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Beautiful day in Norman, Oklahoma so let's knock this blog out of the park and head to the backyard for some grilling and pool time. check out this link and save $$ on JR's products at

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Jerry Sandusky found guilty Friday night for heinous crimes against young boys will see the long time, former coach at Penn State behind bars for the ret of his natural life. I'm thinking that Satan has a place in Hell reserved for the troubled, soulless man. The civil lawsuits from this series of tragedies will cost PSU millions not to mention the PR scars that will take years to heal. The lawyers may end up with bigger paydays than the victims. That's another tragedy. Sad days in Happy Valley.

WWE is approaching the 1000th episode of Monday night Raw in St. Louis on July 23. I've got to believe that this will be a hot ticket in St. L. I've cleared my calendar in case I'm called upon to be a part of the festivities. The best years of my WWE career were spent doing the live, Monday Night Raw broadcasts when, often times, the chips were down during the Monday night wars. Being a part of WWE's franchise broadcast was a honor. I hope that those that are engaged in today's Monday night process fully realize how special it is to be along for the ride on Monday nights and never approach the gig as merely a job. 

I got tons of tweets this week from fans who enjoyed the new, NXT. I worked on all of the first four broadcasts and appear in the main event segments in the next round of four shows. Partnering with William Regal was an enjoyable experience as we tried to make the show about the talents by using objectivity and honesty and not being the "Battling Bickerson's." The job of every broadcaster in this genre is to enhance and better represent the talents in ways in which the viewer will emotionally invest and not roll their eyes in absurd disbelief.

I mentioned this morning on Sean Pendergast's national radio show on that if I had to choose one antagonist to cut a money promo to sell PPV's and tickets who's currently in WWE that it would be Paul Heyman. Heyman is naturally argumentative, stubborn and headstrong. But he's also highly intelligent and doesn't play the 'role' of a wrestling bad guy. What one sees with Heyman is what you have in reality. Brock Lesnar is fortunate that he has Heyman legitimately in his corner to represent the former WWE and UFC champion who had rather 'harvest' animals than deal with humans. Check out the podcat at the Yahoo Sports Radio website.

Sandusky madness sort of bumped Roger Clements acquittal off the radar. Our federal government should be ashamed for spending over $10M on the Rocket's trial. I'm not endorsing perjury but in today's challenging times for our country to spend so much money and man hours on a baseball pitcher's trial is borderline insanity. I'm begging Uncle Sam to balance his checkbook and feed the hungry people in our country. 

Don't miss Redneck Island tonight on CMT w/ @steveaustinBSR. This will episode #3. Check your local listings.

I'm not wild about Kevin Durant playing for the USA in the Olympics but certainly understand the motivation to do so. I'd selfishly rather see KD working on adding some muscle and bulk to his lean frame. 

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For those that keep asking, I am not a hater of @michaelcole but I, better than most, know how challenging his job is in today's multi platform, serve many master's, Monday Night Raw. 'Hate' is such a strong emotion especially for anything involving a TV show. Why not save our 'Hate' for things like cancer, children's issues, starvation, etc? To dislike...fine. To HATE..not so good. 

Is it ironic that many of today's younger wrestlers compete at much too fast a pace while many of today's younger fans have little or no patience on how talent's evolve and develop? 

Proud of one of my signees of years gone by @JCLayfield aka JBL for his tireless efforts in working with disadvantaged youth. JBL is in Russian as we speak thousands of feet above sea level attempting to climb the tallest mountain there. Follow John's adventure on Twitter @JCLayfield. 

Mentioned Heyman earlier as it relates to cutting money promos but JBL has to be included in that grouping as well. John reinvented himself multiple times in WWE and each incarnation was for the better. He became a top star and @JCLayfield will be a WWE HOF'er in the future in my opinion.

Not too jacked about tonight's UFC PPV and likely won't invest but instead wait until their July PPV. UFC is learning the hard way what it's like to have, arguably, too many TV events with not enough main event level star power to go around. Injuries have depleted a large sector of the UFC lineup and their outstanding brand won't sell on its own. Stars sell PPV's and that's the way it is for WWE as well. Not titles for titles sake. Not gimmicks. Stars fighting stars. 

