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I hope every one is having a great weekend as I am preparing to pack for a 5 day excursion that will begin today with a flight from OKC to DFW to New Orleans and conclude with a flight home Thursday morning from NYC. I am going to ask for some feedback in this blog regarding our website store and products that I hope that you will respond. BTW our Q&A Section has been updated as of Saturday morning so please check it out. Here we go.....   

Friday Night Smackdown was a solid show in my biased eye. It seemed like the 2 hour broadcast moved along well. Edge vs. Rey was excellent and their in ring psychology was money. I get questions from time to time about "how important it is to be able to execute a Moonsault, etc" from fans but no single maneuver is more important than an in ring performer throughly understanding crowd psychology. High risk, acrobatic moves simply for the sake of doing them is essentially a waste of time. If they are used effectively within the context of the story being told in the ring then they become effective.

For some who take what I often write in these blogs or my blogs too seriously, let me clarify one thing. I like to ruffle feathers with the Raw team simply for the hell of it when I crow about SD being a "better show" than Raw. This is part B.S. and part of me being loyal to my brand. I am a team guy and always have been since I started playing team sports as a young kid. I have played through some unique times and experiences in this biz that I have been condemned for by some. That's their opinion but I still remain a team guy until either the team or I decide it's time for a change. Until then, I will remain loyal to my SD team. I am the same way with my friends. If you are my friend, then I'm there for you and expect the same in return. So, remember that my "barbs" at Raw are largely done tongue in cheek but I am throughly happy on Smackdown because it features more wrestling and content in front of the fans, among the other reasons I will choose to discuss at a later date.

Speaking of, please check out this week's blog on the Smackdown page and check out a story I wrote about the time that Dick Murdoch and I were partying in New Orleans and Dick tried to take a lady who turned out to be a dude back to the room that Murd and I were sharing. If you are a skilled 'net navigator,  I think that you can find this blog but it won't be as prominently displayed as a Diva in a swimsuit and perhaps for good reason.'s Joey Styles has apparently been Twittering a fair amount lately and blasting our country's commander in chief, President Obama. While I personally shy away from getting involved in political debates, I don't begrudge any one from expressing themselves even if I happen to disagree with much of what is written. Even in private, I will reserve my opinions on our President until he's a little farther along in his journey. The American political system in general is a cluster and that includes the Democrats and the Republicans who, BTW, seem to be unraveling especially if their party thinks blowhard Rush Limbaugh is an asset. That's partly true.  That would be the 'ass' part.

Here's hoping Tommy Dream aka "Big Beefy" has a great weekend at extreme Rules. The veteran "Innovator of Violence" has an all or nothing scenario on his hands Sunday as in winning the ECW Title or saying adiós. Dreamer has earned a "moment" if any one has and I for one hope that he gets it. Like my friend and fellow Hall of Famer Terry Funk, I am a Tommy Dreamer fan. 

Pat Patterson has been talked off the golf course and the karaoke stage to participate in the Legends Roundtable taping Wednesday night joining moderator Gene Okerlund, Michael Hayes, Sgt. Slaughter, and myself. Four WWE Hall of Famers in that group. 

I am asking your opinion about a possible deal we are doing or going to try and do and that is this: we would have a deal where by we would offer our Original J.R.'s BBQ Sauce by the case and WE PAY for the shipping in the Continental United States. Of course, one can still buy one bottle at a time if they choose but shipping costs are ridiculous and by buying 12, 18 oz bottles with over a year's shelf life one could theoretically use the sauce, share it with friends, give it as gifts, offer it as "thank you's," or even split the case with buddies. Any thoughts? Please email us. I'm sorry we can't do something similar in the UK but we're addressing this matter I assure you. The cost of these 18 oz bottles is $3.99 each. Again, I would love to hear your feedback.

If you have any other ideas for our on line store as it relates to packages or any thing else please let me know.  

I am told that we are about a month away from having our Chipolte Ketchup and HOT BBQ Sauce in stock. We expect each of them to sell for around $3.99 per bottle as well. I've tasted these with their slightly tweaked recipes and they are main event level products. 

