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Thanks for stopping by and spending some time on our site. I hope that you will visit our on line store as we would love to ship you an order of our great products today. With that said, the grill's hot and here we go with a few random thoughts....

For some reason I can't seemingly escape the never ending tales of the woe incurred by Lindsey Lohan and Mel Gibson. I'm tapping...stop my pain...move on to the next, great Hollywood scandal. Please. 

Enjoyed Raw Monday night by and large. I do know this....if John Cena's team doesn't put their own personal agendas behind them then the Raw 7 has NO chance against The Nexus at Summer Slam. That point was made abundantly clear over the two hour broadcast from San Antonio. No unity=no win for Raw. "No win for you" ala Seinfeld's 'Soup Nazi.'  Got it? Good. :) 

It was in San Antonio that yours truly was 'traded' to Friday Night Smackdown in the summer of 2008. I am more than pleased now to be able to watch Todd Grisham and Matt Striker handle the announcing chores on the Friday night show. BTW SD will emanate live from OKC's Ford Center for their premier broadcast on Sy Fy on Friday night October 1. 

It's back to Tampa for me this weekend to observe the FCW try out camp that likely will  have over 50 individuals taking part in the process. Now seems to be a timely opportunity to get noticed and perhaps signing with WWE and assigned to FCW which needs more viable athletes and quality numbers in general. 

Congrats to Bret Hart on his marriage last Saturday. I am relatively sure Mr. and Mrs. Hitman are enjoying a Hawaiian honeymoon. Bret on Team Raw or the Raw 7 or whatever one chooses to call the team opposing Nexus, or the Nexus, adds to the sizzle of the presentation. 

My take on American, women's softball legend Jenny Finch, who is retiring from active competition after this week's World Championship in OKC, is that she could be the next Erin Andrews. I am a big Jenny Finch fan as she could not only pitch but could hit and play first base at a world class level. Some network will likely sign her sooner than later if they're smart.  Would WWE be interested in Finch as a broadcaster? Not likely as she's a 6 footer and with a husband and a small son Finch doesn't seem to me to be the type who would want to learn to grapple.  

There are so many things about UFC that I enjoy but here's one that my wife still talks about. The emanations of UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer, once described as Howard Finkel in really nice clothes, in his pre-show ritual at ringside has to be seen to be believed. It is highly entertaining and I hope that you get the opportunity to enjoy this 'moment' at a live UFC PPV yourself. Buffer is an excellent ring announcer who adds his own brand of unique sizzle to the presentation.  

BTW..'The Fink' is still my all time favorite pro wrestling ring announcer.

Many have asked if I thought if Chael Sonnen had no chance to defeat Anderson Silva in their upcoming UFC PPV main event. Look, Silva is likely/arguably the most gifted, all around fighter in MMA but he's not unbeatable. Sonnen, who has the most entertaining and thought provoking sound bytes in MMA, is a cerebral strategist who has outstanding wrestling skills which is the skill set one needs to counter Anderson Silva's spectacular stand up game. I realize 'Spider' is the heavy favorite but I would not count Chael out until Mike Goldberg says "It is over!" 

I Tweeted @JRsBBQ that I liked John Morrison's new beard and that I thought it made him look a little more rugged. Morrison is a gifted athlete who has 'something' that physically reminds me of a young HBK. One can only hope that Morrison can begin to approach the success that Shawn Michaels earned but that's some king sized expectations. Nonetheless I think that Morrison can be a major player within WWE once his complete game comes together which simply takes time. 

I still believe that one is looking at an approximate 5 year window for a performer to come into their own in pro wrestling. 

How big a tool is USC head football coach Lane Kiffin? He appears to be a young man of privilege who has no over abundance of genuineness and class. I try to be objective as a sports fans and as one who respects the Southern Cal football program but Kiffin comes off as overtly arrogant when I see him on TV. 

