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Hope everyone is enjoying a great weekend. Let's roll with some random thoughts and answers to a few questions.

Enjoyed being on http:/ this morning with my pal Sean Pendergast. The podcast will be up later today and I will Tweet it from @JRsBBQ.

Q.."How's Bobby Heenan?" It's tough for Bobby to communicate but from what I understand he's doing as well as can be expected under the circumstances. Cancer is a vile and vicious affliction. 'The Wease' is making a few, select appearances which is good. I love the guy and he was visited recently by Dusty Rhodes and Harley Race in Tampa. 

I never said Undertaker's Streak at WrestleMania would end in the ring. I've actually said the contrary and that I did not think it would happen. That's simply my opinion but it can only be determined in the ring. Obviously, the Streak will end some day when Taker retires which I do not expect to be this year. That decision is entirely up to Undertaker and how his body is holding up after years of combat. 

Q.."Will Chris Brown ever wrestle/fight CM Punk?" I hope not. Can't see it ever happening.

Q.."Bruno vs. Austin both in their prime?" Bruno fans will say Bruno and Austin fans will say Austin as there is no way of knowing. Austin was quicker, Bruno was stronger and both were physically and mentally tough. To predict one over the other is an exercise in futility. 

Q.."Am I concerned about the weather at WM29 in New Jersey?" Absolutely not. Why would any sane person worry about something that they cannot control? 

Going outdoors for events such as WrestleMania present a majestic image and an immense stage but weather will always be a concern no matter where the venue is located. I predict that WM29 will sell out well in advance of the event when tickets go on sale sometime this fall. The show will go on rain or to speak.

Q.."How do we contact JR for media interviews, to discuss paid personal appearances, business opportunities, etc?" Go to the home page of this site and click on to Contact Us and follow the directions. 

Q.."Will Owen Hart ever go into the WWE HOF?" My assumption would be yes but not any time soon due to circumstances beyond WWE's control. 

Q.."Was Vader under utilized during is WWE run?" I'd say no because Vader was in several main event scenarios but was limited due to wear and tear on his big body and untimely injuries. Vader was amazingly athletic for a super heavyweight and I felt his WWE tenure was productive. Could it have been better? hindsight most talents could have had better hindsight.

Q.."Are some WWE Superstars jealous of Rock's return to WWE and headlining WM28?" Probably, but I've not spoken directly to any that express that sentiment however jealousy isn't anything new in the genre or in any locker room. For one to think that it isn't is being naive. @TheRock returning  to WWE is about BUSINESS and the bigger the pie the bigger the slice for everyone.  

Q.."Do you follow European Football (soccer)?" No and I say that respectfully. However when I cordially retweet a 'good luck' to a team for a die hard fan who requests it I generally get taken to task by that team's rival. 

Q.."What your AXXESS schedule going to be for WM28?" I still don't know but I do know that I will be making multiple appearances in Miami during WM28 week. Plus, WWE will be featuring JR's products at the WWE Merchandise area at AXXESS. 

Q.."Are you inducting any one at the WWE HOF?" No. I'm going to be able to go and enjoy one of my favorite events of the year strictly as a fan. Can't wait. 

Q.."Would you be interested in being a GM of Raw or Smackdown?" Not particularly. That's not what brought me to the dance. 

Q.."Does ship to Canada?" Absolutely and Canada is rapidly becoming a hotbed for our brand as shipping is reasonable and delivery time is quicker than most would think. Thanks, Canada. 

Q.."Why won't you name your favorite match of all time?" Because I don't know the answer. It changes by the day. It'd be like the father of many children naming their favorite child. I've been blessed to have been at ringside for some of the biggest bouts in history that all have significance professionally and personally to me. 

Q.."Do you still think that JBL will induct Ron Simmons into the WWE HOF?" That's my personal assumption. @JCLayfield is the perfect choice for many reasons. John might damn near steal the show with his intro. 

Q.."Will WWE music man Jim Johnson ever be inducted into the WWE HOF?" Gosh I have no idea. Jim is a talented man and has left his mark on WWE music for years but I don't know if that correlates into HOF status.  

Q.."Do you want to wrestle Michael Cole at WM28?" Absolutely, not. And not any where else either. That hand has been played. Time to shuffle the deck and deal new cards. Cole and JR don't need to be taking valuable TV time that should be used by young talents who are expected to be the stars of the future. 

