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We hope that everyone is having a great Saturday. Lots of interesting questions being thrown at us via Twitter @JRsBBQ. Here's some feedback to many of them in this quick blog.

What do I expect from Chris Jericho live on Raw this Monday night? I have no way of knowing but w/o saying a word he made an impact and created ample discussion last week in Memphis. What if Jericho decided to disrespect the live audience and the TV viewers again by NOT addressing them again this week? Would there be outrage, disgust or smiles?

Have I ever experienced a wrestling promo that had significant impact where essentially nothing was said? Yes...Undertaker and HHH last year in their initial build to Wrestlemania. That was one of the most memorable segments of Raw TV in years. 

Does the lack of size of some wrestlers in WWE adversely affect me as a fan? Absolutely not. I like talented wrestlers and those individuals come in a variety of shapes and sizes. If everyone is 6'4"-250 pounds, who is visually unique? An athlete's heart and charisma can't be measured by pounds and inches.

What was my favorite aspect of the new, Stone Cold DVD? The alternate commentary that Steve and I did for three of his hand picked, Wrestlemania bouts. He was extremely insightful and @steveaustinBSR really opened up about wrestling psychology and how he personally approached his craft. Lots of young wrestlers can learn a great deal by listening to Steve in this presentation.  

Is my mostly gray goatee permanent? TBD. We're still getting to know each other. It's an experiment as a result of a lazy guy not shaving during the holidays. I'm not becoming a TV villain as best that I know and if I was I could do so w/o facial hair.  

Are there any more Rivalry Series DVDs being planned by WWE? I'm not certain but off the success of the Bret-HBK release last fall I would assume so. There are many viable candidates but those in mind, in my view, need to be living and willing to sit down together and discuss their rivalry. Dead men tell no tales. Plus, the talents need to be contractually able to do a WWE production and have the time to invest in it. 

Do I think that Brock Lesnar will return to WWE in 2012? Been asked many Brock questions since his retirement from UFC but this one seems to be the one most frequently posed. The answer is no. Lesnar's first appearance, if he even has one, should be at a Wrestlemania and this year's WM28 already has a headliner in @TheRock vs. @JohnCena plus Undertaker's Streak which I assume will also take place. 

Here's a dandy. What's JR's favorite band? No wedding band. Mama didn't raise no fool. But I do like ZZ Top and the Eagles. Old school, classic rock 'n roll.

NFL Wildcard Predictions? Texans, Falcons, Saints, and Steelers. 

Would I like to see the Iron Sheik in the WWE Legends House? That would be a hoot. Lots of beeps and perhaps a need for closed captioning. As best that I know, the cast has NOT been finalized for this WWE Network reality show. 

Does WWE need Diva Tag Titles? Hell no. It's challenging enough to make the Divas relevant as it is much less to add another title that would not get enough viable exposure to make it mean any thing. 

We're beginning to get many WWE HOF questions which we normally do this time of the year. I haven't heard any thing conclusive regarding who will headline the HOF in Miami during WM28 weekend. I can say that one doesn't have to have spent significant or any time in WWE to be inducted. There are examples of that already in WWE's HOF such as Gordon Solie, Abdullah the Butcher, and the Original Sheik. Plus, let's not confuse the 'celebrity wing' of the Hall IE Pete Rose, Drew Carey, etc to the athletes who earned their distinction with their efforts in the ring and beyond. The celeb wing is an enhanced marketing and promotional tool for those that have assisted WWE a random times and should not be confused with true wrestlers, etc.

What's my take on @RealKevinNash and Warrior's verbal issues? Not sure what prompted it but they will likely NEVER have an official, physical confrontation. It did provide some entertaining exchanges during a slow news week. 

My highlight of Friday Night Smackdown this week? Mark Henry's commentary. Loved it. 