Emailers continue to ask about my perceived 'heel turn' many years ago and I continue to tell them that it wasn't a memorable highlight in my career, that I still don't know why it was attempted, and that I failed miserably at it. Again, my best work, in my egocentric opinion, was when I was simply being myself and describing what I saw on my monitor and doing all that I could to make the wrestlers to be even bigger stars than many already were.

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Promised on Twitter to share this recipe...90% ground beef browned in a skillet...onions and bell peppers sautéed in another pan added to the ground beef when the browning has been completed. Add, to taste, JR's Chipotle Ketchup, ground pepper, garlic salt, Worcester Sauce, and liquid flavored Hickory smoke, salsa, and pinto beans. Toward the end of the simmering add low fat, Pepper Jack cheese and allow to melt and meld into the beef mixture. This whole process took me less than than 30 minutes. I warmed up some low fat tortillas, added some hash brown potatoes (cheated a little) and put the tortilla on a plate, then the spuds and added the ground beef medley on top and I can truthfully say it was absolutely amazing. I had no written recipe but just had some fun with what I had in the fridge and in the pantry. Obviously, tweak as you choose but if any one tries this or a variation of it let us know. 

We love to hear your feedback on the various ways that you use our Sauces and Ketchup.

Remember, I will be in Charlotte on Thursday night August 5 from 9 p.m. - 10 p.m. at the NWA Legends Fanfest at the kickoff BBQ. Event promoter Greg Price will have our sauces for sale and I will drop by for an hour, as it is has been scheduled, and look forward to the BBQ and meeting many of you. Then on Friday I will be around all day signing and taking photos before inducting the great, Danny Hodge into the Hall of Heroes before leaving Charlotte on Saturday morning. This event is eagerly anticipated by all involved and should be an amazing time for fans young and old alike. The list of talents that will be appearing in Charlotte is staggering.

Big 12 media days are on going in Irving, Texas. Oklahoma is the pick to win the league which I find to be a challenging and somewhat surprising selection. OU is young and rebuilding to a large degree with a hellacious schedule including a tough road games. I'm all for the Sooners winning the Big 12 again but the only reason that Texas isn't the pick is because their QB is so young while OU's Landry Jones got valuable playing time last year due to 'King" Sam Bradford's injured shoulder. I haven't forgotten how good UT QB Gilbert was in the 2nd half of the National Title Game. Bottom line, football is in my DNA and I can't wait for the seasons to start.    

We had a great weekend here on line and I hope that the orders continue to roll in. You can use our sauces in a variety of ways the year round and not just the obligatory 'grilling season' which, to me, is 12 months out of the year. 

Thanks for stopping by and come back and see us. 

Boomer Sooner!


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Ain't got no defense in the Big 12 like that BAMA defense baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

J.R sounds like sour grapes still. 55-19

I was on the sideline for that fiasco. It got ugly but that experience is simply memory. Trojans dominated OU on that day. Kiffin is acts like an arrogant jerk and USC deserves better. Plus, the blatant, Reggie Bush matter is embarrassing and for the athletic department not to know a thing is laughable.

I was a little less happy with yesterdays Raw.  It was Entertainment 101, predictable as hell, requiring little excersize in producing and less in watching.  Aside from Orton and the women (see below) it was all about pushing the Nexus feud, making them look like a unified, organized front while the "good guys" couldn't agree on what color the sky was.  And the Nexus match?  Sure it helped Nexus, they finally got an actual match instead of doing gang beatdowns, but making it a clean sweep just made Henry, Bourne, the WWEs own tag team champions the Hart Dynasty, and the others look like chumps, to be used only as enhancement.  Nexus' standing would not have been hurt if two or even three of them got pinned.  And it wouldn't have hurt Raw if they had 2 or 3 more matches that didn't in some way involve them.

