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Happy Memorial Weekend to all and a hearty thanks to all the Armed Forces around the world who are committed to freedom and keeping their country's safe. Grilling time is near so let's cook....

Bit of advice for those traveling outside their own borders...know the country of which you are traveling's laws and customs. Take no risks that might be perceived as disrespect and certainly do not break any local laws. When in Rome....

Regarding the multitude of questions we have received on Twitter @JRsBBQ regarding on going legal matters of interest to some for whatever reasons, usually folks just looking for dirt, I have no desire or motivation to comment on such. I'm not a lawyer nor am I informed of any pending legal issues plus to comment regarding on going matters would be extremely ill advised IE stupid. on their Classics pages have released a list of their perceived Top 25 Masters of the Mic. Obviously, any 'list' is partially designed to create controversy and this one certainly has. 

Steve Austin was ranked #1 and Captain Lou Albano was ranked #25 and in between there were many surprises. 

Many fans including @CMPunk felt that Roddy Piper should have been #1..Hot Rod was #2. Somewhat surprised to see the Miz and Santino Marella make the list at this stage of their respective careers. Albano was a mild surprise too. 

No Jerry Lawler in the top 25 raised an eyebrow or two. 

Dusty Rhodes ranked 8th miffed some of Dream's fans. Jesse Ventura makes the list at #20 but still no King??

Mr. McMahon helped carry the Attitude Era, with Stone Cold, to amazing heights but McMahon was ranked 16th. I'm not kissing McMahon's rich backside, I've done that and am a memvber of the 'Club' but Austin having McMahon to play off of back in the day was big money. 

The era that appealed most to those providing feedback on the Top 25 Masters of the Mic, influenced as one would think the feedback. 

Again, lists are made to stimulate discussion not unlike the NFL Network's list of the top 100 players of all time, of which I had many issues. that was compiled a year or so ago. 

I'm happy to say that I had absolutely nothing  to do with compiling this list but I've enjoyed the feedback that I've read including the Pet Coon Goofy variety. 

Enjoyed taping two Legends Roundtable shows Wednesday night in Stamford, Ct hosted by Mean Gene and with the panel consisting of Michael Hayes, Pat Patterson, newcomer Road Dog, who contributed a great deal, and myself.

Monday Night Raw Memories will air in early July just ahead of Raw's 1000th broadcast. 

The topic of Hardcore Wrestling, of which Patterson detests and which he makes ABUNDANTLY CLEAR on the program, airs sometime in October. Let's just say that Pat isn't a big, Abdullah the Butcher fan.  

Both shows were fun and had plenty of debate and entertaining discussion. @WWEClasics really does a stellar job in producing and editing these shows. These are among my favorite projects on which to work these days.  

 The new, @CMPunk DVD will be released in October and the producers said that Punk has been VERY hands on this project including hand picking virtually every element that will make the final edit. 

Today, Saturday, is the last day to save 25% OFF at which is timely here at the beginning of grilling season. 

I'm regularly surprised that so many folks feel that JR's products are ONLY for their outdoor grills which is far from accurate. Last night my wife made baked chicken using skinless, chicken thighs in cream of chicken soup and flavored only with JR's All Purpose Seasoning which is also a main event level dry rub. 

Night before that she made turkey meat loaf using only Italian bread crumbs, JR's Original BBQ Sauce, JR's Chipotle Ketchup, and our All Purpose Seasoning in the meat loaf mix. It was awesome and healthy. 

Check out the autographed, JR's Cookbook package available at as it makes a great, first purchase and is also a superb, gift idea especially with Father's Day approaching. 

The uneducated fans who feel that @WWEDanielBryan is too small to compete for major, WWE Titles are hopefully having professionals do their taxes. 

Any one that did not thoroughly enjoy Punk vs. Bryan last Sunday on PPV cannot be made happy as it relates to enjoying a wrestling match. 

Those who say that size primarily matters when evaluating main event talent are about a generation removed from reality. 

Some followers of @JRsBBQ on Twitter are so young that they didn't know that I was ever in WCW much less that I was in the business 19 years before I ever arrived in WWE in 1993. 

Anxious to watch @okcthunder vs @shawnmichaels San Antonio Spurs NBA Western Conference Finals series that starts on TNT this Sunday night. @spurs are the hottest team in the NBA but I'm putting for OKC. Key to the game is OKC playing great defense especially at the three point line, and rebounding. OKC can score on anyone but stopping another offensive minded team from draining threes and getting easy baskets off great passes is crucial for the Thunder in order to move on to the Promised Land of the NBA Finals. 

