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It's game day in Norman and here's a quick hitting blog with some thoughts on the weekend including WWE Battle Ground on PPV Sunday. Please help us online by ordering JR's at either or in the UK and Europe at Kickoff time.....

 @Oklahoma_Football in for a dogfight tonight in Norman versus @TCUFootball. Old school football at it's best. a tooth chipper. I like the under (47) and the Sooners covering the 8 points. Nevertheless beware and never wager more than one can lose. Game decided late.  

The game is on Fox Sports and I will be on the Sooner sideline wearing my customary black, Resistol hat. I've heard tell of the drinking games some have IE when they see a JR sighting they take a shot. I do not endorse such activities and especially do NOT drink and drive....but do enjoy the game if you are able to watch.

Got a feeling that at least one or two top 15 teams will lose today in college football.

Just got a signed poster with Lou Thesz and Verne Gagne's signatures on it from the collection or Lou's widow Charlie who is selling some of Lou's memorabilia. if you are interested then email Charlie at

I'm getting the poster framed and hanging it next to John Wayne and Dan Hodge swag.

My friend Brian Pillman died on this day in 1997 at the age of 35. I think of Brian every day in some fashion. Brian was obsessed with pro wrestling, amazingly unpredictable, and a classic, athletic overachiever. Brian could be described as "brilliantly crazy" and an "athletic, wild man" and one wouldn't get an argument from too many folks that knew Brian well. I helped him get his break in WCW bringing him in from Calgary and also hired him to come to WWE.

The story of Brian planning on chaining himself to the goalpost at a Super Bowl is true. The Cincinnati native felt it would garner him global publicity and certify him as a legit, crazy man.

I still remember to this minute where I was standing in the arena in St. Louis when I got the news of his untimely passing. A heartbreaking day.

I'm unaware if Hulk Hogan has legitimately left TNA or not and don't have a dog in that hunt but if he has then Hogan returning to WWE in a part time, marketing based role isn't out of the question strictly in my opinion. That's without me having any inside knowledge whatsoever, however, Hogan in the right role, at the right dollar figure would be good for WWE business interests on a variety of fronts and none of them include Hogan wrestling, again, in my opinion.

Hulk reuniting, in some form, with The Warrior at the 2014 WWE Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony along with the induction of Randy Savage would be a uniquely themed event and add a great deal of sizzle to the ceremony and the DVD of the event. Again, this is mere speculation as I am not in the WWE loop nor have I spoken to anyone about this matter. Just wearing my booking 'hat' pun intended.

WWE Battle Ground predictions:

King will wear a T Shirt and JBL will lay his hat wrong side up on the announce desk. Michael Cole will navigate the broadcast which is easier to do than RAW's. Would enjoy a little more conflict between JBL and the King. Hope the broadcasters have a great night and the freedom to create and follow the video.  

Daniel Bryan wins the WWE Title or so I feel that he needs to win the WWE Title. Cups of coffee, by the way, with the most prized championship in WWE doesn't count or help anyone in a significant manner. (The WWE think tank has to be planning WM30 and each PPV prior to April 2014 is pivitol.) The underdog winning and giving his fans 'hope' seems logical.  


I think that Punk slips past Ryback but Punk doesn't get his hands on Paul Heyman in any significant manner. However, Ryback winning wouldn't be a shocker. UK wagerers beware. Perhaps you can secure some 'insider info,'  

 Don't see AJ Lee losing the Divas Title as she's the top Diva in WWE, reality show or not. Beating AJ does not make sense to me which is why she could lose upon further review. Surprises for surprise sake isn't always the wise decision. 

 With no tag titles at stake, at least from what I gather, and the Rhodes Family's jobs on the line, I expect the heroes to prevail in this one against the Shield. This should be a helluva match and I'd damn near smile (Think Bell's palsy) if the Dream hit just one bionic elbow.

Cutis Axel retains the tepid, IC Title against R Truth in a bout more suited for RAW than PPV. It will be interesting it these two perform in an attempted, show stealing, PPV level or perform as if they are on a weekly TV show. Maximize those minutes.

 Bray Wyatt will walk out of Battle Ground and Kofi Kingston likely will not. That doesn't mean that Kofi will lose but he should if the Wyatt Family are at ringside.

 The upcoming rubber match between Cain Velasquez and Junior Dos Santos in Houston at UFC 166 is eagerly anticipated. The @UFC heavyweight title is at stake in this power laden, main event that sold out in minutes. I like Velasquez to retain if he can survive the first two rounds. Dos Santo is a strong puncher who proved that in the their first fight. Cain is a cardio machine which is not to say that Dos Santos isn't but Velasquez is simply on another level in that area so when he makes it to the championship rounds, rounds 4 & 5, Velasquez is a load.

Velasquez training with former Oklahoma State star Daniel Cromier also gives the Hispanic heavy hitter an edge. Cromier is also on the card against hard hitting Roy Nelson who's body looks better suited for pro wrestling but who has some of the heaviest hands in UFC. This is a classic matchup....the great wrestler versus the standup puncher. I've got Cromier winning this one but don't bet the farm on any fight where 4 ounce gloves are being utilized.

Hoping to attend #UFC168 in Las Vegas in December with the Mrs. for a little R&R and enjoy one of the biggest UFC events of the year. I've emotionally invested in Rousey and Tate via #TUF18 on @FoxSports1 and need to see the culmination. Legit bad blood brewing and settling their issue inside the octagon is the lady like thing to do, right?    

I made a Twitter comment that one of the brightest young stars in years in the WWE Developmental Program is Mojo Rawley, a former Maryland Terrapin and NFL defensive lineman. There are never any guarantees but based on what I've seen and Mojo's work ethic and passion notwithstanding his natural athletic gifts, Mojo has a legit shot to be special. He's a  lifelong fan which is imperative in my view. How Mojo is introduced and how he takes ownership of his TV persona is crucial. Great, young man too. with an education and high integrity.

Enjoy your day and check out the Q&A's elsewhere on this site.

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Boomer Sooner!

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Agreed, though i was never a Hulkamaniac & never really understood the gimmick (aside from the nwo heel), But great blog :-)