Why did the broadcast team of JR and Paul Heyman work so well considering it seemed that the two of you did not like each other?  @HeymanHustle and myself came from extremely diverse backgrounds but had many of the same philosophical concepts as it relates to the genre. At times during broadcasts, I did get legit angry with Paul and I'm sure that he did with me. However, our job was to further storylines, explain the reasons for the bouts, embellish the talents no matter if they were heroes or villains, and to add drama, humor, and unpredictability to the TV presentation. Egocentrically, I'd like to think that more often than not that we succeeded. Some of our work together in WCW was particularly volatile which added to a few otherwise lackluster bouts at times.

I've always thought that the wrestlers write the music we love to hear while the announcers author the lyrics.

Would Brock Lesnar have been as big a star in UFC if he had gone straight to UFC from college? Absolutely not. Establishing himself as a major star in WWE first  immediately propelled Lesnar in UFC as a fighter that the hardcore MMA fans paid big money to see lose IE a natural born villain that was built organically. Brock also brought many wrestling fans to the PPV table for UFC which equated to large dollars. UFC losing Lesnar as a PPV selling attraction is a blow.   

BCS Title Predication? I like Alabama simply because I think Saban's a better coach than Miles and having so long to prepare is to Bama's favor strategically. I also feel that defense and a sound running game helps win championships and even though both teams have these bases covered the Crimson Tide seems to be just a little better. For the record, any one thinking that this game is being played on a 'neutral field' in New Orleans is Pet Coon Goofy. LSU bussed to the do the math.

Where can I get your products? ships virtually all over the world. Some countries have issues with the Beef Jerky because it is 'imported meat.' Any questions one has on shipping, etc can be answered via the website including their Customer Service Department. Visit the site and see how easy it is to obtain the info. 

Will JR's Products ever be in retail stores? We hope so but accomplishing that isn't easy. We're addressing it but have no significant info on that matter at this time. However, we are in the four, Norman, Oklahoma Homeland Grocery Stores. 

Is JR's Main Event Mustard good for a low carb diet? Absolutely, 1 gram of carbs per serving and 1 gram of sugar per serving. It's a spicy, sweet and healthy condiment. Our Sauces are LOW fat too. 

Do I want to physically engage Michael Cole again? No...I think WWE fans have seen enough of two, non athletes venture out of their areas of expertise. That leaking ship has sailed. Let's move on and provide more deserving, legit talents the valuable TV time. 

Would I like to see Beth Phoenix 'wrestle' Chelsea handler? Nope. I would like to see Beth Phoenix wrestle in bouts longer than a commercial break though. 

Thoughts on Penn State football coaching hire? Somewhat perplexing. However, I hear O'Brien is a really smart coach. He'll have lots to overcome but what is disturbing about this matter is the number of vocal alums damning the hire. PSU fans need to rally not continue to attempt to exist under dark clouds. All the negativity obviously will adversely affect recruiting which is college football's lifeline. 

Will Cris Cyborg's failed drug test doom Women's MMA? Not even close in my view. I've long been an advocate of quality, women's MMA and feel that it is highly promotable and can be a viable, added attraction to many MMA cards. Zuffa has to do all they can to produce new stars and to create intriguing match ups for the seemingly endless fights that they will promote on all their platforms this year. If some tough, athletic ladies get hot from a marketing perspective then that helps UFC/Strike Force's cause. I can see younger ladies being influenced by MMA and looking to get involved in the genre much like many teen boys are doing at an early age.  

If I'm a first time buyer what JR's products should I try? I generally suggest one of the package deals at as many of which come with authentically,  autographed swag. However, if someone wants to order only one bottle of product, I'd suggest JR's Original BBQ Sauce for starters. 

Am I attending the Royal Rumble in St. Louis? That's TBD but I hear that the event is close to selling out. The one hour plus Royal Rumble match is the most challenging bout of the year to call for a broadcaster. I've been lucky enough to broadcast many of them and I particularly remember when I handled one with @OfficialTaz back in the day. That might have been one of the first TV events that we actually worked together. 

