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Hope everyone had a great weekend. Thanks for stopping by. Business has picked up w/ 'Grilling Season' upon us. Here's some random thoughts....

Sin Cara....not sure when he will debut but assume it will be after WM27. I know both Raw and Smackdown brands are keenly interested in the young, masked performer. He's very talented and will dazzle many with his high flying skills. If you're not familiar with Sin Cara go on You Tube and check out 'Mistico.'  It's amazing that so many experts have it figured out that WWE will not fully maximize Sin Cara's abilities which at this stage of the process is a joke.

Cam Newton...No I'm not a Newton 'hater' (Not high on fig newtons) as he's a gifted athlete who will be a viable NFL QB in time. Much of how successful Newton is depends on where he goes but he's a big timer. My point was that now is not the time for the former Auburn QB to be talking that much. He's got perceived 'baggage' and he needs to simply focus on his on field work and not practicing his promo skills. Less is more for Cam Newton during the interview process especially when it comes to his non football ad libs.  

Michael one in WWE has done a better job of developing a new persona than has Michael Cole over the past few months. His goal was to get people to see another side of him, he does have an outgoing personality, and to dislike him enough to want to see someone kick his butt. Cole has succeeded in that task. Does Cole rub me the wrong way on TV more often than not? Absolutely. He can be a tool.  

The question is will Cole accept King's WM27 challenge and if so will Cole have any 'demands' that Jerry will have to acquiesce to in order to make the WM27 match happen? This is nothing new to King who dealt with the same issues with Andy Kaufman and Jimmy Hart back in the day. I'm highly interested in this matter for a variety of reasons.  

One of my favorite NFL players recently ordered a bunch of products from our on line store. I won't mention his name due to confidentiality matters but suffice it to say that I have followed his long career on the gridiron and appreciate his business.

UFC 127...The Australian fans were lively and helped enhance the PPV Saturday night. I thought the show was solid  but not great as the draw in the main event featuring Penn-Finch was a flat conclusion to the event. Brit Michael Bisping did not endure himself to some MMA fans for a cheap shot on Jorge Rivera not to mention Bisping's classless conduct immediately following the conclusion of the fight. Bisping's 'apology' to cover his backside seemed about as sincere as an ex-mother in law's hug. However, UFC does need UK stars to continue to build their brand's base in the UK and Bisping helps with that matter.   

Charlie respond to a Twitter follower @JRsBBQ I would guess that Charlie Sheen would NOT be a part of WM27 but that's merely my take. Sheen has bigger fish to fry in his personal life and his inclusion in WWE's biggest event of the year seems like a risk and an unnecessary distraction. 

Happy Birthday #58 to Ricky 'the Dragon' Steamboat who is one of the best in ring performers I ever saw. Fans still talk about the 1989 NWA Title bout that Ricky had with Ric Flair in Chicago on a WCW PPV that I had the privilege of handling the PXP. Steamboat's skill set was spectacular and he is a great teacher of fundamental wrestling skills today. Ricky is a superb example of wrestlers to watch on DVD or You Tube to see how to master one's craft. I never saw Steamboat have a bad match. 

Cruserweights...This one it a hot button with many fans. I am a fan of the smaller athletes having grown up a fan in Oklahoma which was a Junior Heavyweight territory for decades. Promoters for years have had the mindset that the smaller men aren't perceived as top of the card guys. I've even brought wrestlers to companies who were adamant to NOT be called a Cruiserweight upon debuting in said company. Many wrestlers view being termed a Cruiserweight, etc as the 'kiss of death.'  

Chris Jericho continues to explore options outside the world of pro wrestling with the announcement of being included on the next ABC's Dancing with the Stars cast. Jericho's book 'Undisputed' is the best wrestling book that I've read in a long, long time and I suggest that you check it out. It's honest and eye opening on  a variety of fronts. With that said, do I think that Chris has wrestled his last match? Nope. Do I think that Jericho will return @ WM27? No.  

Does anyone know where I can purchase say 100 or more copies of our original cookbook, 'Can You Take The Heat?' Is there a book outlet any one knows of that I can pursue? 