The women weren't all that impressive either.  I am a firm believer that women wrestlers can have a viable place in todays market.  Todays legitimate female athletes can be just as effective in their own way as any male, and just as entertaining, if pushed right.  But the cookie-cutter style, with ex-fitness models in sexy costumes isn't doing it.  The only ladies they have with anything close to wrestling credentials is Beth Phoenix and Gail Kim, and Gail hasn't been given a win since she came back.  I'm sure Awesome Kong would eat most of the Divas for lunch.

Last weeks Raw was a damn good show.  This weeks, not so good.

LaFrance, I'm a Bama fan so I have no sour grapes. Kiffin is a punk. 

Was reading your comments about Mauro in your last blog, JR. Personally, a Strikeforce PPV with Fedor getting his rematch against Werdum or a fight against Overeem, Lashley v Bautista or Rogers, Henderson vs Mousasi, Diaz v Miller, a Gina comeback with JR and Mauro or Pat Miletich calling the action is a show I would pay for. If your current contract with WWE isn't exclusive then Scott Coker should be on the phone yesterday.

Scott Coker has little to do with the announcing on Strikeforce as that is a CBS/Strikeforce matter or so I am told.

 Gotta say I'm not a big fan of Bruce Buffer's style. His way of emphasizing odd syllables in names ("Cheick KonGO" instead of "Cheick KONgo" for example) is amazingly distracting. Yes, I know everybody tries to their gimmick, but that one just ain't workin'. That and his efforts to draw attention to himself like with his spin toward a fighte when announcing them.

Now, I could just be spoiled by years of "The Fink" (I STILL wish he'd come back!) and even the short run of Joel Gertner, or the odd sounding yet skillful voice of Gary Michael Capetta (yep, I go way back) but I just can't get into it. I preferred WEC's Joe Martinez by far.

Somebody from WWE should be chasing Chael Sonnen with a checkbook in one hand and a pen in the other!! 8-)

That recipe looks good JR, thanks for sharing it! 

~Mark La Roi

Everybody's gonna be at the same level in the end...but not after that.

I agree 100% with J.R. about John Morrison's beard and how it enhances his "look". The fact that he's coming to the ring in jeans now also helps Morrison finally change things up. He's been wearing basically the same pants in the ring that he wore with MNM. Isn't it strange how these little details can make such a difference in pro wrestling?

Also strange was a Raw show in San Antonio with zero mention of HBK...Was he in the building?

Keep up the great blog!

JR, I just ordered your cookbook and some BBQ sauce, I look forward to trying them, Cooking, especially grilling is a hobby of mine, I've been meaning to order a long time, just never got around to it.

We do appreciate your order and hope that it's the first of many. Please let me know what you think of our products. Thanks, again.  

Dear JR,

I love the blog, and your jerky.

There's this wrestling question I've got to ask you.

What's up with the "Mr. Andrerson" gimmick in TNA? I'm no lawyer, but it seems to me that character is identical to "Mr. Kennedy." Same enterance, same name for the finisher, etc. How is TNA getting away with that? Shouldn't someone from WWE sue the pants off of them?

Anderson is his real name and apparently the legal eagles think that it's OK. I try to never think like an attorney because they are much smarter than I among other reasons.  

 JR I agree with you on the Reggie Bush incident.  It is laughable that they claim to not know. Obviously Pete knew what was going down or he wouldn't have bolted for Seattle.  That team is obviously not the team he was really looking to leave for.  Getting rid of Mike Garret was a good start.

tazz13, how does mr. anderson get away with USING HIS REAL NAME???? lmao I love WWE marks. 

I attended a wwe house show yesterday because i got free tickets , because obviously I'd never pay to see a wwe product. Anyway It was amazing to hear all the chants for ev2.0. As a hardcore TNA fan it made me feel quite pleased. Anyway I read that Bobby Heenan suffered quite a few falls lately and nearly broke every bone in his body. Here is to a quick recovery to a true living legend. Also I read where the alabama crimson tide has decided to get rid of its football program. Be Well

daves, cocaine is a helluva drug isn't it? heh