Rumble Revisited..Gary Hart..Twitter..Sauces & Ketchup Sales are UP!

Enjoyed watching the Royal Rumble on PPV as the show closing last few minutes really made the show for me.

Christian had a better bout with inexperienced but impressive Ezekiel Jackson than likely what many thought going into Sunday night. The ECW Champion is underrated in my opinion.

Miz vs MVP was a surprise addition to the show and I would have liked to have seen more of them. Looks like we will perhaps in the future. Miz has a million dollar mouth.

The Atlanta crowd seemed to favor Randy Orton in RKO's failed attempt to regain the WWE Title. Sheamus seems to be one of the handful of stars w/o a tattoo as my wife noted.

I enjoyed the WWE Title bout because it was a fresh match. Orton/Legacy issues will be fun to follow. I thought I had it figured out but now I'm not so sure.

Undertaker vs Mysterio was solid and had some unique innovation. Both guys are so valuable and talented. I wonder if the Deadman broke his nose? 

CM Punk had a memorable Rumble match. Great mic work. Punk's hairy chest, as I pointed out during the show on Twitter, makes him look even more like a villain. Punk had a stellar night.

Good interchange w/ HHH and HBK. I thought one of those two would win the Rumble match and I was wrong.

Without question, the Rumble match was the overwhelming attraction of the evening.

R Truth shocked me eliminating both Big Show AND Mark Henry simultaneously.

Edge was the obvious major surprise of the night. I admire how hard Edge has obviously worked to be able to return to the ring ahead of schedule.

Edge was the star of the night and him winning the Royal Rumble disrupts the Road to Wrestlemania and makes February's Elimination Chamber PPV more intriguing. That PPV is only 3 weeks way. I like the episodic way that several issues are progressing.

Any three man announce booth is challenging especially when the 3 announcers don't work together that often.

I was Twittering during the PPV and you can check out my thoughts at

Moving on...

Anxious to see the Hitman=McMahon confrontation Monday night on Raw from Nashville. I'll miss being there with King as we always went downtown to Jack's BBQ near the Grand Old Opry for lunch.

Plus, William Shatner who will serve as guest host on Raw and "Call me Bill," has the potential to be really entertaining as I found him to be naturally funny, witty, and have spot on comedic timing when I met him at WM23.

I strongly encourage that all wrestling fans read the late Gary Hart's autobiography and it can be ordered by logging onto This is  fascinating read and gives one a vivid, visual picture of the inter workings of the biz from one of the greatest wrestling minds and mangers of all time.

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