WWE is making some talent cuts, or so I read, which is a necessity in the biz even though it is one of the worst functions a talent relations person has to do. It is a necessary evil so to speak but I encourage every talent that was cut to continue to chase their dreams until it becomes abundantly obvious that this is not the business for them. If talents are being released because of drug or alcohol issues, then they have much bigger and more important issues to deal with than learning how to hit the ropes or learn the beloved Moonsault.

No wrestling company has any thing more important to do from a wrestling prospective than establishing young stars and giving them the chance to carry the ball.  In my personal opinion, the most important department in any wrestling company is their developmental program such as WWE's  in Tampa.  

I plan on using this info Sunday night but in the first every Tag Team Ladder match which was held in 1999 in Cleveland at No Mercy, Jeff eliminated Edge to win the match for his team. Could this be an omen or simply a useless piece of trivia?

Thanks for stopping by, for shopping with us, and for continuing to provide the feedback we need to make this site and our business grow.

Boomer Sooner!



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I think it's a GREAT idea to offer your BBQ sauce by the case and you paying for the shipping is even better.  As an avid fan of your sauce and a loyal customer, I know I'd buy the BBQ sauce by the case every few months or so if it was only $3.99 per bottle with you paying for the shipping.  I also look forward to your HOT BBQ sauce, as I am also a hot sauce freak.

So is what you're proposing a good idea?  Oh, HELL YEAH!

Hey Jim, definitely a great idea to spur case sales by offering free shipping. From a consumer perspective, I think anyhow. As long as the sales make it worth carrying the load of free shipping, I say go for it. Can't hurt to try it at any rate. :)

Also, great to see Pat Patterson decided to join the new roundtable discussion! I love hearing that man talk about the way things were. From someone who's ultimate goal is to transcend the industry, his insights on what happened that few people got to see I feel are invaluable. :)

Definitely agree re: Rush Limbaugh. It's good to see not everyone in the wrestling industry is a complete right wing nut.

I would like to see a case with your three different sauces. For me I would enjoy having the different sauces instead of just one.

I am not sure about the paperback book, I see this as selling in the store only. People on the website would just read it off the site.

Hey JR I love the site, the blogs, and would love to try your products. One thing holds me back. Shipping costs. From what I am able to tell you have one flat rate for international shipping and while the simplicity of this must be appealing to web designers and shippers, I cannot believe it costs the same to ship BBQ sauce to Canada as it does to the Congo. Come on JR give a canuck redneck a break and look at revisting your shipping prices to nafta friendly nations. Hope you have (and knowing you you will have) a great show at extreme rules.


I like the idea for the sauce and would consider ordering a case.  As someone else suggested - having a mixed case would be better.  In my household I prefer spicy sauce and my daughter regular - so a case with an equal quantity of all sauces would be more likely to get ordered.

I'd like to see something similar with Jerky.  I'd gladly buy 10-12 bags of jerky if there was no shipping.

Thanks for all you do for your fans JR.  It is appreciated.

 I like the idea of buying by the case.  My wife will like it even more.

I agree with you. The boys here in Tampa that were released.  If you have a drug or alcohol addiction, healing yourself with assistance and counsling is more important than hitting the ropes. 


Persist without exception

Timothy Kendrick

 Hey J.R. 

I like the idea of the case of sauce.  Is there any way you could work out a deal with fedex or someone else to advertise for them on your site and maybe on your packaging in order to get a discount on your shipping costs? Just a thought. 

Also, I read your site all the time on my iPhone, but I just realized that i cant comment on my iPhone.  Maybe your web folks could take a look at that. I've commented on other sites from my iPhone.  Keep up the great work!!!

JR, interesting blog! I'm not saying I'm a huge Rush fan or anything, but people like Keith Olberman and Nancy Pelosi aren't exactly making the Democrats look great either.

Funny story about "Dirty Dick". Led Zeppelin's bass player, John Paul Jones, had a like experience which was mentioned in their song, "Royal Orleans" on the Presence CD-the operative word being "whiskers."

I made a trip exactly like this one when I was testing some anabolic steroids a few months ago. Anyway I hope you will enjoy your time there, most likely you are gonna have fun because this is what usually happens in this situations. So I look forward to read more when you come back.