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Lots of random thoughts during this busy time of the year.  We hope that you will consider our on line store as a holiday shopping option and want to thank all those that have and to those that are planning on placing orders with us. The time is now.  

 Unique night on Raw with the Slammies being presented throughout the three hour broadcast. Congrats to all that picked up hardware and good luck carrying the awards in your carry on throughout your upcoming, business travel. Expect TSA to be curious. 

David Arquette's persona seems easy to dislike or at least I found it as such. I think that was the idea.

Looking forward to an upcoming visit to FCW. Always enjoy visiting with the rookies and other trainees. WWE has a terrific facility in Tampa and some promising prospects. Several have the chance to be good but only if they totally invest in themselves and commit to accepting nothing less than success. How one measures success, in my view, isn't simply being called up to the primary roster. 

However an individual measures success has to include total commitment to the business and all phases that affect the performers lives. 

Emailer....I have no idea who will be inducted into the WWE HOF this year in Atlanta but your question as to if Wahoo McDaniel would be inducted I would suggest not likely. Do I think that Wahoo is deserving? Heck, yes. But I'm also biased when it comes to the former Sooner and one of the toughest men both physically and mentally I ever knew in the business. For those that saw 'the Chief' in his prime you know of which I speak. 

I haven't read Dutch Mantell's 'Tales from  a Dirt Road' yet but plan on it at some point soon. Dutch is a vivid story teller and I'm sure that this book will be entertaining as is Dutch in real life.

If Brock Lesnar were to become a coach of UFC's TUF I would not be totally shocked but it would be somewhat surprising. If Lesnar can market his upcoming book, add some marketing stretch to his growing list of sponsors, etc the idea would be viable. I do have concerns that Brock would want to relocate to Vegas for the 6-7 weeks that it would take to tape the next season but if Frank Mir were the other coach then the build to their much discussed 'rubber match' would be special.

Speaking of UFC, I wish, as a fan, that they would mic their lives crowds better. Small point but I think it would enhance the TV presentation of the product.  

Our on line business is good and you still have time to place an order and get it delivered via Federal Express Ground by Xmas. The Sampler has been the top selling item along with cases of Mustard, Ketchup and the two BBQ Sauces. 

Looking forward to being in Houston for the WWE PPV, Tables, Ladders and Chairs this Sunday as a fan. As an announcer, broadcasting matches that end without a pin fall or submission are particularly challenging. I'm sure the broadcast team will handle this matter well but it is a different presentation for them and takes a different mindset on the approach to those types of bouts. 

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The NFL lockout for 2011 looks imminent. If so, several draft eligible players will be able to go back to college for another year which isn't a bad thing. Education is imperative for all young people.

Many on Twitter hammered me that OU Coach Bob Stoops was going to be the next coach at Florida of which I knew wasn't going to happen and it isn't. The Sooners are blessed to have such a great, family man as their skipper of their Fiesta Bowl bound team. Will Muschamp leaving Texas doesn't do the 'Horns any favors.  

Thanks for stopping by and I hope that you will take the time to visit our store today. Thanks for supporting our efforts.

Boomer Sooner!


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Surprised is an understatement. Brock Lesnar would be the first TUF coach who can learn more from his students than they can learn from him.

Placed an order for your sampler package yesterday.  Am looking forward to tasting the new mustard and the jerky as I have never tried it before.  I really like your other products and your cookbook.  Keep up the good work and have a great Christmas.

Who wrote the MIZ and little girl angle ? No one came to her aid ? Really ?! SHE DIDN'T KICK HIM IN THE KNEE or SOMETHING ? Thought I was watching the last days of WCW.

After reading your comment about Wahoo Mcdaniel and I dont normally post  comments on these sites,I decided Wahoo was worth it. For several years in the nineties I  promoted several house shows,fairs and etc.  And out of all the years and shows there is only a few that would not No show you and Wahoo is one of them. no matter how far he had to drive between  matches he would always show up and wrestle like it was a pay per view  everynight. It didnt matter if there were 75 people or 1000 ,you got 100% and he was in his 60s at that. And as he would sit in my office sometimes and we would talk ,there was not a nicer person anywhere. So many of the guys back then would no show  you and go somewhere else for 5 more dollars even after you had advertised them. But  Wahoo was a class act and he surely deserves to be in the haul of fame . So please remind the powers that be ,the hall of fame should be more than about just winning the WWE title.  Just want to note also a few of the other dependable and classy men were Demolition AX (Bill E.). The tough Ronnie Garvin, Tracey Smothers and the Barbarian just to name a few.