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 All our podcast guests are essentially scheduled for the year and are listed on the homepage of our website. We've got some really cool things on tap and I hope you subscribe to the Ross Report podcast via iTunes which is FREE and it helps us in many ways and costs you nothing. Let's grill...

 The current Ross Report podcast featuring artist @RobSchamberger and author @itsBrianShields is getting excellent feedback as they illustrate how live long wrestling fans can use their non athletic skills to carve out a career in the wrestling business in a successful manner.

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The "Super Genius" Mark Madden will be my guest next week as a new show drops every Tuesday evening at 9 pm eastern time. The controversial Madden pulls NO punches and is one of the most outrageous guests we've ever had. You're going to love his attitude and his honest thoughts on todays product and his years in WCW as a color analyst on Nitro.

It's great to have podcast guests who are able to be open and honest about their careers and express honest opinions.  

We are working on a potential, two day stay in London this June on a project that I hope gets done. I hope to visit many of the cities in the UK and Ireland that I did not get to make two years ago at some pint this year if at all possible.

We are brainstorming about some potential, corporate sponsors for these upcoming trips if they materialize.

My management team is getting me into the voice over business with some intriguing opportunities being discussed.

We have over 70,000 words done on my autobiography and are maybe 30% the way to the finish line. Finishing a book is like dressing one's child for the first day of school as one doesn't want them to leave the nest until they are perfectly ready to enter the real world.

Impact Wrestling is providing their fans with a much more enjoyable product by not over thinking their creative, exploiting their talents' strengths (the in ring content) and doing their best to hide talents weaknesses. It's not rocket science and by eliminating un-needed skits and marathon promos the two hour broadcast has became a really enjoyable show by and large.

I'm hopeful as all wrestling fans should be that Impact Wrestling finds a welcoming TV home for 2015.

Saw the Lucha Underground trailer and still don't understand why they feel compelled to mention WWE stars in the trailer or why every wrestling company alive, seemingly, feels like they have to have a villian, administrative figure. No one will ever top Mr. McMahon in that role and every one who attempts it in that form are going to fall short.

HHH and Stephanie do a terrific job in the Authority role but those two having conflicts would add to the presentation and make the role more contemporary.

The last time I talked to Jeff Jarrett was 15 years ago today in 1999 in Cleveland when we had contractual issues on his last day with WWE before he joined Vince Russo in WCW. The next time that I'm scheduled to talk to him will be in December when he will be a guest on the Ross Report podcast reviewing the WWE TLC PPV event with me. That show will drop on Tuesday December 16.

My feature for will be posted next week and the focus is the Hell in a Cell match between Taker and Mick Foley in 1998 which is arguably the most memorable match in the history or WWE and if it's not it is certainly in the top five. Mick told me the one thing that he never did that he wanted to do was drop an elbow off the top of the TV production truck onto another vehicle. During the research aspect of the piece Taker said he originally wanted nothing to do with the spot where he tossed Mick off the top of the Cell but that Mick was very persuasive with his idea to both the Deadman and Vince McMahon. I think that you will enjoy the feature and I will tweet out the link when it becomes available.

Take at look @DailyOklahoman today and see the story of our condiment business and its growth on the front page of the business section. Their website is

Idea...make healthy turkey meatloaf with bell peppers, onions, JR's Seasoning, our Chipotle Ketchup and a splash of our Hot BBQ Sauce to add a little personality. The Chipotle Ketchup in any meatloaf recipe is a winner.

Did you know that the Wrestling Guy Store in Southern California and the Squared Circle restaurant in Chicago both stock JR's products?

Congrats on my friend and new broadcast partner @sonnench Chael Sonnen new @PodcastOne Podcast that is sitting a top the iTunes charts in his first week. That's where #RossReport debuted too and it's a helluva feeling.

No matter what @steveaustinBSR says about returning to the ring, some in the IWC simply refuse to want to believe him and use that as a headline to create more traffic. The best chance that Steve ever returns to the ring, IMO, is at WM31 in Dallas where he can leave the game after helping sell 100,000 tickets.....and that return is one helluva long shot but it's great cannon fodder for some sites to run with for another year.

Twitter questions @JRsBBQ...

Champions should always enter the ring last....heels need rules to break in order to be heels,...time limits make common sense in pro wrestling...handicap matches have lost their luster due to over exposure...many wrestlers would improve their performances by slowing down a gear which gives them an extra gear to use when needed and by simply selling more and doing it in levels or degrees...selling is an art form that is becoming lost in today's lazy booked and performed pro wrestling world.

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