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Big Tuesday here in Oklahoma...lots going on so lets' stop burning this awesome daylight.

St Louis RAW...perplexing show in my opinion and I watched all three hours live without changing channels once. Yep...watched 15 commercial breaks too. Not easy.

The opening segment with the children's choir eventually wearing sheep masks was provocative but at the end of the well produced segment I am not sure what was accomplished. Not sure why I did not 'get it' and you're welcome to insert your own joke here as I am sure many will.

Bray Wyatt should win the cage match this Sunday at Extreme Rules in Jersey but who knows? Cena is still the face of the company and Wyatt escaping the cage, I am not an escape the cage aficionado BTW, helps the newcomer and doesn't do any irreparable harm to Cena. Plus, it extends the story line one would assume.

The WWE World Champion Daniel Bryan is 'injured' and his title is in serious jeopardy via the story line but was that message made abundantly clear Monday night? The hero at risk is a good philosophical, pro wrestling trait. I still think that Kane and Bryan will have an overachieving match on Sunday.

Older lions vs the new lions, IE Evolution vs. The Shield, have a clearly defined issue and should have a good one on Sunday. I'd expect the younger guys to get a signature win this Sunday. Not sure what the Ric Flair element did for the late show segment.

The broadcast had it's moments but overall it was somewhat all over the road which some people like. There are essentially three matches that are featured at the Extreme Rules event all all of them got ample TV time on RAW. 

Hope the IC #1 tournament adds life back to the championship and I'd guess that Wade Barrett wins the title this Sunday. Not a wage worthy guess BTW.

I will be watching the show Sunday on the WWE Network if you're keeping score at home.

Love the debate regarding's list of the top 50 greatest talkers in the history of the biz list that has created a fair amount of controversy which is exactly why 'lists' of any kind are comprised to start with. 'Lists' are subjective and can any list really be totally right or totally wrong? Not in my opinion.

See where Tyson Kidd is coming back on the road and is booked for WWE which I perceive is a good thing. Kidd is highly under utilized and a very talented professional. Hope he gets a break while he's still young and can carry more of a load.

Talking to Bill Goldberg tonight (Tuesday) for a future Ross Report Podcast. Looking forward to it.

The Gail Kim interview drops later today on and via iTunes. One of my favorite podcasts to date. Great take on WWE vs. Impact Wrestling.

Our Shawn Michaels podcast will now be split into two parts the first of which will drop next Tuesday PM May 6. It's closed and must be heard.

Only 9 VIP meet and greet tickets remain for my Toronto show set for Friday night May 9 at the Danforth Music Hall and are available at Other tickets are available and will be available right up until show time at the Danforth Music Hall box office. This is our only Canadian date this year.

Our Chicago show on Saturday May 31 is a matinee starting at 2 p.m. Tickets are available now at The Chicago event will be at the House of Blues and the age limit to attend that show is 17. 

Both shows are going to be a blast and include No Holds Barred Q&A's plus many stories. The VIP meet and greets for both events are going to be held prior to the events.

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My last blog regarding where the next decade of new main event stars will come from has created some interesting feedback and debate. I have zero issues with the WWE Performance Center and actually feel it is a difference maker. My point is where do  top athletes with big personalities come from so that they can be trained in the Performance Center? Amateur wrestlers are being recruited magnificently by Jerry Brisco and if a small handful a year make it to the next level then that process is a win. Talented amateur wrestlers who sincerely want to be main event pros is a great thing. So, my point is that the world of amateur wrestling cannot be the sole or primary source of new talents to bring into the WWE system.

ROH and Impact are even in an even more perilous situation as it relates to recruiting, training and developing new stars. Fans want/demand new and that process is crucial for the overall health of the genre in all forms for all promotions.

Do your online shopping for JR's products from primarily for North America and for the UK, Ireland and Europe hit or

Doing an ESPN interview Wednesday for a 30 for 30 feature on Brian Bosworth. Love the series and am honored that I've been asked to participate.

To address a ridiculous train of thought from an Oliver Stone-esque fan when I answered a question and said that Jerry Lawler and I don't talk much. He's busy as am I. We don't see each other every week like we did for years. He's still a great friend but we don't talk much which means what? Exactly. It means nothing. We had a great visit at WM30 late Sunday night and I still value our friendship. For the record, the wrestling business isn't conducive for building long term, lasting relationships but The King and I are an exception to that rule.

Thanks for stopping by and check out the Q&A's elsewhere on the site.

Boomer Sooner!

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I think the whole children thing was just to keep getting into Cena's head, as Cena is obviously the favorite of kids. So when Cena looks out & sees all of these children wearing the sheep masks, he wonders why the children are following a false prophet. All mind games. Anyway, I may be looking to much into, but thats my take.
I thought the segment was powerful because it gave us a glimpse of what it would be like if EVERYONE turned their backs on John Cena, and we got to see Cena's reaction. The segment did have a purpose: Cena sees that his popularity is vulnerable. Well done by everyone, my only criticism would be it went on a touch too long after the kids wearing the sheep masks was revealed. It has a touch of realism, too, because when Bray Wyatt dares to say things that a lot of people are thinking (a personal example, talking about Cena's "plastic girlfriend" which is absolutely how she is portrayed on Total Divas) we could be looking at a very organic face turn. This is *not* how the fans reacted when Wyatt tried the same schtick with Daniel Bryan. They are teasing something big might be coming. It has my attention.