The Twitter, keyboard warriors of the week are those cowards who apparently Tweet insults in languages that I don't understand such as Arabic.

Less than 70 days and counting until the best time of the year for me,  College Football Season. I'm excited for my Oklahoma Sooners #boomersooner and plan on attending every game, home and away, as it currently stands. Maybe I can put together some meet and greets while on the road if the details can be worked out. 

Still doing some finishing touches on the exciting, new THQ produced WWE13 and all I can say is that this game brings the ATTITUDE! 

Amazing how some jerk-offs on Twitter are either making fun of me for having Bells palsy or blaming me for what appears regarding it on TV. If it doesn't bother me at this point in time in my life then why should it bother others?  I have long since stepped away from my issues with Bells and refuse to allow it to dictate any phase of my life to me. It will not define me. When I'm told to "grow a set" I'd suggest to those tools that I grew "a set" long ago specifically when I walked to the ring to broadcast a Wrestlemania main event with half my face hanging and I had to hold it up to speak to where I could be understood. I can only surmise that those making these cowardly remarks are younger, defiant males and if that assumption is true I am truly worried about the future with those individuals as potential leaders in our world. However, perhaps I shouldn't be worried as people like this are rarely successful or viable contributors in any society. My life is too blessed to worry about what turds say on Twitter about me or what occurs on a satirical skit in an entertainment based, TV show. Lighten up, Francis!

Being involved in NXT and more importntly the WWE Developmental system is very rewarding and I am excited to be a part o this crucial process going forward. Where do tomorrow's WWE stars come from? Right through WWE Developmental, without question.

Congrats to @JohnCena for granting his 300th Make-A-Wish which is an amazing accomplishment. Not sure many realize how challenging it is to interact with terminally ill children but take it from me it's sobering, memorable and life changing. I can remember every Make-A-Wish that I've done over the years and I'm no where close to 300.  These are the bravest kids in the world. No matter if one likes Cena's TV persona or not this isn't about a TV show or a TV character but about life and death reality. John Cena should be saluted for his efforts. 

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Thanks for stopping by and please check out the updated Q&A section of the site and see if your question made the cut.  

Boomer Sooner!


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 JR -

Any idea where someone not on Bright House can view the New NXT? I've heard good things and I'm dying to hear you and Regal in the booth!


I think that the comments you are speaking of are generally well-intending.  Nobody likes to see someone they respect be taken advantage of.  The groundswell of outrage on the internet extends far beyond these select few you are speaking of.  A lot of people are up in arms over it, and for good reason.  We can't all be wrong.   

M Frank

It bothered me when Vince McMahon made fun of your Bells Palsey on Raw. Seems to be very hypocritical of the chairman of the WWE since his company is promoting an anti-bullying campaign. You are one of his best devoted employees who has stayed with WWE even after he pulled you out of the broadcast booth which was a foolish mistake. I admire you JR and I hope I can live my life by your example by turning the other check, not having hate in your heart and forgiving those that have no moral values. Hope to buy some of that barbecue sauce also-Starting watch NXT only because your broadcasting again!

I'm very happy to see that justice has been served, and Sandusky is serving his time for his crime. I think anyone who does this to children should be behind bars! There's no excuse for this behavior, or for any trash like this to be roaming around freely on this earth!

JR, I've gotta say that I despise Twitter with a passion. I used to have a twitter account, but have deleted it over a year ago. I've had a horrible experience on that site, and I refuse to go back! Granted, it seems like mentally unstable and immature individuals seemed to have taken over the internet over the past few years. However they seem more prevelant on Twitter for some reason. I just have no use for that site, whatsoever. Nor do I have any use for any stupid immature idiots, who haven't been brought up right!

I still believe that you're the best color commentator around today. It's a shame that you're not able to be on the air as much. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed hearing you and Jerry "The King" Lawler go back and forth in the past. No disrepect to Michael Cole, or the others, but it's just not the same.

You and Jan have a good one! Send my love to Jan. Take care.

Hopefully Sandusky will find his way into the genaral population. He shouldn't even be breathing. Sadly, there are many more out there .