We are 'this close' to reaching 100,000 followers on Twitter. I'd appreciate any help that you can provide us @JRsBBQ.

Homeland Grocery stores in Norman, Oklahoma are prepping to stock all our products on their shelves. This is the ONLY retail outlet that we currently have but are always looking for ways to get our products in other grocery stores where it makes sense for all involved. If you drive through Norman on I-35 the Homeland store at the Robinson exit is just about a block east of I-35 and is open 24/7. There are 4 Homeland stores in Norman.

Business has really picked up with our international sales via as we are getting a ton of positive feedback from fans throughout the UK and even down in Australia. We do not ship outside the USA but does. This added biz helps our efforts in building our brand. BTW if any of you try ordering from WWEShop for outside the USA shipping and they are temporarily out of inventory, please let me know. 

Yes...Emailer asked if every order that they purchase from this site comes with an autographed  item. Some also come with a FREE Koozie. BTW the Koozies are really a cool item.

Anxious to hear what the Rock has to say on Monday Night Raw re: John Cena's retort last week. One has to assume that the 'Great One' will likely also respond to WWE Champion The Miz. Rock is on Twitter @TheRock.  

My instincts tell me that MNR from Buffalo, which looks to be at near capacity as I write this, will be a very interesting broadcast now that the road to WM27 is underway. Lots of matters to address and 'button up' and to further.

I'll be appearing at the WWE OKC live event on Sunday March 13 at 3 p.m. doing some ring announcing. Not sure if WWE is coming back to Oklahoma City this year, I hope that they do, so if you want to see the RAW brand live this is a great opportunity. Tickets are still available for the matinée.

Many of my friends loved the HHH-Undertaker interaction on Raw last week as did I. The two icons sold tickets with body English, their eyes, facial expressions, and animalistic presence. One can assume that we will hear from the participants this week on Raw and/or Smackdown as to their individual thoughts on this huge 'Mania attraction. No two men in WWE take more pride in their profession than do 'The Game' or the 'Deadman.' Gotta assume that 'The Steak' will once again be the show closer in the Georgia Dome the first Sunday in April. If I was a WWE Superstar, no jokes please, I wouldn't want to follow Undertaker vs. HHH.  

Will the next WWE HOF inductee be announced on Raw from Buffalo? I suspect so and it might be a surprise to some if my suspicions come true.

We're still throwing in a FREE JR's T shirt, while supplies last, with every case of product sold in the USA. 

The Q&A section of the site is updated. We've gotten some really good questions recently and some that were, well, not so good. Keep em short and sweet and I will do all I can to answer as many as I can, time permitting. Lastly, I don't need to be taken to the woodshed because I don't answer every question you send. Some are duplicates of duplicates and some are omitted to protect the innocent. :)

WWE HOF'er Bret Hart is now on Twitter @HitmanBretSHart. I'll be following the Hitman.

It's amazing how many times a day I get Tweets @JRsBBQ or emails to this site asking me when I'm returning to WWE. I've been with WWE since 1993 but left the air due to health reasons in October of 2009 but never left the company. Am I coming back to work on a weekly TV show or on a PPV? That's not my call folks. Would I like to? Of course particularly the PPV side of that equation. Some of you that follow up regularly must be getting tired of this too but apparently we are gaining new followers on Twitter and new visitors to this site daily. BTW I'm feeling great and my health is better than it's been in a decade I'm blessed to say.  

Thanks for stopping by and for being kind enough to allow us to help you gear up for Grilling Season. 

Try mixing our Chipotle Ketchup, Main Event Mustard and Sweet Pickle Relish together, to taste,  as it makes for an AWESOME topping for grilled hot dogs, burgers, or any other sandwich one can imagine. Try it.

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 JR -

I finally got my grill replaced (big winds trashed my last one last fall). That means only one thing... just put in an order for more of your ketchup and trying out the new mustard! Gotta say, your ketchup isn't "arguably" the best in the world... it's the Chris Jericho plus the Shawn Michaels of condiments... the showstopper, the main event... the best in the world at what it does! When I have your ketchup in stock, it is a main ingredient in so many things I cook and prepare, and I don't normally like ketchup. I have no doubt that the mustard will be just as good. I eat 1+ pounds of meat a day as part of my powerlifting training, and your sauces and ketchup are a vital part of making it tasty and interesting enough to eat that much meat so often.