Q.."What pro wrestler, in their prime, could have beaten Dan Hodge, in his prime, in a legit, wrestling match?" Yes, I'm biased but I never saw anyone who could hang with Hodge when Danny was at his best. Just Google him and take a look at his amateur record in wrestling AND boxing. If Hodge was in his prime today, he would be the face of UFC. Hodge was around 220 in the pros so size cold have been a detriment but his strength, especially his grip, was inhuman. 

Q.."Did John Cena's promo Monday night on Raw resonate with you?" It impressed me a great deal as I thought it was John's best in ring promo ever. He spoke from his heart and how that he personally feels about @TheRock whether folks agree with @JohnCena or not. I loved John's passion and expect one hell of a rebuttal this Monday night on RAW.

The best and most productive rivalries in the genre of sports entertainment, and this goes back forever, are organic, personal issues. Yes, 'meaningful' titles are imperative, without question, but adding the personal component to a title tilt makes it even more marketable. That's what I see happening with the @CMPunk vs. @IAmJericho WWE Title bout at WM28. The WWE Title is the most coveted prize in WWE but this bout will escalate even more while  becoming a personal issue of significance. The on camera build for Punk-Jericho should rival anything that we fans have heard and seen in years.

Rock vs. Cena has been simmering for a year. Social media has helped underscore this match and will continue to help enhance this main event that will surely close the show at WM28. Going on last at an event like WM28 cbrings with it immense pressure and responsibility. Some men have buckled under this pressure and under delivered when the lights were shining their brightest.

Neither Cena nor Rock will wilt while closing the show in Miami. Both men come from legit, athletic backgrounds where being in the starting lineup and playing in the big game was a part of their athletic DNA. Both men have intense work ethic and both perceive that they are the alpha male inside the squared circle. Obviously something has to give and watching this one play out including this Monday in Portland on Raw all the way through to the 'second bell' at WM28 truly intrigues me. 

As far as Undertaker vs. HHH inside HIAC, one can safely say that these two future Hall of Famers have logged more WrestleMania main events than they have left. Am I saying that this is the last time that we see either HHH or Undertaker compete at a WrestleMania? No. However, no one ever beats Mother Nature which is why I think that these two, talented, dedicated and passionate veterans will have a match for the ages inside the unyeilding HIAC. Both know what to do inside 'Satan's Structure" to maximize the impact of their presentation. I see two, proud men wrestling as if this could be their last WM match because no one can gurantee our tomorrows.   

"Will Sammartino's WWE Title reign ever be broken?" Highly Unlikely. I'd bet some JR's BBQ Sauce that no one even comes close. 

"You watching UFC tonight from Tokyo?" To be determined (TBD). There are some interesting matchups but it all depends on the Mrs' plans for the evening. If it was a 'must see' PPV I would definitely watch it live but it doesn't strike me as such.

"What's the one match in WWE history that you didn't call that you wished that you could have?" WM3...Andre vs. Hulk and Savage vs. Steamboat. 

"Does Jake the Snake Roberts deserve to be inducted into the WWE HOF?" He certainly does in my opinion. Great mind. Amazing psychology. Headlined some amazing events and made many less talented main eventers better because of his ability to accentuate his opponent's strengths. 

"Are you going to be announcing at WM28?" I assume not but that could change. 

"Who in FCW seems to be ready to be called up?" It largely depends on WWE's plans for the talents once they are called up. Several talents look to be close. There's ample talent in FCW, without question, but how well they do once they elevate to the primary roster becomes a new ball game. The ones that continue to work on their in ring skills, study DVDs, remain diligent with their strength and conditioning work and conduct themselves as professionals 24/7 are the ones who at least stand the chance of making it to the Promised Land...and staying a while.

Happy Birthday to Ric Flair. Naitch called me this past week to catch up. He's got a great opportunity with Coca Cola's energy drink along with his state lottery work. I went on You Tube and checked out Ric's TV commercials for the lotteries he promotes and they were hilarious. 

Some of my fondest memories in the business involve Ric Flair and I'm so blessed to have been able to broadcast not only many Ric Flair bout but @ShawnMichaels bouts over the years, too as they are widely considered the two, best, all around pro wrestlers ever. That's a debate that will rage on until the end of time but no one can intelligently say that Naitch and HBK aren't on an abbreviated list of the best ever. 

