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Beautiful day in Norman, Oklahoma. Heading out soon to OU vs. Texas A&M men's basketball. Firing up the grill later but for now.....let's address some more questions.

I expect Monday's Raw to be stellar. Very curious to see how Rock/Cena, HHH/Undertaker, and Punk/Jericho are followed up and in what form that followup takes. 

This Monday's RAW in Boston will obviously be WM28 heavy as it should be. 

If you have the time, check out for all the info on the annual CAC Banquet to be held in Las Vegas on April 16-18 at the Gold Coast Hotel. It's one of the truly fun events of the year and I'm looking forward to the seminar I will conduct on Tuesday April 17 and of course the banquet on Wednesday night April 18. Please consider joining the organization and you will find all the details at the CAC website. 

I'm always surprised that more wrestling websites don't help support CAC as it is a non profit organization that does so many wonderful things for those in need. I guess 'wrestling dirt' is more popular. 

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Best Champion among Thesz, Funk, Jr. and Jack Brisco? I'm not equipped to answer that one as it is too subjective but I will say that Lou Thesz influenced both Junior and Jack immensely. Thesz gave both men in question a standard in which to raise their respective games. Young wrestlers can learn SO much from watching these three on You Tube or DVD. 

Did I enjoy the latest @TheRock DVD? Absolutely. I especially liked Rock's interview in the nearly two hour documentary disc. I'm also pleased that I actually made the final edit. WWE Home Video has been doing some amazing work including DVDs on the Rock, @steveaustinBSR, and the Rivalry DVD featuring @ShawnMichaels and @BretHart. 

Thoughts on Natalya's flatulence, TV persona? Likely not something that I would have thought of but I can't recall any time that Ms Neidhart has been in more discussions or the subject of more questions that she is now. Hopefully, this new found notoriety will lead to bigger and better things for her. She has lots of talent. 

What's your take on the General Manager storyline? If it leads to something at WM28 that provides an opportunity for more talents to punch their dance card at the big event, then I'm all for it. As it stands, I'm not overly interested in who or who is not either General Manager as I am focusing on other bouts and issues for April 1.

Thoughts on NFL Bounty controversy? Distasteful, unnecessary, embarrassing, and will come with a heavy price from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell. I'm all for playing hard, physical football but intentionally trying to hurt another player is pathetic. Expect stiff, eye opening sanctions/penalties. This isn't just a New Orleans Saints issue either. 

Who's the best WWE Diva? Assuming this is referring to wresting and if so I'd suggest that would be Beth Phoenix. Like many fans, I'd love to see Beth face @Kharma but I have no idea if that will be at WM28 and could be saved for after April 1 when it would possibly get more focus. Obviously, the talents would love for it to be as a part of WrestleMania and I can't blame them for that. 

Anyone who cares about the brand and the business in general should want to be a part of WrestleMania. As I have said before, if any one in WWE doesn't embrace the opportunity to contribute at WM28, then they should be released....ASAP. 

Why do you never smile? Are you angry? No, far from it. I'm very blessed and a happy man but three bouts of Bells palsy, which causes facial paralysis, has limited my ability to smile. The paralysis is still lingering around my mouth. I can't whistle either if you keeping score at home. 

Have you ever attended Memphis in May BBQ event? Unfortunately no but I would love to at some point. I know from The King that it's a big time event. 

Will any WCW fixtures such as Sting and DDP ever get inducted into the WWE HOF? I'd say that there is a good chance that happens. More and more talents who earned their proverbial stripes outside WWE will be inducted in years to come. 

Are you an advocate of marinating? Without question. Whether it be burgers, chicken, steaks, ribs, etc everything is better if it has the opportunity to be seasoned to one's liking and sit overnight before beginning the cooking process. For example, for something as simple as grilling burgers, I use bulk ground beef, usually a 80/20 blend, season with our All Purpose Seasoning and some BBQ Sauce, mix it well, and cover in the 'Fridge over night before cooking. If you can't do the overnight thing, marinate for as many hours/minutes as you can. It makes a huge difference. 

JR at WrestleMania? Definitely at AXXESS, schedule still to be determined, and at worst as a fan at the show on April 1. I'm blessed to have a strong, emotional investment in several talents who are embroiled in some key matches at the biggest event of the year.

Do I like Twitter? Obviously, yes. I love interacting with fans and being able to promote our family brand of products via that social media outlet. @JRsBBQ has almost 370,000 followers at last count and is growing weekly. I'm not wild about some, and there aren't many, spineless punks who like to act tough or be a smart ass on Twitter but it goes with the territory. If the disenfranchised don't like us, then simply unfollow. 

