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Really enjoyed watching the NFL HOF Induction Ceremony Saturday from Canton, Ohio. Legit emotions from great athletes simply being themselves. (Sound familiar?) The speeches will be better than tonight's game...Cowboys vs. Dolphins.

Thought Friday night Smackdown was a really solid wrestling show highlighted by Punk vs. Fandango in what I thought was Fandango's best outing and the Triple Threat match featuring Orton, Christian and RVD. I'm a much bigger fan of a wrestler earning a title opportunity than being granted, willed, decreed, etc a championship match.  Yeah, I'm old school. Alex Riley did a really nice job in filling in for the mountain climbing JBL Friday night. Alex has done some commentary down in NXt and I've enjoyed working with him there. Riley is a bright young man who has a viable future in WWE and is the son of talentd broacdater Kevin Kiley.  

Does @CMPunk EVER have a bad match? I don't recall one.  

When those sitting on the sidelines seemingly over analyze some of what they see on RAW or Smackdown TV this week, remember how many miles the crew traveled to get to work for Monday night's show. Tired or not, I'm confident that no one will phone anything in which is admirable & certainly wouldn't happen in 'Hollywood' but is more likely in a locker room loaded with legit athletes. Real athletes know how to dig deep in the '4th quarter.' 

You asked...I do not feel that WWE will or do they need to go back to TV14 ratings for their broadcasts. There are lots of reasons but one is simple....advertisers do not covet spending big money on prime time, TV14 rated shows as much as they do PG programming. Plus, the talent, and not the TV rating, made the Attitude Era so successful. Cursing, foul language, edgy gestures, ect did not draw ratings and set WWE on fire but instead it was the talents who brought intensity and created a competitive nature in the locker room where several Type A personalities 'needed' to be the top star.

I'm not aware of who the NXT call up's will be to the primary roster. Whoever he or she may be, it only works when the table has been set and the TV audience has been properly conditioned and are  anticipating the arrival. A flood of call up's doesn't work for me. How can they ALL be special? They can't. 

Be proud to be a wrestling fan. Never allow others to put you down because you are but, at the same time, also realize that there is a certain amount of stigma attached with being an outspoken fan of the genre. There always has been and likely there always will be. I do see it lessening of it somewhat in the past few years which is a wonderful thing. Even in my home state of Oklahoma, many business people and others have no idea of how far reaching our audience is or what that audience could mean to their businesses. Being a "rasslin guy" has cost me some viable, side business and broadcasting opportunities over the years including in the state that I was raised but I wouldn't change a thing about my career over the past almost 40 years and am so proud and grateful of what the wrestling business has meant to me and my family. 

This Saturday from 1-3 pm I will be grilling and signing autographs at the Lindsey Street Homeland Store in Norman. Come on by and say hello. 

You asked...Punk vs. Brock prediction at Summer Slam....I love this match and will be in LA to see it live and I think that Lesnar wins thanks to a little diversion from Happy Heyman aka @HeymanHustle. I do feel that this will be a compellingly physical contest between two alpha males who don't' enjoy not having the top billing. This match will be challenging to follow. The key to Punk winning, however, may be is feet. More on that soon. 

Think that maybe 10 tickets remain for my Cardiff, One Man Spoken World show and less than 100 for the Manchester event.  London and Glasgow have been sold out for weeks. For ticket info on this soon to explode UK event, check out would love to sell out Manchester in particular as it is the biggest venue on my first ever tour.

Gosh, I get asked some 'amazing questions' on Twitter! Follow me @JRsBBQ and enjoy the ride.

Not a day goes by when someone doesn't email me here or Tweet me to ask how they get a job in WWE. It's getting embarrassing and perhaps quite obvious that these folks are likely just kids. That's why I don't blow up on them. If any adult wants a job with a specific company and they don't have the intellect to find out how to apply for said job then I have little hope that they will get hired. 

Anyone wanting a career in the ring needs to have legit,  wrestling training at an established school and then get as much indy experience as they can get no matter what the paydays are. Plus, I would never suggest that anyone turn to wresting full time to try and build a body of work until they have a viable, Plan B in their back pocket. Some are organized enough and live in a part of the country that they can do full time, non wrestling work and still take indy bookings.

Best wishes to @BJ_Witmer on a speedy recovery after getting banged up in a match Saturday night. Stay positive and NEVER GIVE UP. 

Not so sure that Riley Cooper might not be better off taking a sabbatical from the NFL for one year but as we all know wins and the money accompanies said wins are the key elements in the 'league.'  Philly is short on receivers with Maclin going down and likely won't cut Cooper. The Eagles know that another NFL team would pick him up immediately, perhaps one with an African American head coach, to provide the former Florida Gator with a 'fresh start.'  If Cooper stays in Philly, the locker room has to make it known that Cooper is forgiven and embraced during his post stupidity years.   

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"the talent, and not the TV rating, made the Attitude Era so successful. Cursing, foul language, edgy gestures, ect did not draw ratings" so can we have the old school playground antagonism back without Be A Star moaning? school bullying is different from making fun of Vicky Geuerro, there is also friendly Antagonism between family & friends without any harm done just like WWE  is a TV show. i don't condone bullying (i've had my share of them)  but every kid with their mates is a natural antagonist in the name of fun  K.C. Lambert
 My favorite was the triple threat match I was behind rvd all the way
JR, you have from the first I ever heard you on Mid-South over TBS you have impressed me as a great BROADCASTER, a phrase I do not toss around lightly as I am a 46 year album rock vet in Philly. You have set standards of on mic excellence and have kept topping yourself again and again, always striving to be better. It really helps to LOVE what you do as that keeps you fresh and involved (I know for sure that's true for me). Thank you for being a great roll model to broadcasters everywhere.

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