Greetings from Norman, Oklahoma on another busy day as we are shipping another order to WWE today of JR's products and a large order will leave Oklahoma this week for the UK to restock some items at and at with JR's delicious products. Let's grill.....

My conversation with @RondaRousey on the Ross Report podcast is getting great feedback from MMA and wrestling fans alike. Ronda is cooler than the other side of the pillow and it was one of the most fun interviews that I've ever done. I will be glued to my TV this Saturday night to watch her defend her Bantamweight title against Alexis Davis at UFC175.

Last night I interviewed AJ Styles for a future Ross Report and he was terrific. I missed on him during the WWE/WCW buy out as he was a young talent under contract to WCW when the deal went down. We got a good laugh at that obvious mistake on my end. AJ is one of the top workers in the world and his tenure in New Japan and in the indies has him busier than ever. I love his work and feel that he would be a definite asset in anyone's company. BTW...AJ agrees with me that ROH Wrestlers should slow down a gear and sell more just as I've been discussing. Simple fix to make their in ring product better.  

Look on the home page here for the revised schedule of podcast guests and when their particular show's debut.

Next week is Kurt Angle in the first of a two parter on the Ross Report in one of Kurt's most upfront, gritty and revealing interviews I've ever heard him give. I was totally blown away by his candor and what he wants to do the balance of his career and his thoughts on TNA and WWE among many compelling topics.

 Heading up to OKC soon to do an interview for a Jake Roberts/DDP project that appears it's headed for a documentary. I'm anxious to contribute to the on going, ever evolving story of Jake the Snake and company.

The Q&A's here are updated as Ask JR.

For the record, I'm not a battle royal guy. Never have been since the days of when I was a Ref. Too much fun and games at times during these matches and generally fans don't emotionally invest until the match it down to a small, handful of talents. I can see one occurring annually like the old San Francisco Cow Palace days, etc but that's about it. I hope it works out better than I expect for WWE to crown a new IC Champion via the Battle Royal route.

Some fans should be happy that John Cena is going to be cast as a villain in a new Tina Fey/Amy Poehler film. I wonder if the fans that boo Cena today would cheer him tomorrow if he turned heel in WWE? This movie role could also lead to speculation that this current WWE World Title reign for Cena isn't going to be a long one. I'm still guessing Summer Slam will see a new champ crowned.

Chris Jericho looks physically good and that's thanks to DDP Yoga considering Jericho's massive work load and travel schedule. Bray Wyatt will have a positive experience working with someone new and that's better than him in the immediate future. This is good, strategic booking with the goal to obviously have some entertaining TV but to help Bray continue to grow as a talent.

Seems as if too many people are jumping to conclusion regarding Emma's arrest for shoplifting. Count me as someone who has forgotten to pay for a small item at a grocery store, etc and then went back in to settle up. My dealings with Emma have been nothing but positive when I was traveling to Orlando and Tampa to work with the young talents. I have no issue giving her the benefit of the doubt in this matter. 

Just got copy of the Paul Heyman DVD and I plan on watching it over the July 4th holiday.  @HeymanHustle has perfected his craft and I remember so very well working with him on his first, national TV gig which was at TBS in Atlanta and tutoring Paul on the art of broadcasting pro wrestling. He was obviously a brilliant student and was a sponge when it came to absorbing info. However, he could test one's patience from time to time. :)

I'd like to see @WWEDustyRhodes don the gold paint for a family photo with the products of his loins. WWE is missing a great poster opportunity.....The Golden Dream and his Golden Sons.

Bad News for Wade Barrett as he will be out several months after undergoing serious and extensive shoulder surgery. Hopefully WWE can keep his TV persona alive with a new role on weekly TV or the Network utilizing the Brit's verbal skills.

Happy Birthday to Bret hart who had as much to do with Steve Austin's transformation into a WWE mega star as any wrestler on the Attitude Era roster. Their bout at WM13 in Chicago established Austin as a grade A player and teh psychology of tht amazing match is still one hat is worth studying today for all young wrestlers and fans who might not have been around to see it live. It was a work of mat art that included Ken Shamrock in the "I Quit" match.

I've been a part of broadcasting two, stellar, 'I Quit' matches in my career with Ric Flair vs. Terry Funk being the other on a TBS Clash of Champions. Gary Hart, Tommy Young and Gordon Solie, of course, made this match a special one for me.  I get great feedback on this from fans who have seen it on the WWE Network.

I don't read 'spoilers' unless they're about Don Jardine. Why do you? Is your thirst for advance info on a TV show that insatiable? If I inadvertently read the spoilers for upcoming episodes of Boardwalk Empire or Ray Donovan, I'd be pissed.

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