HAVING charisma. You've got to know how to DELIVER it in a way so that the fans can let their own charisma flow and get those chants going. Rock was always great at that. I wish we could get him and Jericho back in the ring together again just to rip on Cena all day, hahahaha.

Charisma's one of the qualities I've embraced over the years. I can definitely say that The Rock was one of the men who inspired me to be a professional wrestler and a charismatic person in and out of the ring.

On top of that, I'm willing to say that the last 20 minutes of Raw was one of the best moments of Raw in the last few years. Glad we all got to watch it.

Keep on keepin on J.R. I've still got some sauce left so you won't see any orders from me for a long while, but lord knows I can't wait till the next time I've got to use those bottles. -The Prince



Please pass along condolences from I'm sure all WWE fans to the King at this difficult time.  Remind him he has a lot of fans out there thinking about him, and praying for him if he's of that persuasion.


Daniel in the UK

JR I want to send my condounlences to the KING on the passing of his mom.    ROCKY is back.  My highlighted with the Rock when Cole and that annoying RAW GM computer distracted the Rock and ROck went off on Cole and the Computer.  Hope u and King were thier when the peoples champion came back

Loved the "Stripes" reference!!



                               DALE A.

I, like others, am very excited to see the rock and stone cold back on wwe tv. However, what does it tell us about the past year of wwe programming? That is the big picture. Wwe has failed miserably in developing new stars. This so called youth movement is a complete bust. To fail to hire or recognize a prospective talent because of their age is ludicras...especially if they look and move like a nfl linebacker. Then they bring in guys like booker hhh stone cold and the rock. All up there in age and well past the age they want to hire. The big question is. What would wrestle mania look like without the rock hhh and taker? What would tough enough be like without booker t and stone cold? Exactly my point. Guys like morrison, and del rio ,who at 32 or so is far from young by the way. Are simply not stars. Morrison has been around since 2002. He is simply not believeable...the baby oil on the swimmers build along with the high divers in ring work does not and is not making a new stone cold steve austin. Ive spoken to many respectd real stars in pro wrestling and they all feel the same way. $ans will watch mania and tough enough. But for all the wrong reasons... wwe needs change big time

JR, I wish you were doing the commentary for this. With your passion and skill you would have been the perfect accompaniment to the Rocks entrance.

Most of the highest rated comments on youtube videos showing the rock returning yesterday are saying they wished you were on commentary - BAH GAWD, ITS THE ROCK!!!! I think you are the best wrestling commentator ever, though Jerry was really important for you too.

Finally...the Rock has come back! I fugured he might be the host of WM, but never expected him to cut a promo like that. Never mind call out WWE's top Superstar. I agree with one of the previous comments. One of the highlights was when the Rock told Cole he was going to shove the computer up his candy ass. Great stuff! The fact that he said he was never going away leads us to believe he is full time back, but I don't want to get my hopes up. We'll see.

By the way, there were two great matches last night too. Cena vs CM Punk, and the Miz vs Daniel Bryan. One of the best matches the Miz has had as champ.

One of the best Raw shows I can remember recently. 

Last but certainly not least, I would like to send my condolences to Mr. Lawler for the loss of his mother. I am very sorry.

Rock the host of WrestleMania & Austin the host of the new Tough Enough - the 2 biggest stars of WWE back in the fold - thrilling stuff!

One of the most watchable episodes of RAW in a while - with John Morrison giving a fabulous performance and Daniel Bryan & the Miz showing that their rivalry has legs into the future.

Boy oh boy. The ending segment had me GLUED to the TV. I haven't been glued to RAW like that in a long time. Rock sure knows how to bring it.

I can't wait for WrestleMania now.

I have been a WWE fan since I was 5. I have watched every single show. And watching The Rock come back on Monday and cut the awesome promo was golden. I remember how exciting it was watching The Rock back in the ring. It was like watching the attitude era. I think it gave every one goose bumps. It truly was electric. Hands down, The Rock will go down in history as being the absolute best ever!. He will for ever be The Peoples Champion. He was right when he said the WWE went from the powerful Austin 3:16, to the dominant and iconic if you smell what the rock is cookin to you can see me. But in the words of the legendary Good Ol JR, business is about to pick up.Jim Ross, you are the man!.