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Random thoughts from here and there while waiting for our site to be upgraded which should be any day now.

Seems as if hard kicks could be key components for both the Cena-Bryan and Punk-Lesnar matches at Summer Slam. Happy that I will be there to see them both live. Happier than I'm not being kicked.  

The writing for the new, 2K Sports WWE video game to be released this fall is the best of any video game that I've ever worked on as the copy was spot on. 

Can't believe that some fans actually think that I'd like to be a TV show General Manager ala Raw or Smackdown. Sorry, but I've got no interest in either role nor has anyone ever considered such for me of which I'm aware. This role needs to go to deserving talents whose verbal skills merit the casting. I'm a Vickie Guerrero fan and am also anxious to see how Brad Maddox progresses. I helped Maddox with his announcing while in NXT and he's a bright kid. Eddie Gilbert-ish as I've mentioned. 

Will another match at Summer Slam have a chance to steal the show from the two, perceived main events? The opportunity is always there but it won't be easy. I hope that I'm pleasantly surprised. I think this is going to be a memorable Summer Slam without me being over the top hyperbole. The two main events alone have me anxious to see the PPV. 

One of my all time favorite Summer Slam moments was doing WWE Radio of the 1994 Summer Slam with the wonderful, late Gorilla Monsoon from the first ever event ever held in the United Center in Chicago. As Gorilla said, "We both have the face for it." I wonder if broadcasting WWE PPV's on radio would work today? 

Happy birthday to Hulk Hogan as today he turns 60. Welcome to the's not so bad as 60 is the NEW 40. @HulkHogan vs. @ShawnMichaels at Summer Slam in 2005 was one of the great performances at any Summer Slam and FAR exceeded my expectations.

The 2002 @TripleH vs. @ShawnMichaels Summer Slam match was one of my all time favorites at Summer Slam, too. A true classic that young talents can learn from as it realtes to compelling story telling.   

NFL pre season football is not compelling TV unless you've got a relative trying to make a team. 

Had a great conversation with the injured Sheamus this week. He's really got things in perspective and will return better than ever, likely around the new year but that's TBD. @WWESheamus is a mature professional who will continue to forge out a distinguished career once he returns from shoulder surgery. The Irishman won't be one of those guys we read about who's destitute, down and out, etc once his career in the ring concludes.

I'm told that we have around 5 tickets left in Cardiff for my first ever, one man show that kicks off four days in the UK on Saturday August 24. London and Glasgow are sold out but Manchester has tickets remaining at I am VERY anxious to get there and launch this tour.

Very cool that the great , Frank Deford is handling the business for the HBO's Real Sports piece on Scot Hall and Jake Roberts. No, I don't know when it will air but I am a regular viewer of that show. 

I'd love to see HBO's Real Sports, 60 Minutes Sports, or Jim Rome do a piece on @JClayfield and his mountain climbing adventures and why John is doing them. How about some good news instead of mostly scandals and tragedies? We know that answer, right? Bad news, shock and scandal is more TV ratings friendly. What a wonderful world we live in. :)    

Check out the great sale on JR's products going on now until midnight this Monday night eastern time.

I updated the Q&A's here Sunday as the over analyze of John Cena becoming a full fledged wrestling villain continues by some folks who simply can't get enough of the topic. Hopefully they take real life issues as passionately. 

Don't sleep on my OU Sooners as they aren't content to finish where the media has predicted them to finish in the Big 12, Lots of young talent and a potentially, diverse, potent offense from what I saw Saturday morning. By the mere mention of college football, and the Big 12 specifically, I will now likely receive ample feedback from SEC fans seemingly offended that I did not praise their all mighty league. Best league in football is the SEC. You happy?

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Boomer Sooner!


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 I'm new to these blogs but I'm glad I signed up. Look forward to tonight's Raw!