 Well i just wanted to leave my 2 canadian pennys about "sin cara" (dos cara jr) i'm wondering if he is comming to wwe to promote MMA or to try to get "cro cop" to k.o him again in the first round well at least he changed that awful looking mask.  Oh! BTW  if  ever "Sin Cara" Turns out to be a carbon copy of "Alberto Del Rio" i wont be suprised because "WWE" did not try hard to hide the indentity of "Alberto Del" . I would like to see "Todo Americano" wrestle or mabey even "Mr.America". i just d'ont think the "sin cara" caracter is very original

It would be nice to see Mistico open Wrestlemania 27... if the PPV is going forward without its annual Money in the Bank ladder match, then it could stand to benefit by offering something new and exciting. Mistico fits that bill. A high flying type of match would get the Mania crowd pumped up right from the begining! With 1 million PPV buys on the line, it would be wise to promote his debut at the biggest show of the year. Perhaps a match-up with Evan Bourne? The rest of the lockeroom would have to watch out for those two potentially stealing the show!

 This is the last I'll say anything concerning Cole as the whole thing has been overtalked. He's done an outstanding job at making people hate him and getting people pumped up to see him get his at Wrestlemania. The problem is when he keeps up the heel gimmick throughout the show, which has often taken away from the rest of the show. People who see Cole on tv playing the role of a jerk who automatically assume he's a jerk in real life, well this is 2011, not 1960. Some need to get a clue.

Sheen is a nutcase who needs to change his life or he will be dead within one year.

Steamboat-Flair was one of the first wrestling matches I ever saw at my friend's house. The other was Sting-Flair. All 3 are true legends.

TNA did an excellent job of showcasing the X Division in the first few years of their existence. That obviously hasn't been the case the last few years.

My girlfriend told me to tell you that she made Jan's Fresh Blueberry Tart(page 230) for her Sunday school class and they all loved it. She also told me to tell you "She is very pretty." Women. heh

I got a ton of product the last time I was in Norman and carried it back to CT (thanks Southwest for free checked baggage, lol).  Great stuff and not fluff.  I love my bbq, but as you always point out, your products are great with so many other things from eggs to cheese to nearly any meat.  I also use a few in my baked beans.  If folks do head to Homeland, they should also check out the frozen custard place in the same shopping center, lol.  

Boomer Sooner!!!


Personally, I've had about all I can handle of Michael Cole's commentary. I understand that he's playing a character, but enough is enough. It's a little too overbearing for my liking. Cole's "heat," as the experts would say, is "X-Pac heat." People don't boo him because they want to see him get his... people boo him because they want him off their television. There's a big difference.

You would think his commentary would improve after all these years. Unfortunately for the fans, that isn't the case. He's absolutely dreadful to listen to. Like nails on a chalk board. If WWE has no plans of bringing you back, at least give us Joey Styles. He never got the opportunity to showcase his talents. He also had good chemistry with Jerry Lawler. Please, I beg of you WWE, relieve Michael Cole of his on-air duties and all will be good! 

I've been reading the blogs here for a while now, but registered simply to post on this particular blog.

1st and foremost, JR I (and I suspect most of the WWE Universe) would LOVE to see you make a return to calling matches; be it at PPV, Raw, or Smackdown... as long as you're beside King, all would be right in the word!

As to Cole: I love what he's done developing the "character" but his comments to Jerry Lawler referring to Jerry's deceased mother were WAY over the line. Personally, I wouldn't have been able to maintain self control if I had been in Jerry's position, I would have knocked Cole flat on his rear end.

Finally on to Rock/Cena: Absolutely 2 of THE BEST "mic-men" ever in the WWE, but I was very disappointed with Rock "phoning it in" on Monday. He talks of his love and passion for the WWE, but our actions speak louder than our words, and the fact that Rock wasn't in Buffalo to respond to Cena "man to man" was dissapointing. He says on Twitter that he was never scheduled to be on Raw Monday night... but even when Cena was "fired" he still showed up every week. For the record, I count myself among "the millions".