Strikeforce...Is Fedor REALLY the best in the world?..Lawler vs. Batman..Thoughts of Neverland Ranch..Ladd vs. Undertaker..

It's a beautiful Saturday here in Norman and I will be headed to the backyard soon to do some paper work and to watch the USA soccer game. We might even fire up the grill later today and use our new, HOT bbq sauce. Lots of random thoughts.... 

We will be watching MMA tonight as Strikeforce is on Showtime. Let's hope they catch a break and that the majority of their fights are competitive but that might be challenging. If Cris Cyborg goes deep into the 2nd round against Jan Finney I will be shocked.

Could Fedor be upset tonight? I supposed any thing is possible but will I be broadcasting on Raw Monday night? Highly Unlikely. Fedor Emelianenko weighed in at 229 Friday for his fight against fellow heavyweight Fabricio Werdum who tipped the Toledos at 239. Strikeforce can ill afford for Fedor to lose or can they? Doing business with the Fedor camp is a well known pain in the backside but not having access to the brand known as 'Fedor' wouldn't be a positive development for Strikeforce at this point in time as many fans feel that Fedor is the best MMA heavyweight in the world. For the record, I am not one of them although I do enjoy watching the Russian fight but felt it was telling when he did not sign with UFC when the lucrative opportunity presented itself.    

CBS/Showtime has not done an admirable job in introducing Fedor tot he casual MMA fan especially considering that Fedor is the equivalent of Stone Cold in the Attitude Era of WWE.  It's another classic example where, more often than not, WWE does a better job of 'building stars' and making talents be perceived as 'special' than do many MMA entities. 

Scott Smith vs. Chung Le is intriguing and it will be good to see if Le can regain his previous form now that he's not immersed, apparently, in film making. Smith strikes like a government mule so stylistically this fight should be interesting. 

We stayed busy all day Friday working on the promotional side of the Friday October 1 LIVE Friday Night Smackdown event to be held at the magnificent Ford Center in Oklahoma City. This will be the world premier of Smackdown on Syfy and will be just like a Monday Night Raw show inasmuch as it will be LIVE. We are planning many activities involving WWE talents leading into the Friday event where tickets are still available and tickets originally purchased for the postponed July 2 WWE event will still be honored. 

Emailer...will I be watching the World Cup this weekend. Gonna try especially the USA game. The USA's thrilling victory earlier in the week encouraged me to make the 'emotional investment' in what's going on. 

Eamiler..Who was the best wrestler of the 70's? Tough one. Likely no right answer. What determines 'best?' Box ring abilities...accomplishments...professionalism. My short list would include Bruno, Backlund, Race, Brisco, and the Funks. Again, this one is so difficult to answer as the 70's featured so many more great in ring talents than exist today.

Emailer...Yes it is smart to buy our Chipotle Ketchup by the case as you save a few bucks and you have plenty to share with family and friends. Our smoky, specialty ketchup is one of the best condiments out there I guarantee. Try it and you will agree. 

Emailer...Was I a Michael Jackson fan? yes, I was a fan of the man's talent. His family followed WWE because when my wife visited Neverland Ranch the Jackson kids asked if I was o.k. after being 'set on fire' by Kane. In hindsight, I wish I had accepted the invitation to attend the function at Neverland as well. Wife Jan loved it and gave Mrs. Jackson some BBQ Sauce.

Emailer...I have my doubts that Dave Batista will ever have a MMA fight but obviously that's simply an opinion. I personally feel Dave's upside at this stage of his game is to pursue a movie career or heal, rest and go back to WWE. Obviously, a Batista vs. Herschel Walker MMA fight would likely do a decent TV rating for CBS/Showtime simply out of curiosity. I don't see Batista ever fighting Bobby Lashley either but that too would be a interesting TV attraction but likely would be panned by MMA purists. 

