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Going to be 101 today here in Norman, might be too damn hot to sit by the pool and sweat Crisco. But it's never too hot to grill.... 

Lots of random and not all pro wrestling thoughts.....

Learned this yesterday, after getting off blood pressure meds my left eye has returned to 20/20 vision.

Working out three days a week with a personal trainer who has to be reminded I'm a young, 62.

I am NOT retired.

It's curious that Spike hasn't renewed Impact Wrestling as of yet for the new, fall season. That's not a great sign and I hope that they do renew their relationship. Spike doesn't have an over abundance of shows that draw a million viewers in prime time each week. That number could be escalated easily over time. 

Former WCW broadcaster and current Pittsburgh media icon Mark Madden wrote an editorial piece that I enjoyed this week at WrestleZone. I'll take it a step farther and say that ROH and Impact should sit down and strategize on how they can make both brands healthier and that doesn't necessarily mean becoming partners. It might however, allow their talents to earn more money and get more exposure. What do they have to lose? Exactly. Not a damn thing.

For years, pro wrestling organizations have been reluctant to work together, and this goes back to the territory days, because of one reason....out of control egos by the alpha males in charge. These out of control egos and ignorance helped put many territories out of business.

If I were WWE, I'd buy all the ROH footage that features any WWE star past or present that worked in ROH. ROH creates new money and WWE gets new content for their network or DVD's.

Speaking of ROH, the ever present rumor mill says that they might be for sale. I can't verify such but it wouldn't surprise me. The 'new' wore off Sinclair Broadcasting buying their own pro wrestling company a long time ago. Too bad because there's money to be made with ROH if it was positioned better.

Bravo to Impact Wrestling for not starting off their Thursday show with yet ANOTHER long, in ring promo to start their show. Can't others see how predictable and mundane this has become? If I've worked all day and I sit down to watch wrestling the last thing that I want to hear is yet ANOTHER show starting, never ending promo that forces me to attempt to process more minutia and to remember the info that I hear. 

I need to make inroads to two, Oklahoma companies @QuikTrip and @Sonicdrivein. If anyone has any corporate contacts with either company please hit me at Contact Us on the home page of this site. has a new combo pack of JR's BBQ Sauces for only $8.99.

We are working on dates for RINGSIDE w/ Jim Ross shows beginning in January 2015. @nickpampenella handles our routing so if you are in that business, please let Nick know if you are interested in booking a show. We've received amazing response on booking shows for next year.  

Going to watch UFC Fight Night tonight from San Jose on @FoxSports1. Looks to be a good card if everyone made weight.

Daniel Cromier will fight Jon Jones this fall and the big question is how bad is @dc_mma knee? The former OSU Cowboy Wrestler like Jack and Jerry Brisco, Johny Hendricks, and Randy Couture among others has a chance to hit big money but beating Bones on one good leg won't be easy. Sic em DC!

My agent is working on a MMA broadcasting gig for me and the broadcast pairing, if the deal gets done, could be an eye opener. Stay tuned. 

College football fans....pre season rankings mean little and do nothing positive for anyone's team unless they feel dissed. Lofty, pre season rankings can cause more harm than good IMO.

Because the NCAA is so archaic they make it difficult for guys like me to mentor athletes. I'd like to think that I have had some experience in that area from my previous life in pro wrestling where insecurities and paranoia are a daily occurrence but the NCAA doesn't see it that way. To have a player come to one's home to eat a home cooked meal and to discuss life is largely considered an "issue."

This is the same organization that feels that a bagel is a snack but a bagel with a topping IE cream cheese is a meal. I'm being serious.

I get countless tweets @JRsBBQ from fans telling me who they want to be inducted into the WWE HOF as if I had any influence in the process.

Daniel Bryan has had a helluva, memorable year....main eventing WrestleMania, getting married, losing his Dad, undergoing neck surgery, subduing a home invader this week and now apparently needling an additional surgery to get him back in the ring. It's not beyond the realm of comprehension that it could be 201`5 until he's back in a WWE ring. Nonetheless it gives his body a chance to heal and for Bryan and his bride to enjoy life off the road to some degree. The glass can't always be looked upon as half empty even though DB will be missed by his fans. 

OKC hosts WWE tonight with tickets starting at $15 and great seats are in abundance I am told. Hopefully they will change up the card from Tulsa last night to tonight's OKC card. I have friends who are going and will give me their 'update' at the gym tomorrow.  

Our podcast numbers are growing at a significant rate each week and staying in the top ten of all iTunes Top 300 Sports Podcasts even though we only produce one show per week. I could see us doing another show in the future. I;d like to do a show with callers and/or questions via email or Twitter.

The AJ Styles interview this week has been dynamite and one that I really enjoyed doing because AJ and I really had no track record of working with each other. He's the top indy wrestler in the world IMO and a great addition to anyone's locker room.

This Tuesday night at 9 pm eastern time my first of a two part @Sting interview debuts on and iTunes. If you subscribe to the Ross Report for FREE on iTunes you will never miss a show. Costs you 

For any wrestling promoter to consider that draws are obsolete just demonstrates how out of touch they really are when it comes to understanding the make up of the genre and how out of touch they really are regarding the fundamental aspects of the business.

Several weeks ago I mentioned on the Ross Report that if Cesaro, of who I am a HUGE fan, continued to do the fan favorite Giant Swing that he would be swimming upstream in order to be a TV Wrestling Villain. Apparently, WWE had finally instructed Cesaro to cease with the Giant Swing until he eventually turns fan favorite. Better late than never I suppose.

A significant shipment of JR's products are in route to the UK for and and should be arriving soon. Sorry for the inconvenience but it's worth the wait like the Brisco Brothers Body Shop is worth the drive.

Just for the record, it pisses me off when some wrestling sites quote my Ross Report podcasts in WAY too much detail. I am grateful for any and all promotion but to actually quote large chunks of the show isn't professional.

The Lana & Rusev controversy is overblown in my view. They are fictional characters who are neither Russian. Could the writers have been smarter and more conservative in light of the recent tragedy? Absolutely. But is this a major travesty? Not even close. That's my take.

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