Kind of funny how some fans remember my Skittles commercial ad-libs as much as some of my broadcasting. 

We continue to attempt to get JR's products into grocery stores but the process is daunting especially for a Ma and Pa operation like ours even though we can readily supply our products to any chain or store as needed. To enquire about this matter send leads or ask questions here on this site at Contact Us and click on to If you have grocery chain contacts, etc please let us know via email perferably or twitter @JRsBBQ if necessary.  

I've updated the Q&A section of the site so you might as well spend a couple of minutes taking a look at them. Email us your questions if you have them and keep them succinct please. 

Getting lots of questions regarding RAW 1000 on July 23 in St. Louis but, unfortunately, I have no answers. I'm not in the loop that makes creative decisions but am proudly looking forward to the milestone event. Whether I'm at that Raw or not, I'm proud of my contributions to the brand over the years and watch the show religiously every Monday night.

As I said on the @WWEClasics Legends Roundtable taping, Monday Night Raw was the best thing that ever happened to my career. It was a marvelous ride and the ratings success may never be duplicated again. The talent roster was deep and talented which makes all the difference in the world. I did my share of travel, had a lot of fun and made many friends but now it's @MichaelCole at the helm and I hope that when all is said and done that he will have the same, great memories that I have when Cole steps aside which is inevitable for us all.  

Remember that any thing that you grill needs to be be seasoned/marinade for as many hours as you can facilitate it. Makes all the difference in the world. If you're grilling tomorrow or Monday, think about doing your prep today and allowing the overnight process to put your food from the prelims to main event level. 

Back to the Top 25 Masters of the Mic, the best talkers, without fail, on the list were all from the generation of instinctual speakers who would select the approiate bullet points and take it from there. 

Made a comment to a fan question on the Q&A section here that working at Clash of Champions on TBS with Gordon Solie and calling Flair vs. Funk I Quit Match, w/ manager Gary Hart at ringside, was akin to me being a member of "The Beatles' for one night. That night was a major milestone for me. TBS didn't want Gordon working a two hour, live show but I did my damnedest to convince them otherwise. Luckily my persistence paid off. 

I thought that @RealJackSwagger and @WWESheamus had a 'stem winder' of a wrestling match Friday night on Smackdown. Helluva bout. Two, true keepers over the long haul. Sheamus evolution is extraordinary especially considering he's not even close to where he will likely end up before all is said and done. Swagger is a physical beast, as athletic as any one in WWE,  with a great look and when the personality side of the show biz presentation catches up to his athleticism, the former Oklahoma Sooner will reside on Promised Land for years to come. I was really proud of both men for the match that they provided this fan. 

I've got Junior Dos Santos taking care of Frank Mir tonight at UFC 146 by KO or TKO in three rounds or less. Mir seemed to be 'heavy' weighing in at 261 which will likely make him 270ish by fight time. JDS still has some UFC fans thinking that the Brazilian has something to prove to be considered the man in the heavyweight division. Not sure that I agree with that assessment.

I like Cain Velasquez to beat Silva but Cain's alleged knee issues need to be behind him and the former UFC heavyweight champ needs to do what he did not do against JDS and that is take Silva down and destroy the verticality of the bigger opponent who will likely outweigh Cain by 30-40 pounds by fight time. 

Expect to see lots of stoppages, KO's, ect tonight in Vegas as the big boys don't usually last over the long haul thanks to four ounce gloves and one punch power. One, great shot can beat any adversary on this level.

All JR's condiments are gluten free and, depending on your stance on small amounts of honey being in our Main Event Mustard, are vegan friendly. 

Even though most seemingly don't use this info, if you have shipping questions, ideas for new packages, products, etc please tweet them to @WWEShop. Your feedback to them on JR's products can be extremely helpful to our family businesses growth. Thanks. 

Headed back to Orlando to Full Sail University for more NXT business on Thursday June 14 with a trip to Tampa worked in prior to that. I'm having a blast working with talent development and look forward to every opportunity to help. 

Been signing a new, WM28 themed JR's photo for WWEShop's use in the near future. Hopefully, 'Business Picks UP!' sooner than later. 

Have a great and safe holiday weekend and please don't forget why we have the Memorial Day holiday in the USA. Please tell a veteran or active military, THANK YOU!

Boomer Sooner!



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In regards to using JR's products for only outdoor grilling, I use them for just about everything - be it indoors or out.  Also, the Main Event Mustard makes carrot slices taste better than carrot slices should ever taste.

I think # 1 on the mic is really close between Piper and Austin so i'm fine with Austin being #1. And i agree that Miz and Santino shouldn't be on the list at all and where the heck is Shawn Michaels?