Emailer...Absolutely an Ernie Ladd vs. Undertaker match in both big Texan's prime would have been awesome and The Big Cat's promos leading into the contest would have been priceless. This match would have been a superb Wrestlemania main event with Taker's streak at stake.

Emailer...Hopefuly most wrestles are smart enough to know that over exposure in a tanning bed isn't too smart. Seems to me like the majority of wrestlers with 'tans' get them from a bottle now days instead of a tanning bed or the sun. Sunless tanning is the way to go.

Emailer...What do I think are HHH's best bouts? Another tough one because HHH has a large body of work. A short list would include his 2 out of 3 fall bout in Vegas vs. Austin, his bouts with Rock, Mick Foley, and multiple bouts with HBK are some that I recall.

Emailer...Will JR be calling MMA any time soon. Soon? Not too likely but I would love to give it a shot if the right opportunity ever presented itself. If the opportunity ever comes along I can assure all MMA fans that I will be well prepared and ready to kick ass w/o the black hat. 

Emailer...Yes I saw the You Tube clip that was featured on Pro Wrestling Insider featuring Batman (Adam West) and the Super King (Jerry Lawler) and found it to be hilarious especially when you consider that it was all an ad lib. Dave Brown did an awesome job of keeping a straight face. 

Check out for an interview with your's truly that's the 2nd of three parts and is on line now.

The business for our new, HOT sauce is really doing well although the Original is still our #1 seller but I have to admit that I'm very partial to the Chipotle Ketchup. We are shipping more of our Beef Jerky to soldiers which is really a neat deal and something to consider if you have friends or family in the Armed Forces who are stationed abroad. These military shipments are made to their military issues mail boxes and then the military takes it from there. 

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Got my cookbook yesterday and am thinking of getting chipotle ketchup next.

You are begging to make some bold decisions! Thanks for the business and I hope that you enjoy the cookbook which is more than a cookbook if that makes sense.

Damn, Fedor must've read your blog because he didn't look good tonight. We knew that Werdum's BJJ is better (just like Arlovski's and CroCop's stand-up), but Fedor usually knows how to use his most important weapon: his head.

In my opinion he's still the best heavyweight out there. The rematch has to happen, the fight with Overeem has to happen, and then he has to go to the UFC.

 There is  a new poll on asking the wwe universe if they think that Allan from Minnesota would have kept his job if he was not so preoccupied with getting someone's certain barbeque sauce into his neighborhhod grocery store. An overwhelming 85% agreed

That's funny. Let's hope that Ol Allan find work as he is actually a nice guy and I wish no ill on any one who supports us. BTW when did you last order something? Just asking....

 hey jr! just thought you might like a look at my friends site


its highlights of the best and the "best" of wrestling promos and definatly worth a few minutes

allan made you da man allan!!!!!

Hi Mr. Ross, 

I just placed my first order and can't wait to get my 6 pack Powerslam!  I just wanted to mention I really loved a recent tweet of yours informing that you just "future endeavored" some lbs.  and have been using it myself.  I'm a 6'6" 300+ big guy trying to get healthy and going to the gym for the first time in my life.   Hoping that your sauces add some much needed flavor to my new found diet!  I am very excited. 

I'm from Milwaukee, and was wondering, during your travels, what part of the country usually the most hyped and into the shows.  It always seemed like the Midwest places like Chicago are always popping.

Thank you, sir, for the opportunity to try your sauces at such a reasonable price!


Thanks for the business and good luck on the weight loss project. Diet without exercise doesn't work in my humble opinion. Plus, one has to hit the gym regularly as in 5 days a week in my case. Cardio is a must for everyone and more important in my view than lifting weights. You should consult with someone at your gym to help you get started correctly and make sure that your doctor endorses your exercise. If used in moderation and on things like chicken our sauces won't harm you like mayo or many salad dressings. The Midwest is generally good for WWE especially those markets that have a long wrestling history like Milwaukee or Chicago. They're pretty crazy in the south too. Thanks, again.