SummerSlam Sunday

 Greeting to all from Los Angeles. SummerSlam on PPV should be hot just like the weather.

Really anxious for HHH-Lesnar. Very personal issue. Won't be a pretty match..nothing fancy. I see physicality, aggression & a battle of wills. HHH might be the best game planner ever. He'll need it. Don't think Brock will make same mistakes he did vs Cena. Show ender? TBD.

Triple Threat bouts unpredictable and not a favorite of most wrestlers. I see Punk winning no matter the perceived, over hyped odds.

Breakout opportunity for Dolph Ziggler. It's his time to step up. Love to see Ziggler vs Jericho on first. Sets a great tone.

IC Title needs focus. Miz vs Mysterio can start that trend. Another godd opening, PPV bout. Miz fighting to get to Rey's level. 

Don't see ADR beating Sheamus for WHC and this match seems to have taken a back seat. The 2 talents can change that assumed perception. An upset's possible.

Dont count out Daniel Brysn vs Kane. I like this bout. Should be a sleeper.

THQ functions this weekend were amazing. WWE13 is truly awesome and Attitude Era content really is realistic and true to the times.  Teaming w/ The King on commentary was a blast.

Watching SummerSlam w/ my wife in THQ suite at Staples Center. Looking forward to the show. Great opportunities await many talents.  Hitting Mick Foley's comedy show at Improve later tonight.

Hope you visit and try some JR's products. Business continues to grow thanks to you. Big tryout camp in LA Mon-Wed tat I'm excited to attend. Then off to Orlando for NXT for Thursday night. Going to be a busy but great week.;

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Good blog. I see Triple H vs Lesnar being the same type of match that Lesnar vs Cena at Extreme Rules was but i don't see Lesnar losing this time. With Lesnar vs Undertaker rumored for Mania 29 Brock needs to go over HHH here to build him up towards that. 

I don't see Sheamus leaving Summerslam as WHC but will it be Del Rio or Ziggler as the new champ? Sheamus' arm injury is the perfect way to have him drop the title without losing credibility. And the fact that Del Rio has gotten so many title shots already tells me that he may win it this time. I'll say Sheamus squeezes by Del Rio and Ziggler takes advantage of a ripe for the picking Sheamus and leaves new WHC.

I also have Punk leaving as WWE champ and going on to defend vs Cena 1 on 1 at Night of Champions next month.

I see Kane going over Daniel Bryan possibly due to interference/distraction from Charlie Sheen.

Miz retains the IC title i think.

Jericho did guarantee to beat Ziggler but he's leaving WWE after tonights match so no one will remember that he lost by the time he returns again. But it would be nice to see Jericho finally win one again at a PPV and to prove Ziggler wrong so i'm gonna say Jericho wins.

I look for Ryback to be in a unanounced match and for him to defeat either Jack Swagger or Jinder Mahal since he has issues with the both of them and has yet to pin either.

New tag champions i predict.

I think Antonio Cesaro needs the US title to begin his push but i gotta feeling Santino wins. I'll go with Cesaro anyway since he needs the win and the push more than Santino does at this point.

So quick summary of my predicted winners: Lesnar, Punk, Miz, Kane, Jericho, Prime Time Players, Cesaro, Ryback and Sheamus with Ziggler cashing in and becoming new WHC after.

I am REALY looking forward to the Scooby-Doo, and WWE Team-up!! I hope they uncover Vince as the villain!!! Please keep us posted J.R.! Oh, and by the way, are you going to be part of this animated treat? How about Jerry The King Lawler?? I really don't see how someone as interested in art and Scooby-Doo as he is could not insist on being part of it!! Can I have a part in it?? I could be a Wrestling fan extra!!

J.R., Is it possible to meet and get an autogragh from you at the NXT tappings in Orlando?

 had to stay up till 4am to catch this in the uk, i was so excited for the brock triple h match and i think it was delivered perfectly, having buffer do the intro would of been amazing, first time iv sat and enjoyed a jericho match in a long time,he is like his old wcw and early wwf days,im not a fan of the 2007 onwards jericho.daniel bryan bores me, ziggler is curt hennig/billy gunn and stunning steve austin all rolled into one, he has unlimeted potential, rey is losing it and should bow down now, im loving the primetime players, the tag devision needs to be like it was in 1989-94 great teams, the belts meant something back then,they need to wrestle every week,every show and push the teams,sheamus has gone from a monster heel to a cena being pushed and molded into someone your supposed to cheer,it ruins the characters when we are told what and who should be cheered for, turn him back heel, he was awsome.punk is losing it, cena was better in 2002-2004 as a heel and should be a heel now, big show is so good as a heel, the constant heel/face turns ruin him but he seems to be back on form, he needs the belt and to keep glad brock is back, he carried smackdown back in 2004, thats when wrestling was ace, brock/big show/angle/eddie/taker/edge and cena as a heel on smackdown and raw had evolution/hbk/rvd/booker/ jericho. oh how times have changed