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Our 3rd Ross Report podcast is now live at and on ITunes. Great interview with Showtime Boxing's Mauro Ranallo who started his career as a 16 year old for Al Tomko in the Vancouver territory. Mauro then went to Calgary to work for the Hart Family, broadcast Pride Fighting, Strikeforce MMA and now Showtime's outstanding lineup of fights including my pal Floyd Mayweather's fights.

Trish Stratus will be my guest on Wednesday March 12 followed up a week later on Wednesday March 19 by Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy, Mick Foley.

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Q&A's here are updated. I had to delete some that were WAY too long, unfortunately. The volume of questions that we receive daily is growing and if they aren't succinct then they likely won't 'make air.' I do find it interesting what's on the mind of the fan's. Check them out.

I'm told that the Hendricks vs. Lawler UFC Welterweight Title fight is a complete sell out in Dallas at the American Airlines Center. The Oklahoma native Hendricks is a stud and had been since being a multi time, Oklahoma high school state wrestling champion before going on to become a wrestling All American at Oklahoma Statue University which is also the alma mater of Jack and Jerry Brisco.

The intangible that a 4 ounce glove provides means that any thing can happen  with Hendricks deadly strikes along with 'Ruthless' Robbie Lawler's punching expertise this fight, hopefully, won't make it to the judge's cards. I see a stoppage or a knockout in someone's future in this one to see who replaces GSP while the French Canadian is on a sabbatical.

Impressed with Alex Riley on the pre game and post game 'panel' on the WWE Network. Alex comes by his talking skills naturally and seemingly has a long, productive future in his current role. I enjoyed working with Alex in NXT and feel he's a potential star on the Network. 

Host Josh Mathews also seemed more comfortable in his host role on the panel but the panelists talking over each other endlessly needs to lessen. I think that these pre and post game shows have unlimited potential. I like the casting of Mathews in this new role.

TNA has a PPV this Sunday emanating from South Florida called Lockdown. It troubles me that Kurt Angle is once again being saddled up and ridden into a mid card match at this stage of his game. Just an observation and not attacking TNA Impact who I hope continues to develop their own identity and they play to their strengths which is bell to bell physicality and aggressive storytelling.

The late Billy Robinson and the late Jack Brisco once grappled all night in a hotel room in Australia testing each other's 'style' of wrestling. At the end of the night both the greats were battled, bruised, bloodied and missing from their flight to the next city which infuriated Promoter Jim Barnette. I heard first had accounts of this famous, workout session that may have been fueled by a few brews from both men personally. They were both so physically affected that Barnette did not want the fans to see them in such a state without being able to promote something on TV. Nonetheless, both Jack and Billy were so valuable to the promotion that neither were sent home for their 'indiscretions.'

Working on a locker room piece for that will be live this week. Looks at a pro wrestling locker room vs. the debacle that occurred in Miami with the Dolphins is the basis of the feature. The protocol within a Pro Wrestling locker room is unique in many ways but some of the 'rules' might surprise you especially the changes over the years.

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