Thanks for visiting and supporting our family's efforts in building our business of BBQ Sauces, Chipotle Ketchup, Main Event Mustard, All Purpose Seasoning, and 5 flavors of Beef Jerky. Plus, our autographed JR's Cookbook is doing super as well. We appreciate you all.

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Good blog. Glad JR cleared that up about the Streak ending when Taker retires and not in an actual match.

And while i'd have liked for Vader to have got a WWF world title or two he did pin Undertaker at Royal Rumble 1997 and took Michaels to the limit at Summerslam 1996 so...

And i also have a hard time picking my favorite match of all time but if i was forced to pick one i'd go with Bret Hart vs Shawn Michaels Ironman match at Mania 12 followed closely by Hart-Austin Mania 13 and Taker-Michaels at Mania 25.

And the greatest of all time is wide open between Hart, Flair, Michaels, Austin, Undertaker, Savage, Angle and Hogan to name a few.

And i agree that Snake Roberts deserves to be in the HOF more than a lot of people in there now.

If Vince McMahon still has a brain in his head, you'll be calling Wrestlemania.
The last thing ANYONE wants to listen to is Michael Cole talking about twitter nonstop during The Rock/Cena match.

Here's an idea: Let the Rock walk out, call Michael Cole in to the ring, and rock bottom him before the match starts.

"If The Rock is wrestling on the grandest stage of them all, the Rock is getting the best announcer of them all."

Out walks J.R. to the announce table.

And thus, Wrestlemania can end the way it should.

Otherwise, I'll just watch with the sound muted.

 Hey J.R.

I really enjoy reading what you have to say about current affairs and future possibilities in the WWE. I personally feel that John Cena Vs The Rock is the best thing that the WWE could have went for at the time that they made it. 

I think John Cena giving himself his own Attitude Adjustment on this past RAW with the Eve/Ryder angle is the best thing he could have done in the build up to this match with The Rock, it had to be done. Personally I feel it could have been done sooner, the whole Kane trying to get him to embrace the hate was an interesting angle and clearly one to build up John Cena, but he didn't particularly need that in my opinion. Maybe it shown that Cena did rise above the hate, but it might also explain how he went the way he did on RAW too, I'm interested to see how the angle plays out and how they involve that into the Segments building up to Wrestlemania...with Kane, Ryder and Eve all having a part of that, plus the fact they don't particularly like each other anyway.

Last Years Wrestlemania had it's moments but overall in my opinion it was average. Their biggest show of the year really made me feel strongly that the WWE had to improve. Now with Cena Vs Rock, Taker Vs HHH HIAC, Punk Vs Jericho and Bryan Vs Sheamus.....this could really be the best Wrestlemania in a long, long time! 

I'm predicting some sort of Team Long Vs Team Lauranitis 6 man/ 8 man tag match with Del Rio, Christian, Otunga, Henry and maybe even a possible return of Rey Mysterio. Cody Rhodes Vs Big Show for the Intercontinental Championship with Rhodes retaining would be HUGE for him! 

Looking forward to it, should be a great event...also hope to see some sort of involvement in any sort of capacity from the legend, the great Stone Cold Steve Austin. Hope you're announcing as well J.R., I really think that you in WWE commentating doing what you do best is amazing.

I have one question to ask if you'd be so kind to answer.

Mean Gene Okerland used to interview wrestlers either in the arena or backstage, would you be particularly interested if WWE were ever to propose that you give short interviews with the Wrestlers where you aren't disrespected in anyway, and the Wrestlers can really show their characters and personality speaking to you and answering your questions?

In UFC the fighters speak to Joe Rogan, he does a fantastic job speaking to the fighters after the match is over and I just feel simple basic things like that would do the WWE a lot of good! HBO Boxing have Max Kellerman, every combat sport has you feel WWE should have the same, in situations that make logical sense? Michael Cole would be excellent at this as well, My logic is with you at commentary and Cole backstage doing the interviews that would make it SO much better! 

This is as long as your blog, but I thought if I'm going to write something huge, I'd prefer to write to good Ol' J.R.


Great question about Jim Johnson. I sure hope he would get in eventually. Untertaker's gong, Stone Cold's glass breaking, Hulk's opening guitar riff? As much a part of their careers as any mic work or in ring action they have done.

Sure hope he gets in one day.