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Hello from Norman, Oklahoma! Thanks for stopping by and a special thanks to all that are shopping online for JR's products at and at For some reason the JR's Beef Jerky biz has exploded and it's custom made, 97% Fat Free and as good as it gets. A great snack that's high in protein.  It's Grilling Time! WWE's doing monster business in Australia this week. From the outset of my career, I've heard great things about the old days of pro wrestling in Australia when the late, Jim Barnett was the promoter there. Some of the greatest talents ever regularly toured down under. I've never been to Australia in my career but am hopeful that we can take my Spoken Word, One Man Show there some day. The late Jack Brisco, also as outlined in is book 'Brisco' by William Murdock, told me of an Australian hotel room 'shooting match' that he had with the legendary, British star Billy Robinson that lasted most of the night and nearly crippled both men.    Happy Birthday today to @TripleH who is 44 years young. I vividly remember his arrival in WWE in 1995. I also remember the late, great Killer Kowalski, one of the most honorable men ever in the biz, endorsing HHH as Killer trained "The Game" back in the day. I can't think of anyone who studied more DVD's and old tapes of the greats of the business more than the "Cerebral Assassin" which was a nickname that I gave HHH that simply came to me one night while broadcasting RAW. I was pleased that I was able to contribute to HHH's new DVD that I feel will be outstanding.    It seems as if I never stop getting questions on who will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame class of 2014 in New Orleans.  Obviously, there are a few former Mid South Wrestling stars that would be viable candidates including Danny Hodge, who is in every wrestling Hall of Fame known to man, I think, the Fabulous Freebirds, and Dr. Death Steve Williams to name a few that come off the top of my biased brain.  Was asked on my weekly radio hit on today with @SeanPendergast about the promo skills of @CMPunk and @HeymanHustle this past Monday on RAW. Quite simply, Heyman and Punk are at the top of the food chain when it comes to delivering, believeable, organic, suspend-my-disbelief. verbal presentations. They are themselves. They are passionate and they believe what they are saying to be absolute fact. Young wrestlers who can execute their promos in the same manner increase their chances to find success and reach the Promised Land. A bad actor playing the role of a pro wrestler cannot or will not succeed, at least in my opinion. Bottom line for young talents....embellish who you naturally are and let the chips fall where they may.    Food tip...when grilling Turkey Burgers season with JR's Seasoning, mix chopped onion and/or bits of cheese in the patties and your burgers will hold up infinitely better. Another tip on turkey burgers, if you buy them pre formed into patties consider adding the onion, peppers, cheese (including blue cheese) and combining two patties into one. Grill on medium heat 4-6 minutes per side. Be aware that there are going to be some somewhat graphic, physically intense wrestling bouts on the Legends of Mid South Wrestling DVD that WWE will released on September 10. One bout that I called that never aired on TV was a bloodbath between Hacksaw Jim Duggan and Maddog Buzz Sawyer from a live event that, I think was from the old, downtown, New Orleans Municipal Auditorium. For fans who never saw Sawyer perform, he was a special talent that was overtly physical and as equally controversial. Duggan was a Bruiser Brody-like ass kicker in his Mid South run and this rivalry was one of the best of the promotion's history.  If you ever thought that a 42 minute match focusing on a hammerlock couldn't be compelling then watch the Ric Flair vs. Terry Taylor NWA Title Bout from the Super Dome that also never aired on Mid South TV. Flair was at his all time best and his masterful storytelling abilities enhanced Taylor's rep in Mid South even in a losing effort by the underdog hero. Great storytelling and another superb match for young wrestlers to study on the Legends of Mid South Wrestling DVD. Counting down the days until my inaugural , first ever, 'Evening w/ Jim Ross' spoken word tour that kicks off in Cardiff, Wales on August 24. Only about 25 tickets remain for the Cardiff event and approximately 100 tickets for the Manchester, England show at the Manchester Comedy Store on Monday August 26. The London and Glasgow, Scotland shows are both sold out. For ticket info please check out http://www/ There will be plenty of stories told covering a wide variety of topics, some laughs, and so much more in these four, intimate settings. I hope those that can will join me. I like the fact that my @OU_Football squad is being picked to finish any where from third to fifth in the conference this Big 12 this season. I see this team, if they stay healthy, overachieving and surprising some people. Too much is being made of the Sooners starting a new QB as it's the defensive side of the football that is the primary focus especially as it relates to OU's defensive tackles and ends. The talent depth is thin but not non existent. With great coaching and motivation, positive things can be achieved. OU has 5 or 6 very, arguably, losable games on a schedule that isn't Sooner friendly. But great teams have to be able to win on the road so the schedule should not and will not be used as an excuse. I plan on attending every game, home and away, including the much anticipated trip to Notre Dame on September 28. Some of my friends laugh when I turn down paid appearance opportunities to attend Sooner games.  That's an easy call for me to make.  Speaking of American, tackle football and WWE, I compare the red hot, @WWEDanielBryan to undersized superstars Wes Welker of the Broncos and Danny Amendola of the Patriots who are both smaller receivers with huge talent and who don't realize that they aren't the biggest dogs in the hunt. Skill set, passion, execution, character and professionalism cannot be measured by inches and pounds. Do smaller guys, whether it be in WWE or the NFL, etc have to be highly skilled to compensate for their physical measurables? Absolutely. But it isn't an impossible feat as we have seen. 'Refusing to fail' cannot become one's slogan but must become their way of life in professions where the "size matters" philosophy is often times over utilized.  JR's Beef Jerky is a great, healthy snack that is 97% fat free and loaded with protein. It's custom made in Yukon, Oklahoma by a member of the Smoked Meat Hall of Fame (I kid you not) and if you are a jerky lover check it out at  There are legal issues with many countries such as the UK in importing meat products at this time.     I hope that you will follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. For NXT talents who may read my blogs and any other young talents who desire a career in WWE, you cannot and will not be successful if you only invest in yourself while you are "at work." DVD study, reading books on the biz, success stories, self help books, regular gym workouts, etc are not optional in my view but are essential. That also includes being personally responsible with one's finances to the extend of filing and paying one's independent contract taxes every quarter. If one isn't mature and professional enough to handle the very basic elements of personal finance, which is a law BTW, how can the same person be depended upon to became a viable member of the locker room over the long haul? Personal responsibility is a multi faceted element in the total development of a sports entertainer. Uncle Sam rarely loses a match.  The Q&A section of my site is updated. See if your question made the cut and submit your questions there any time.  Thanks for stopping by. Come back and visit us soon.  Boomer Sooner! J.R.           @JRsBBQ                     
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 I think it's pretty absurd that Lou Thesz isn't in the Hall of Fame. I think Kevin Nash is a logical guess since he's been back for awhile on a legends deal. Maybe they are waiting for Hogan to finish up with TNA and induct the nWo as a faction with Scott Hall too. For the Celebrity Wing, I think Lawrence Taylor makes sense. He actually headlined a Wrestlemania and won against Bam Bam Bigelow. Lex Luger won a lot of championships and was pretty over for a long time, he makes sense. Would love to see Sycho Sid in there, one of my favorites. They should induct Jim Cornette but something tells me that's a long shot lol. Paul Bearer is an obvious choice as well in my mind.
you say regular gym workouts but Jerry Lawler has said  in interviews that he's never worked out in his life (other than trained w Fargo), yet he's King of wrestling/memphis wrestling, won 126 titles & is in the hall of fame - jolly good going, i say! :-)