Saturday Update..Dozens of Q&A's Updated..Random Thoughts

Thanks for dropping by here on a great Saturday in Norman, Oklahoma. I'm heading to watch the Sooner Women's Hoops team play Colorado in the next few minutes and to take the time to exhale after an emotional few days in Tampa and a some crazy travel.  

I spent several hours Saturday morning answering all the questions and responding to comments on a wide range of topics. I think that you will enjoy browsing through them. Our Q&A section is open for business.

Traveling back to OKC from Tampa wasn't easy due to so many weather related issues. As I wrote earlier in the week, it was the weather that did not allow Ric Flair to attend Jack Brisco's funeral in Tampa on Thursday.

I wonder why other wrestlers who live in the Tampa area did not attend the funeral and show their respect to a great man who was so instrumental in helping many stars get their start?  

Didn't get home in time to watch Friday Night Smackdown last night but will try and watch it on DVR this weekend. 

Check out the feedback section of the site as some of Jack Brisco's family and even Lanny Poffo wrote us. Really nice.   

I wonder how many people send us Q&A's and never read these blogs? My suggestion is to always read our latest blog before sending us a question.

If I get asked one more time when I'm going back to work at WWE, I think my head will explode. I appreciate everyone's concern and support but the answer to that question hasn't changed in months. My career will take whatever direction it's meant to take when contract negotiations commence. One never knows how that process will go until it begins. I do expect it to go well.  

But, no, I am NOT retiring full time and "going fishing." I have many, varied interests that I am investigating becoming involved with but I'm not doing  anything that I don't think that I would really enjoy at this stage of my life. 

I truly love the wrestling business but I also take pride that I'm not and never have been one dimensional so that allows one to approach many endeavors positively and with an open mind.

Without question, pro wrestling has been such a vital part of my life for over 35 years and no matter what else I may or may not do for a living going forward I will always be a huge fan of the genre. Being in the wrestling biz and functioning at such a high level not only as an on air talent but in corporate administration, as well,  has helped prepare me for many possible endeavors. 

My health has become a top priority and I will not compromise my overall health for any business opportunity as I have had enough "friendly reminders" that I need to slow down and I plan on heeding the last warning.

We have several, viable opportunities that will allow me to do some fun things and rarely leave Oklahoma which is a somewhat popular option with some members of my household. 

I do know that my feelings toward broadcasting, my love of sports and entertainment, and emotionally engaging in whatever I do is alive and well. I'm certainly not burned out or even charred around the edges and sincerely feel that my best  days lie ahead. 

However, I would be less than honest if I did not say that being at home, working on  projects from Norman and from this region  of the country isn't an intriguing option for me to explore. 

I'll have more blogs this weekend and hope that you will check out the Q&A's and drop by our store as your orders placed this weekend will be shipped out Monday and many of our packages still come with FREE SHIPPING!

Great story about Dan Hodge written by Dave Meltzer on's UFC page. Super read. 

At Jack Brisco's funeral service,  I also saw one of the most underrated wrestlers of his era in Bob Cook. Bob was moving a little deliberately but in his day Bob was a helluva hand. Bob could have great matches with virtually anyone. Fundamentally speaking, Bob Cook was so much better than some guys who are earning big bucks these days by being slightly above average just like some players in the NFL and especially MLB.

FCW is a great facility and it seems the staff there is doing a super job. I saw several young talents who seemingly have the opportunity to become stars someday if they study their craft and devote ample time to getting better on a daily basis. 

Thanks for stopping by and come back soon. 

Boomer Sooner!