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Thanks for stopping by. Your visits are always appreciated. Tickets for RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross in San Jose WrestleMania weekend at the Rockbar Theater on Saturday March 28, 1-3 pm, are still available at Only about 30 VIP meet and greet tickets remain and hopefully they will be nabbed in the next few days. General Admission tickets are only $20. Please visit today and join me and what could be multiple special guests on an epic afternoon where everyone, including the audience, gets into the act. Let's grill....

Really good Ross Report podcast airing now at, iTunes and on the homepage of with Hurricane Helms talking about WWE Fast Lane PPV, his days in WWE, the indie scene today, Shane's thoughts on the current ROH, TNA, and Lucha Underground products and much more. Great conversation that I'm certain that you will enjoy. Remember to subscribe for FREE to the Ross Report Podcast and you can do that at iTunes, again for FREE. Your subscriptions cost you nothing but help us immensely.  

Next week on the Ross Report my guest will be the incomparable Terry Funk which is another "can't miss show." The drop date schedule for all my podcast guests through April are listed conveniently on the homepage of this site.

Working w/ noted artist Box Brown who wrote a superb book on Andre the Giant that is a must read, on a collector's edition poster that will be unavailable for our RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross Show in San Jose that I think that you will really like. Great souvenirs and we are only printing 100 of them so keep that in mind if you come to our show.

Our partners in the UK and Ireland along with most of Europe, American Soda, are placing another large order of JR's products to remain stocked up during the spring and summer months. They are also giving away sighed copies of our JR's Cookbook so check out their website at

We hope to have Ameriansoda at the massive, London Wrestling convention that is a two day event on June 20-21 at the Grange Hotel Tower Bridge. Over 30 great, talents will be appearing though out the two day event signing autographs and taking photos with the fans. Tickets are available at  but are moving quickly. I will be doing a Q&A plus Shawn Michaels and Bret hart will also take the stage together for the first time ever in the UK. I know the Saturday tickets are almost sold out and the Sunday show only has approximately 100 tickets left. Talents appearing also include, Trish Stratus, Lita, Alberto El Patron, Demolition, Tatanka, Ron Simmons, Tugboat, Godfather, Jacque Rougeau and more.

Read online about Brock Lesnar allegedly walking out of Monday Night RAW prior to his appearance on Monday's show so to address the many Tweets @JRsBBQ and emails, I have no idea what the issue may or may not be. Generally, my philosophy on matters such as this is to keep my nose out of other's business and that these matters are usually about one of the Two C's, cash or creative. That may or may not be the case in this matter but I'm confident that the two sides will reunite here at crunch time in attempting to build much needed momentum for WrestleMania which will be here before we know it. In today's world of big money and the multitude of diverse personalties involved in negotiations in all sports ad entertainment, once again the term communication elbows its way into the equation.

I thought WWE needed to address three primary issues at WWE Fast Lane and they accomplished such. The Bryan-Reigns issue, how Rusev was utilized and the anticipated Sting-HHH confrontation all were featured and I feel all that needed to be accomplished was.

It's certainly time for every one involved with the WWE product to rise to the occasion and add a little more 'sauce to the brisket' and get more folks talking about watching WM31 of which I'm certainly looking forward to seeing via the @WWENetwork from our Oklahoma home. That event will be reviewed by Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer and me on the Ross Report Podcast on and iTunes. I expect that show to be one of our most downloaded shows of the year as it will drop on Tuesday night March 31 at 9 pm ET.

Online shopping business has been brisk at, and Plus, our friends in Chicago at are killing it and I hope that you will visit their site and check out all the great shirts in virtually every size available and they ship their shirt any where in the world. They've got some really cool JR shirts for your review and, remember, that looking is free.

We are working with Sirius Radio's Busted Open show on some special things leading into WrestleMania that I think you will enjoy. Stay tuned.

The premier for our film 'What Now' will be on March 10 at Laemmles Music Hall at 9036 Wilshire Blvd in Beverly Hill. The Red Carpet starts at 6:30 pm and we hope to see you there. The film will be released on April 3 on cable and Internet VOD.

Good to see Samoa Joe re-signing with ROH where he should be a huge fan favorite. ROH's PPV on March 1 in Vegas should be a strong show if it isn't over booked and the matches are given time for the talents to slow down a gear and tell more compelling stories in the ring that includes ample selling and allowing the fans to process what they are seeing. I'm not endorsing a plodding pace but instead connecting with the audience at a pace that creates enhanced fan involvement and make the match easier and more compelling to call for the broadcasters.

Work on the street is that Lucha Underground is interested in adding some former WWE alums to their roster. Victoria aka Lisa Marie Varon and Torrie Wilson are names that have been mentioned to me. Both would be great additions to the roster....quality human beings with ample name identity and talent. This info is far from confirmed but those speaking with me seem somewhat sure that discussions are being held.

Thinking that Cesaro/Kidd can help the WWE Tag Team scene a great deal. They are a highly skilled, reliable duo who appear to be 'beatable' and can add some needed life into these tag presentations. I'm thinking that there are may more fans of tag team wrestling fans well as being major fans of Diva Wrestling that many decisions makers perceive. I come to that conclusion due to the immense feedback that I get on both areas of the business.

@RondaRousey is arguably the top star in MMA today so if that is remotely true then why can't a highly skilled diva contribute much more in the sports entertainment world than they currently are? It's all about presentation and performance. Nonetheless, it's going to be challenging for many of today's Divas to surpass the accomplishments of the women of the Attitude Era and, yes, I'm biased about the roster that we assembled back in the day as those ladies were not only skilled from bell to bell but they also brought sex appeal and a great attitude to the presentations in which they were involved. Plus they were damn tough.

Recorded a conversation Tuesday evening with Shawn Michaels that was absolutely memorizing as we talked about today's product, Shawn being approached to do something special at WM31 in Arlington, Texas, today' lay of the land, his wonderful, new book and so much more from one of my oldest friends in the business who has made major life changes since his turbulent early days of his combative career.

Hope to see you on Saturday March 28 in San Jose for a raucous, RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross Show at the Rockbar Theater from 1-3 and tickets are moving fast at starting at o nly $20. Only a very limited number of the VIP Meet and Greet tickets are still available so don't delay if you want the entire 'Slobber Knocker' experience.  

Working on the Q&A's here so stay tuned. Thanks for following me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. Your support of all our projects is sincerely appreciated and I'm grateful to you all.

Boomer Sooner!

J.R.     @JRsBBQ 






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Hello jim. What do you say about getting glen Gilberti aka the disco inferno on the podcast?
New site is solid. A debt of gratitude is in order for the considerable exertion. vector logo design service
New site is solid. A debt of gratitude is in order for the considerable exertion. vector logo design service

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