Who wins, Rock or Cena at WM28? Don't know...don't want to know...but Cena should have the edge going into the match but, without question, Rock will have a HUGE homefield advantage. The question will linger about how much 'ring rust' Rock may have come April 1. I'm less concerned about that than most but it's still an issue worth addressing. 

Speaking of WrestleMania...nicest compliment I got this week on the subject and this was via Twitter @JRsBBQ is that my voice defines WrestleMania. That covers a bunch of ground and I'm certainly not worthy of that accolade as many voices have provided the sound track for WWE's premier event. Nonetheless, it was very nice to read. Thanks.

Best 'Bounty' pro wrestling storylines? There were tons used in the territory days. @DustyWWE had many on him including Terry Funk which was classic and one that fans may not remember that was big in Mid South was a bounty that Colonel Buck Robley placed on Ken Mantell. I refereed a portion of that one, got mangled in the process which brought in Ernie Ladd as a special guest referee to help me and The Big Cat then turned on Mantell. The final 'Bounty Hunter,' no it wasn't Dog the Bounty Hunter, was Terry Funk who Mantell beat in an amazing match in New Orleans to earn the right to get his hands on Buck ("Nobody Calls Me Yellow!")

Is your sauce available in the UK? How many times a week do you think that I get this gem? The answer is yes and it's at The UK orders more JR's product from WWEShop than any country other than the USA. Canada is moving up in sales as well. 

Does Norman Homeland stores still carry JR's products. Yes. There are four, Homeland Grocery stores in Norman...on Robinson, Lindsey, Main and Alameda and they carry all our products. We are working on getting our products into other grocery stores in the Oklahoma area as well. If you're traveling on I35 through Norman hit a Homeland and pick up some products at a great price and with NO shipping costs. 

If you attend the OU vs. Texas A&M hoops game today, you will see a short, entrance video that I recorded last week for the Sooners. Used some words that you might have heard before. If you watch it on TV in your area, check local listings, I will be sitting courtside across from the OU bench. Stocky guy in gray goatee in a black hat. 

Concerned that Taker vs. HHH is their 3rd Wrestlemania bout? Heck, no. Their history is a vital part of the fabric of WWE, their first match was 11 years ago, and the way the match ended last year with Undertaker being carted out of 'his event' adds to the drama. These two, great professionals will make it a daunting task for any one to follow them assuming that they don't go on last which would surprise me. 

The mere fact that it is quite likely that HHH vs. Taker will NEVER happen again is enough for this fan to want to see WM28. 

Thoughts on Jericho vs. Punk? They have many similar traits that I like and respect. I appreciate each man's journey to the big dance. I respect that even though many 'experts' said that neither would ever 'make it' that each persevered and have earned star status. However, at the end of the day, their match isn't, in my view, about who is the best in the world but rather who will leave Miami as the #1 man in WWE, the WWE Champion. 

Would I rather call a an acrobatic oriented match or a more traditional, ground oriented bout? I do like them both but any match that is paced so fast that the fans can't react to all that they see or understand what they see disconnects me. Wrestling at too fast a pace is one of the most common problems young wrestlers have. I'm not advocating plodding and boring but smart pacing with peaks and valleys while utilizing logic do take precedence in my opinion.

If you attend WrestleMania AXXESS, remember that JR's products will be featured at the WWE Merchandise stand. 

Going to watch Showtime tonight and am especially interested in the women's MMA bout between Rousy and Tate. I think that Women's MMA could be a viable brand and could be strongly marketed. It's all about making the performers/fighters relevant and allowing the fan base to know who these fighters are as human beings and not just as one dimensional athletes. Too many young women in the future will aspire to be MMA fighters for the brand to not be able to work if UFC/Zuffa gives it some focus and TLC. 

Loved being on this morning with my pal Sean Pendergast. If you follow me on Twitter @JRsBBQ we will post the podcast of it later today.

Have a great weekend and for those attending the Boston Raw Monday night, I'm envious. Should be a helluva TV broadcast nonetheless. 

Boomer Sooner!


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My favorite "bounty" storyline is from 1983 when NWO World champion Harley Race but a bounty on Ric Flair.  Cowboy Bob Orton and Dick Slater were the bounty hunters who would attack Flair every week on tv and pile drive him which eventually led to Flair beating Race at Starcade '83 for the belt. The last bounty storyline i can recall was Triple H putting a bounty on Goldberg in 2003.