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Here's hoping that everyone is having a good weekend. If you are attending any of the festivities at WM29 don't forget that all JR's products including our Beef Jerky will be available at the WWE Super Store that will be located at Met Life Stadium Thursday-Saturday. I will be signing there Friday April 5 from 1-3 p.m. I will be at AXXESS Saturday morning from 8-10 a.m. I hope to see as many of you as possible while we're all in NJ/NY. With that said, let's grill...  We had one of our best nights of TV production ever at NXT on Thursday while taping five, one hour broadcasts of NXT. The marathon took less than four hours which is a credit to all involved on the production and organizational side notwithstanding the talents themselves.  There were some excellent matches taped including one show that was essentially a tribute to the 'Clash of Champions' TV series where every bout was a title bout. Really solid William Regal vs. Kassius Ohno bout among many other matches that stood out. Loved @AntonioCesaro vs. @WWEAdrianNeville. @WadeBarrett vs. @TheBoDallas rocked as well. The Shield also made an impact at FullSail Arena. I just don't see how any true fan of the biz couldn't enjoy an evening at NXT.   @BigELangston had an impressive night and I look for 'E' to have a memorable 2013 in WWE. Hugely strong, highly intelligent, athletic with good feet, Big E simply needs experience to become what WWE needs from him and that is to be a break through star ala The Shield.    Good work at the announce desk by Tony Dawson, Tom Phillips, William Regal and Brad Maddox. Maddox could evolve to be very good in the color commentator role as he has a natural gift of gab, good timing and is a bright kid. I always said that he reminded me of the late, Eddie Gilbert while watching Maddox in the ring down in talent development. @MichaelCole and I enjoy working with the young broadcasters who are getting plenty of reps in NXT.     WWE has hired a new, strength and conditioning coach which is a brilliant move for the long term development of every talent in the system.   One of the highlights, at this stage of the game one appreciates the smaller things in life, of the tapings are the many food trucks that arrive just outside the arena late in the afternoon. I got a homemade burrito that was so big that I was able to share it with @WWEDustyRhodes and we were both happy. The burrito was about the size of one of  Khali's shoes.  Many of the @FullSail students are members of the TV production crew and they are young, motivated and do super of learning while on the job.  You will have to seek out the NXT TV shows in your area as it airs in many countries but not in the USA...yet. It is worth looking for as the stars of tomorrow are all going to pass through NXT in one form or another. HUGE RAW Monday in Philly headlined by both @TheRock and @JohnCena in the house live. The redemption vs. legacy tag lines are all well and good and while being accurate never discount the fact that both men are hugely competitive and accustomed to being 'the man.' They are Alpha Males of which is always interesting to observe.  I've often wondered how Rock and Cena would have co-existed during parts of the Attitude Era especially when one throws in an element like @steveaustinBSR. It would have made for an interesting locker room. These two men travel in different circles and have never been in the WWE grind long enough together to build the unique and often times unspoken bond that many performers have. Call me naive if you choose but I see two, strong willed men who will try to show up the other on April 7 when finesse inside the ring ropes won't be acceptable to them or the fans.  WWE Monday Night Raw was  the most watched broadcast on all of cable TV Monday night.  Was told that Mick Foley's one man show is killing it. Great stories of Mick's soon to be WWE Hall of Fame career seasoned with Mrs. Foley's Baby Boy's own brand of humor.  Impressed with the work done in the ring by the Divas down in NXT this past Thursday. Sara Del Rey is doing a great job coaching and training her prospects.  Anyone who thinks that @TripleH is ready to stop wrestling and spend full time in the administration end of WWE is insane. That's what's at stake with HHH vs. Lesnar at WM29. I can tell you from experience that working in the office at WWE had many perks and rewards but the constant flow of seemingly endless meetings and the long hours day after day were challenging to say the least. Nothing was better for me, personally, than to be sitting at ringside in an arena full of WWE fans which blew the corporate life away.  I have to believe that the Cerebral Assassin feels the same way. When his time comes he will know when to step away but that time isn't now plus guys like him hope if for nothing less than to go out on their own terms which very few wrestlers are able to do.  I'd also guess that, even though they might not admit it, that Lesnar and HHH neither feel that their match isn't the main event of WM29. Same goes for Taker vs. Punk. Personally, I wouldn't have it any other way. One always wants their top talents to believe that their match is THE main event whether it's positioned that way or not.  However, at the end of the day, if Rock vs. Cena do go on last as one would assume, you can see the pressure that falls upon the shoulders of those who have to close the show at a WrestleMania event. Yeah, I know...they get paid well to do so.  For those that ask me on Twitter @JRsBBQ the question, "How can I become a Wrestler?" I wonder what their average age is...12-13?  Q&A's, that made the cut, are updated here on our site. If you have questions, ask them there.  Challenging week as I missed Duck Dynasty and Swamp People. The things we do for work.     if you live in the UK or Europe, visit the @americansoda website in Manchester to order JR's and get our products delivered right to your door. has a heck of a new, special available now online. It's a authentically signed trading card, a new, squirt bottle just like we used in our restaurant including the old logo AND and a bottle of our amazing JR's Chipotle Ketchup all for only $4.99!! That's like a $20 or more value for only $4.99.  Follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ. Boomer Sooner! J.R.               
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 Great blog JR. I was at this past Thursday's NXT tapings and I must say it was truly an amazing show. One of the best I've ever attended. Regal vs. Ohno owned the show, in my opinion, but Cesaro vs. Neville, and Jericho vs. Wyatt, among so many other matches were all brilliant. It was the 5th set of NXT tapings I've attended and by far the best. The food trucks are good but EXPENSIVE AS ALL GET OUT.