Does JR ever make personal appearances? I've made a few and enjoy doing them. I am considering doing more in 2012 but will remain selective. I don't care to be involved in events that aren't well organized and aren't fan friendly.

What do I see in the @JohnCena vs. @TheRock bout in Miami at WM28? This is really hard to call as it relates to a winner or a loser and honestly the outcome isn't something that I dwell upon. But the expectations for this match will be off the page much like a Super Bowl. the two talents will be expected to raise the bar to a lofty level which puts amazing pressure on both men. I'd love to see this match exceed expectations and expect both to prepare diligently to make the music that we'll remember for years to come. Again, expectations for the WM28 main event are through the roof.  

What two products have surprised me with how they have sold? The BBQ Sauces, Chipotle Ketchup and Main Event Mustard have always been strong and for good reason. However, the All Purpose Seasoning which can be used ala a dry rub or as a seasoning for virtually any dish one prepares and the Beef Jerky which is custom made, smoked the old school way and is 97% Fat Free have really evolved. The Jerky has become my 'snack' of choice especially when watching TV. 

Will we develop any new JR's products? That's likely but that process isn't an overnight thing and we refuse to 'settle' and half-ass it. If the end result isn't an excellent product it becomes merely a gimmick and we aren't putting our family name on a gimmick. Perhaps a HOT Sauce or a Steak Sauce some day. We've also discussed salad dressings.

I answered a tweet last week asking if I was ever going to return to weekly, WWE TV. My answer was honest based on what I know at this time and that answer was "not likely." That certainly doesn't mean that I couldn't return for an occasional broadcast or perhaps even a PPV here and there. Again, that's not MY call.  Storyline wise, I've been 'fired' so that matter would obviously have to be addressed to facilitate a logical return. Health wise I'm good to go and for that I'm thankful.

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Boomer Sooner!

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I figured that Cybord is on something because she lifts up her husband anytime I see her... they must have different traditions over in Brazil.

Any chance that Newt Gingrich will be a surprise entrant in this year's Royal Rumble considering come next week he'll have alot more time on his hands?

I agree with you about Mark Henry's commentary.  It was great.  I also really enjoyed Cody Rhodes' match with Booker T, and I thought Daniel Bryan's World Title defense against the Big Show was a good match as well. 

This past Smackdown broadcast was my first opportunity to see Jinder Mahal.  I thought he was a very impressive looking athlete, and he certainly seemed to get a lot of response from the crowd.  The three way interaction between him, Sheamus, and Wade Barrett was pretty intense.  I think those three guys will each perform well in the Rumble.

Oh yeah, and I also enjoyed the match between tag champs Air Boom and the team of Primo and Epico.  What I enjoyed most about that match was looking at Rosa.  Wow, talk about hot.

FYI, can't wait for Monday to see more from the returning Ayatollah of Rock and Rolla!

I cant wait for WM 28!

I think for the Rivalry DVD to work there has to have been some legit real life heat between the participants like with Bret-HBK. I always got the feeling that Stone Cold Steve Austin and Triple H never really liked each other especially around the year 2001 when Austin returned from injury and took HHH's spot in the title picture and again in 2002 when HHH returned from injury and took Austin's spot on top. Same with Austin-Rock i guess once Rock became nearly as popular as Austin was and the 2 were fighting for the top spot in WWE. Other than that i'd say McMahon-Bishoff but i think that was done years ago with the Monday Night Wars DVD.


I think that a Rock-Austin rivalry DVD would be pretty sweet.  These two guys had a classic rivalry.  I think that they always had a mutual respect for one another, however, I do remember the time when Austin walked out on the company and Rock cut a promo on TV about how Stone Cold had "taken his ball and went home."  That was right about the time the WWF became the WWE, and Rock told Austin that "just like the slogan says, get the F out!"

I remember seeing an interview some time after that where Austin mentioned that that promo really hurt him.  I believe that they have long since buried the hatchet, but this is a rivalry that produced many great matches in the ring, and evidentally had some real life drama as well.